How to Factory Reset Haier TV

Haier TV allows users to factory reset their Haier TV with or without the remote if the TV is malfunctioning or it’s not working as expected. And if what you are looking for is how to factory reset Haier TV here is a guide for you. 

Haier TV can be reset in two different ways. The first is the Haier TV soft reset and the Haier TV hard reset. However, before you proceed to reset your Haier TV, first restart the TV to see if the error code problem is solved.

Another approach to consider is to cold boot your Haier TV. It can also help to solve some related issues affecting the TV.

The reason why I said that is when you reset your Haier TV it wipes off all personal settings and configurations. However, if restarting your Haier TV didn’t fix the problem you are facing it’s better to reset it.

Therefore, in this article, I will walk you through the steps to reset Haier TV using the soft-reset and hard-reset methods.

How to Factory Reset Haier TV

Why you Should Reset your Haier TV

Some of the lying down reasons why should reset your Haier TV. The following reasons are why you should reset your Haier TV to factory settings.

  • Haier TV no sound issue
  • Picture not coming up on your Haier TV
  • Haier TV powered on but not displaying pictures.
  • When your Haier TV stuck on the logo screen.
  • Haier TV won’t turn or pass the logo screen.

With all these errors you might need to resolve to do a factory reset on your Haier TV to fix them.

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How to Factory Reset Haier TV (Soft Reset)

This is more of an advanced method to reset your Haier TV to factory settings. This method will wipe off everything on your Haier TV and render it new.

  • Switch on your Haier TV after connecting it to a power source.
  • Open the TV Main Menu by clicking on the “Home” button on your remote TV.
  • Navigate to “Settings” and press the “OK” tab to select it.
  • Scroll down and select “General.” 
  • Scroll to the TV “System Recovery” option and press the “OK” tab.
  • Enter the Haier TV default passcode “0000” if it prompted you to provide it.
  • Select “System Recovery >> OK.”
  • Done.

The Haier TV will restart after the above processes and wipe off personal configuration to reset the TV to default settings (factory settings).

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How to Factory Reset Haier TV (Hard Reset)

Haier TV hard reset wipes off all apps, settings, and all post-configuration on the TV. This refreshes the TV and defaults it to the factory settings.

  • Power on your Haier TV by pressing the power button or power button on the remote control.
  • Go to the TV main menu. This can be done by pressing the “Home” button.
  • Navigate to the bottom left and press “OK” on the “Settings” tab.
  • Select “Device Performance” when your scroll down the page.
  • Find and select “Reset” to initial the TV factory reset.
  • Select “Reset” from the screen.
  • Click on “Erase Everything.”
  • Done.

The TV will restart by erasing TV. Do not force the TV to restart. Just leave it. Once the TV has cleared everything on the TV it will come up itself new.

Once this is done, you will be prompted to set up your Haier TV as if it’s a new device. This is because you have a hard reset on the device and there are no personal settings available again.

How to Factory Reset Haier TV without Remote

Here is another method to fix some known errors on your Haier TV. When you cold boot a TV is different from rebooting. That is the same thing as when you choose to factory reset your Haier TV without a remote. Therefore, I am going to explain to you how to cold boot your Haier TV to fix all errors on the device.

  • Power off the Haier TV with your remote or use the TV power button.
  • Unplug the Haier TV from the power source and wait for about 5 minutes.
  • Plug the TV cable into the socket and turn on the TV after 5 minutes.
  • Done.

That is exactly how to cold boot a device that stores some bytes of power when switched off. This can also help to fix your Haier TV error code when you cannot afford to factory reset your TV.

Since you would not want to contact Haier TV support before you can reset or troubleshoot any error in your Haier TV, the above steps or methods could go a long way to help you fix your Haier TV error.

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