How To Reset your TCL Smart TV

This article will explain how you can reset your TCL Smart TV. TCL which means Telephone Communication Network are generally a cheap brand of TVs when compared to likes of Samsung, Sony, Hisense and LG

This price bait is one big reason why a lot of people opt for the TCL brand coupled with the fact that, they do not compromise on quality and  features, despite the price. It can be said that TCL has built a reputation for making affordable TVs loaded with streaming smarts.

That notwithstanding, most TCL TVs use the Roku interface, which is easy to use but not the most  excellent when it comes to the graphics, but what the Roku interface does not have in graphics, it makes up for it  via a big selection of apps, known as streaming channels, covering the vast majority of streaming services and usually  TCL releases frequent updates and adds new features from time to time.

 Now, talking about performing a factory reset on your TCL Smart TV, we must make sure to mention that your TCL TV comes with a warranty, and as such, should work for at least a year plus  without giving you problems, other than minor issues, such as;

  • Your TV running slow.
  • Apps freezing or refusing to open altogether.
  • You are unable to connect your TV to a WiFi network.
  • TV turns ON but does not display picture.
  • Video and audio are not synching.
  • You just want to refresh your TV and rid if of all the data

These issues listed above are some of the reasons why you might consider doing a reset of your TCL Smart TV, but we would advise that a reset comes as the last resort because performing a factory reset will delete all of the TV’s data and settings (data such as Wi-Fi and wired network setting information, Google account, login information, Google Play and installed apps). So, here are other options you could consider to resolve these issues, asides from having to completely reset your TCL Smart TV.

How to reset your TCL Smart TV


Things You Should Do Before You Reset your TCL Smart TV

These are the things that should be done before your consider resetting your TCL Smart TV.

Restart Your TCL Smart TV

 This particular fix comes in very handy, if an App is freezing, so you can restart your TV by;

  • Opening the main screen.
  • Then, scroll up or down and select Settings
  • Then by pressing the right arrow button, select System 
  • Then Power
  • Then System Restart
  • Then Restart
  • Press the OK button to confirm 

Once your TV turns back on, it means restart has been successful and the issue should be fixed, just fine.

Update your TCL Smart TV

Basically, updating your TV means the TV requires a download of the latest software version. These updates are designed to keep up with programming changes and to enhance the overall user experience. Sometimes, a simple update could be all your TV needs to get back on track again, because system updates do the job of resolving bugs and  issues.

Before attempting to reset your TCL Smart TV, try to update it by;

  • Turning on your TCL Smart  TV and make sure it is connected to the Internet.
  • Then, from your Home screen, go to Settings.
  • Select System
  • Select System Update
  • Select Check Now
  • If an update is available, you should see a pop-up message.
  • Press Update now.

Note:  Once the update is done, your TV will turn off and turn on automatically. Wait until the TV turns on again. Please, do not use the remote control to  ON your TV during this period.

Clear App Cache

Cached data are files, scripts, images, and other multimedia stored on your device after opening an app or visiting a website for the first time. Caches are helpful whenever you open the app because they will serve the data faster from the cache but  when the cache size increases, it might impact the speed and performance of the running apps, which is why you need to clear them often. So to clear the app caches on your TV; 

  • Start from the Home screen, swipe up to access all apps.
  • Navigate to Settings > Apps & notifications.
  • Tap “View all  apps”.
  • Tap the particular app you want to clear cache for.
  • Tap “Storage & Cache”.
  • Tap “Clear Cache”.

Power Cycling Your TCL Smart  TV

Power cycling is the process of turning hardware off and then turning it on again. To power cycle your TCL TV;

  • Unplug the cord from its power source.
  • Wait for approximately 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Then plug it back and turn on your device.

This method will restart your device and reload your Apps.

How To Reset your TCL  Smart TV

Like we mentioned earlier,  a reset should be the last option you go to. So, if having done all we have explained above and your TV still not functioning as should, then;

  • Press on your remote to open the main screen.
  • Still using the remote, navigate to Settings
  • Press the right arrow button, scroll and select System
  • Still with the right arrow button, select Advanced system settings
  • Then, select Factory reset
  • And lastly select Factory reset everything.
  • That is the simple, straightforward way you can reset your TCL TV, then go ahead to set up your TV.

After resetting your TCL smart TV the TV will become new and you’d need to set the TV up again. Therefore, to set up your TCL smart TV after factory restore, follo the steps below.

How To Set Up TCL Smart TV

Below are the steps to take to set up your TCL smart TV after factory settings.

  1. Start by connecting the basic cables to the basic ports.
  2. Then turn ON your TV.
  3. Once your TV is on, it will display the Guided Setup, but you will need your remote control to get that done.
  4. So, using your remote control, press the Power Button.
  5. Select your preferred language.
  6. Select your location or country.
  7. The next screen will prompt you, to set up for Home Use or Store Use, select as necessary.  
  8. Then, connect to internet, in order to deploy the smart features of the TV. If you already connected an Ethernet cable between the TV and router go ahead and highlight Wired and select Connect to wired network which will setup the connection automatically. If you want to go Wireless then go to the right and select Set up new wireless connection.
  9. If you opted for Wireless then go ahead and choose your network from the list.
  10. Then, connect to time zone, if the TV didn’t do so automatically. As soon as the TV is connected to the internet, it downloads and installs its first software update and then restarts.
  11. After restart you’ll have to activate the TV. You’ll be provided a link and an activation code, enter the code and submit.
  12. Then, go ahead and connect device and your set up is done.

More often than not, when you reset your TCL Smart TV, the issue should be fixed, but in any event where it does not, then you need to bring in external expertise to check and fix what the issue is.


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