How to Rotate a Video on VLC Media Player

VLC is fun to use media player on PC and Android. The media player has a lot of features, which include the ability to rotate video from 90 degrees to 360 degrees. So if you have been wondering on how do I rotate a video on VLC media on PC, this post is made for you.

The step on how to make the VLC media player rotate videos on Windows is a bit tricky, so you have to be calm and follow this post from the beginning to the end. It’s not a long walk though. In this guide, you will school yourself on how to rotate video on VLC.

You will only be able to make VLC rotate videos on Windows in this guide.

How to Rotate Video on VLC Media Player

Here, we take a look at the step by step procedure on how to flip a video on a VLC media player.

  • Launch the VLC media player on your PC.
  • Tap on “Tools >>Effects & Filters” or press “CTRL +E” on the media player’s screen.How do I rotate a video on VLC
  • Tap “Video Effect” on the adjustment tab.
  • Video effect and geo
  • Tap “Geometry” and check “Transform.”
  • Tap on the “Rotate VLC Video” and select the angle to flip your videos to on VLC. Or check the “Rotate button, hover your mouse pointer to the rotate button and drag to the level you want your videos to flip to on your VLC media player.How do I make VLC rotate a video
  • Tap on the “Save” button to effect changes and close the interface.How to rotate videos on VLC media Player

That is the step by step you need to follow to rotate the video using the VLC media player. However, it will not save the video as flipped or rotated after you close the VLC media player. If you are interested in saving the rotated video on your VLC and play on another media player, kindly proceed to the next step.

How to Save Rotated Videos on VLC Media Player

This will enable you to save rotated videos on the VLC media player and play it in a particular degree according to your wish.

  • Launch the VLC media player.
  • Tap “Tools >> Preference” to show all VLC settings.Preference
  • Go to the bottom left and tap on “All” under “Show settings.How do I rotate VLC video screen
  • Scroll down to “Video” settings and tap “Filter.”Rotate VLC Video
  • Check “Video transformation filter” under “Filter” settings.Video transformation filter
  • Tap on the “Save” button to save changes.Save video transformation filter
  • Close the “Preference” tab and back to the VLC home.
  • Tap “Media >>Convert/ to flip a video on vlc media player
  • Tap “Add” on the “File” tab.rotate video using vlc
  • Select the video to rotate outside the VLC media player and tap “Open.”
  •  Tap the “Convert/Save” button.Rotate video using VLC
  • Scroll to “Profile” select Video –H.264 +MP3 (MP4), and tap on the tool icon opposite to it.Settings gear icon
  • Check MP4/MOVon the screen.mp4/mov
  • Go to “Video Codec >> Filter” and check “Video Transformation Files.”how can i rotate a video in vlc
  • Tap on the “Audio Codec” and check “keep original audio track” and tap the “Save” button to make changes.Keep original audio track
  • In the “Convert” page, find “Destination” and tap on “Browse.”how do i rotate a video in vlc media player
  • Select the folder to save the converted rotated video, give the video a name that you can easily video –H.264 +MP3 (MP4) remember, and add “.MP4” extension.
  • Tap on the “Save button” to make changes.
  • Now, tap “Start” on the convert page and wait while VLC converts the video to a rotated video for you that allows you to play the video outside the VLC media player as a rotated video.

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