How to Reset ATT TV Remote

Just as similar as Roku TV, AT&T is a TV streaming service that allows you to stream your favourite channels online without the use of satellite.

It comes with a set-top box and an AT&T TV remote which you can use to navigate within live channels, cloud DVR recording, Netflix, etc.

But then, if you are using a TV and remote packed with all these features, you are bound to face some issues over time. 

Just as you are here to figure out how to reset Att TV remote.

Resetting your AT&T remote isn’t rocket science. 

One thing you need to keep at the back of your mind is that, resetting the remote deletes all customized settings associated with that remote. 

That being said, you might not want to resort to resetting the remote as the immediate solution when trying to figure out how to reset Att TV remote.

What should you do when AT&T TV remote not working

If your remote is faulty there are a series of steps you ought to take before turning to figure out how to reset Att TV remote.

Below I will be going through all the steps you should take 

Check the Batteries

How to reset ATT TV remote

  • At the top of your remote. 
  • Hold down the ATT button to see if the batteries are working perfectly or maybe they are low. 
  • If the batteries are working and they contain the power, your ATT button will light up. 

Aside from that, you can decide to take out the battery and slot it back inside the Battery space to be double sure that the batteries are working.

Signal Interference

While this might be an issue you can easily write off. In some instances, you can’t if you are in an overcrowded area. 

The two things that could interfere with your TV signal are other similar wireless devices or physical obstruction

That said, you must move closer to the TV while also ensuring that there are physical obstructions between the remote and the TV

Try Pairing Again

How to reset ATT TV remote try pairing again

How to pair AT&T TV remote

After checking the above tips. The next thing you should confirm is if your ATT remote is paired.

If it is not paired with the remote, it won’t work as it is supposed to.

If you are unsure of how to do that follow the steps below

  • Firstly, disconnect the remote from the AT&T TV device.
  • Now, press the DASH sign (-) and Apps till you see the LED blink two times. It is a diamond-shaped button Diamond-looking buttons on your remote.
  • After doing that restart your AT and TV by unplugging the AT&T TV device and then plugging it back.

Now you will have to connect the remote back by following the steps below

  • Point your ATT TV remote to the TV.
  • Now, hold down the FAST FORWARD and REWIND buttons together
  • Be patient for a few seconds for the pairing to occur.

Once the pairing has occurred, you will receive a message on your screen informing you that your remote is Paired

If none of these is giving any positive results, reset Att TV remote.

How to Reset ATT TV Remote (Simple Brand)

How to reset ATT TV remote

There are different brands of ATT remotes and the steps required to reset each of them varies from one another. 

But then, I will be going through all the available steps you should follow to reset it

  • Turn On your ATT TV remote and long press the Diamond Dash or Apps button 
  • While pressing it, the blue light should blink twice
  • Once it does, press and release the red button on the device to restart the TV
  • Alternatively, you can simply Unplug the TV for a few seconds and Plug it back in.

How to Reset Att TV Remote (S10)

How to reset ATT TV remote

If you are using an At and TV S10 remote the steps to resting it vary from the one highlighted above.

Here is how you should go about it

NB: It also works for Point Anywhere and Silver

  • On the remote, press the OK and AT&T keys simultaneously.
  • After doing this, the four-mode keys will flash twice when released.
  • This state means it is ready for programming
  • Now, enter the Programming code 900
  • The AT&T key should keep flashing and then cease to flash when it has been reset

How to Reset att Remote S30-S1b

If you are using an AT&T TV S20 or S30 remote and you are looking to figure out how to reset the ATT TV remote. follow the steps listed below to reset yours

  • Press OK and menu together on your remote.
  • After doing that, release both buttons together. You should see a light flash twice after doing this.
  • Now, press the keys and enter 981.
  • Once you do that, you will see the power key flash four times making the remote reset and ready to use

AT&T TV Remote App

How to reset ATT TV remote

The U-verse app is the official app you can use to watch live TV, On deemed shows, and also manage your DVR. the app also comes with remote control for your At &T TV.

Depending on what kind of smartphone you are using, you can get the app on the play store or the app store.

Alternatively, you can visit on your mobile device to download the app or you can decide to text, myATT to 556699 using your device to get a link to download the app. 

NB: Your device has to be compatible and you will have to register your account too

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AT&T Remote not Turning off TV

If you are stuck with your AT and T Tv remote not turning off here are the steps you should take to resolve it

Enter Program Mode 

To enter program mode you have to long press the OK and MENU keys together for three seconds till you notice the POwer Key Flashing read two times. Doing this confirms that you are in Program mode

Press the Power Key

Over here simply press the power key and realize. Doing this will make the power key blink once and then the remote backlighting will also come ON

Program the power on and off in sequence

On your device, press each key in using the sequence you wish to turn on and off when you press the power key

Doing this will make the power key give a red flash for each device that is programmed.

Press OK to save

Now, press the OK button to save the power control settings. After doing this the power key will flash red twice

Final thoughts

Figuring out how to reset ATT TV remote is pretty easy. Doing it should resolve any issue you are facing with the remote. If The issue persists, you might have to contact ATT customer support 

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