How to Roblox Error Code 267

Roblox has a lot of error codes to explain to gamers on the platform the states of their account. One of the few accounts is the error code 267 whenever a user is kicked out of the platform. However, the Roblox error code 267 means that the account has been banned on Roblox.

So, if you are a Roblox game player and you encountered “Roblox error code 267” here we will consider some quick steps to fix this error.

What is Roblox Error Code 267?

Roblox error code 267 is an error messaging to tell the user that the Roblox account has been banned. Roblox shows error code 267 Roblox whenever a user account is kicked out of Roblox server.

Roblox doesn’t just kick out users from their server. However, whenever the Roblox server found that an account user is accessing the game server using a script with an admin command it will automatically block the Roblox account and display error code 267 Roblox.

Note: Roblox itself doesn’t block the user that is using the script to access the game server. Rather, the error occurs because the script that brought about 267 error code Roblox is an illegal script.

So, once the Roblox game detects an illegal script it shows 267 Roblox error code and hinders the user from accessing Roblox account. This is basically an approach to prevent hackers from accessing Roblox account. So, the Roblox error 267 code is a preventive measure to prevent hackers from hacking into the Roblox server and account.

Roblox Error Code 267 without Illegal Script

You can still be kicked out of Roblox when Roblox displays error code 268  with or without using an illegal script. Roblox only wants to keep users who are active.

However, all Roblox account that has not to be logged into in the last 30 days will automatically get kicked out and display the Roblox error code 267 whenever the account owner wants to log in after 30 days.

Even at that, you want to consider the following fix to Roblox error code 267.

Roblox Error Code 267

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 267

We admonish you to try all the suggested solution below on how to fix Roblox code 267 error. If the first didn’t work, the second might be the fix you need to try.

1. Set Google Chrome as your Default Browser

First, if you are not using Chrome browser as your default with Roblox we recommend you should try that first. Using an outdated browser or other browsers other than Chrome could lead to error code 267 on Roblox.

So, if you ain’t using Chrome browser as your default kindly do that and make make sure you are running the latest Chrome browser.

2. Reset your Internet Browsers Settings

If you are sure that your browser is updated the error code be because of your browser’s settings. So, you wanna reset your internet browsers’ settings to fix the error code 267 on your Roblox account.

Although, to reset internet browsers’ settings differs from browser to browser. However, if you are using a Chrome browser as your default and would need to reset the browser’s settings follow the procedures below.

  • Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  • Tap on the More option and click on settings from the menu.
  • Navigate to advanced settings and tap on the option to reset the browser’s settings.
  • Close the browser, reopen it, and then launch the Roblox game.

This should fix it if the Roblox error 267 code is caused because the internet settings is causing conflict with the Roblox.

3. Turn off Adblocks

If you are using an adblocker to disable ads on your Roblox account you may want to consider disabling the plugin to enable ads on the Roblox site.

In most cases, to disable ads blocker on Chrome, you can either remove the ads blocker’s extension or tap on the ads blocker and whitelist the Roblox site from the list of sites to be blocked by the ads blocker.

4. Bypass the Roblox Error Code 267

If you could find your way to bypass the error code Roblox 267 I would advise you to do that most especially if the Roblox error code popped up because it has been a while you logged into your Roblox account.

But if you think this error code 267 is a bug then you may need to wait for the next Roblox update. Or better still, uninstall the version of the Roblox installer and reinstall the new version.

5. Do not Use a VPN

I wouldn’t want you to make this mistake. If you are using a VPN to access your Roblox account you might be slapped with the error code 267 on your Roblox.

So, you want to disable the VPN that you are using and connect to the Roblox serve without using a VPN. But if you are not using a VPN and you still got kicked out, try the next step.

6. Create a New Roblox Account

Here is another suggestion to fix Roblox error code 267. Just forget about the old Roblox account and create a new Roblox account with a new Gmail or another Gmail account that is different from the formal Gmail address that you used in the Roblox account with error code 267.

7. Roblox Error Code 260 could be due to Poor Internet Connection

A poor internet connection could also cause the error code 267 on your Roblox account. And you want to check your internet connection or WiFi connection if you are seeing error code 267 while logging to your Roblox account without using a script.

You can either troubleshoot the internet connection error or connect to a new WiFi and see if the error code 267 Roblox still persists.

To troubleshoot your internet connection on Windows following the steps below.

  • Open Windows settings. Or press “Win + I” together at the same time.
  • Tap on “Update & Security.”
  • Find and click on “Troubleshooting.”
  • Tap “Internet Connection.”

Now, let the Windows run the troubleshooter and fix the internet connection error.

8. Is your Browser’s Security not Blocking Roblox?

Here is another opinion. If your browser security is blocking the Roblox game you are likely going to see “Roblox error code 267.” When the browser’s security is blocking the Roblox game it will not allow the game to launch normally until the security feature is disabled to allow Roblox.

However, to remove Roblox from browser blockage, take a walk around the browser’s settings and disable the feature to be able to launch the Roblox game without the error code 267.

9. Antivirus Blocking Roblox on Windows 10

Your antivirus firewall could be blocking the Roblox game thereby hindering the game from launching and resulting in error code 267.

Therefore, a walk around your antivirus settings will help you to disable the antivirus firewall.

  • Launch your Antivirus
  • Navigate to the firewall program or settings.
  • Navigate to permissions.
  • Find “Roblox” from the list.
  • Click on “Allow unrestricted access to the internet for Roblox.”
  • Done.

If the Roblox error code 267 is caused by the antivirus firewall settings the option to allow unrestricted access to the internet for Roblox will clear the error message.

If you are using a Windows Defender instead of a third-party antivirus, you also need to go through the process above to fix the Roblox error code 267 if it occurs due to the Windows Defender restricted access.

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