How To Reset Xfinity Remote

The Xfinity platform is quite the lifesaver until the remote suddenly wounds up with unresponsive buttons. When that happens, the first thing that comes to mind is to replace with newer batteries, but that can prove to be ineffective in some cases. And that is when you consider the option to reset Xfinity remote.

Xfinity remote deficiency might range from having issues with pairing the remote to the TV, or when some of the buttons on your Xfinity remote are not responding properly or the remote refuse to work at all. When you begin to notice these, you might even consider buying a new one.

However, it is advisable to try to reset Xfinity remote from the factory settings before you go out and spend the money buying a brand new remote. A factory reset basically wipes every prior setting and pairing that you have stored with the remote and returns it back to its original settings just as it had been when you just bought it.

That said, the idea of factory reset may sound complicated to you than just buying a new remote, but then, it is economical and saves you time and stress in the end.

Before You Reset Xfinity Remote

To begin with, you must first confirm the physical state of the Xfinity remote before proceeding with the reset. That and water damage, as you all know, water and electronics do not mix. Moreover, you should check the batteries on the device to ensure that they are in good condition. This is quite easy to know, pressing a few buttons to see if the LED light glows. If it does, then it is fine.

But if the LED does not turn ON when you press buttons, you should try replacing the batteries first. If after this your problem persists and nothing looks broken, then you can proceed with the factory reset.

Another common reason for resetting is if are unable to unpair you Xfinity remote from your TV. A Reset Xfinity remote unpairs your remote from the TV and all prior settings made would be lost.

It might also occur that some specific buttons had gotten damaged. In this case, what you should do for diagnostics is to troubleshoot unresponsive remote buttons. This is simply pressing buttons on your Xfinity remote to check if it’s working. When you do this, you should get either of these responses

  • The LED either does not blink which signifies that there is some issue with the batteries.
  • The LED blinks red five times. Meaning that the batteries are about to die.
  • If some responds and others do not, then you can proceed to replace the remote. But if this is not the case, then a reset should be sufficient.

After you reset your remote, the remote will return it to how it was when you purchased it from a seller. Thereafter, you will have to pair it all over again and then set it up.

How to Factory Reset Xfinity Remote?

Having decided that factory reset is your best option, then it is time to proceed with how to reset Xfinity remote.

But note, like all electronic devices, the Xfinity Remotes have several models, and each specific model has a peculiar reset mode.

Comcast has a range of different models of the Xfinity remote, varying from the older XR1, XR2, XR5 models, to the newly voice-command XR11 and XR15.How to Reset Xfinity Remote

reset Xfinity remote

You need to identify your model before starting the reset process on your remote. Like it had earlier been pointed-out, the reset process will be slightly different from each other depending on which remote you are resetting.

Reset Xfinity Remote

Factory Reset the Xfinity Remote with a Setup Button

The XR11XR2, and XR5 remotes have an inbuilt Setup button. To reset Xfinity remotes any of these, you can follow these steps:

Press and hold the Setup button. In about 5 seconds, the hue of the LED on the remote will turn green from red.

Press 9-8-1. You will see that the LED will blink twice in green color. Now, your remote has been reset.

  • Locate Setup:

To reset Xfinity remote, locate the setup button on the remote. The button should be easy to find as it is labelled as ‘Setup’ regardless the remote type, and it is often below the button on all the remotes.

  • Setup & Reset:

After you have located the setup button, press hold the setup button with your sight on the LED light at the top of the remote. Hold the setup button until the LED light changes from red to green. Once it turns green, release the button.

While the LED light remains ON with the green hue. You should then enter the rest code 9-8-1. For a successful reset Xfinity remote, the LED should flash the green light two times, if it does not, you can redo process.

  • Re-pair:

After a successfully Xfinity remote reset , it returns to its factory settings, meaning you will have to re-pair it to your devices again. To do this, you should follow the same steps for pairing like when you first purchased the remote.

Reset Xfinity Remote Without Button (XR15)

For those with the newest model of the, XR15, you can tell that it does not have the setup button. Therefore, you will need to follow a changed steps to reset the remote.

  • Locate Setup:

In place of a set up button, you will instead have to make use of the buttons labeled A and D to initiate the factory reset. The A button has the triangle shape and the D button has a diamond shape. Both are located diagonally to each other across the direction button.

  • Setup & Reset:

After locating the A and D buttons, press hold them down together while your sight on the LED light at the top of the remote for 4 seconds. Hold the setup button until the LED light changes from red to green. Once it turns green, release the button.

While the LED light remains ON with the green hue. You should then enter the rest code 9-8-1. For a successful Xfinity remote reset, the LED light changes from green to blue. if it does not, you can redo process.

  • Re-pair

Like with the older models, you will have to re-pair it to your devices again after a successfully Xfinity remote reset .

To Pair a Xfinity Remote with a Xfinity Box

After you have reset Xfinity remote and you wish to pair you Xfinity remote to a Xfinity box, you will have to synchronize the remote.

For the model, XR15, you can simply push the Microphone button and use the voice command “Program Remote. Then you follow the prompt command on the TV.

Note, after reset all settings stored on the TV like brightness, contrast, mode, etc. will be lost. But you will have a functional device that will keep you up and running once again. You can get back to watching your films, movies, and football matches.

That being said, if you realize that the remote fails to work properly after the reset, then you may proceed to get a new one. But a simple factory reset Xfinity remote will save you money and time that would have otherwise used to get a new one.

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