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6 Best Streaming Media Player for Android Phones

So you need streaming media player for Android in 2017 like TV box, TV streaming apps for Android, and perhaps a great comparison between two or more Android streaming media player right?

Well, you are in the right place and you are reading the right post on popular streaming media player Android users need. And here in this post. you will enjoy the list of most used streaming media player to replace the cable on your decoders.

These live TV streaming player are the best and they are must have at home without any form of illegality. So, if you use an Android phone and you need a streaming media player to replace cable for you on your device you can then check out the list of apps below to take your live streaming TV devices to another level.

However, for a smart Android device with a small resolution, you may need to get a magnifier to help widen the screen of your device when streaming TV live.

Streaming media player

Best Streaming Media Player for Android Phone

Here we have taken the assignment to search and get you the best Android streaming media player that replace cable for your device. So, instead of subscribing to cable media player you can enjoy the services of these free Android apps for live TV streaming on your device for free.

1. Mobdro

If by now you don’t know Mobdro Android app then you are missing out a great online streaming deal. Mobdro is an Android app for streaming live TV, TV show, live football match etc and it’s a free app. Mobdro is an Android apk file though but it works like magic to streaming live videos online with a strong internet connection.

Mobdro media player for Android is a replacement for cable at home. If streaming on a small resolute media player on your Android phone it can be projected using an appropriate tool or with the help of Android magnifier you can make it wide and stream live on a bigger device still using your small Android phone.

2. Netflix

Another media player for a tv that plays all formats on an Android phone is Netflix. And second on the list of current live TV streaming device like Xbox is Netflix. I have used Netflix in the past and still using it.

Although Netflix is an online entertainment company with premium service alongside multiple users. Meaning that even Netflix basic account can be used to streaming live TV by multiple users.

For fair justification, Netflix for Android is one of the best streaming media players Android has to replace cable on all smartphone.

Meanwhile, to test run Netflix TV streaming on your device you can just subscribe to Netflix free trial for just a month after which you can then decide to go for premium service and start your live TV streaming on your Android.

3. Kodi

Kodi is another streaming device for Android and it’s, in fact, one of the most popular TV Android streaming device with a remarkable feature. Over the years, Kodi users have been so concern about the best comparison between Kodi and other streaming apps for Android.

However, they found that both Kodi and other alternatives app for streaming on Android has similar feature other than working experience. So, if you are keen on getting the best streaming device for Android, Kodi should be added to your apps arsenal to get the best TV streaming device to replace the cable on your smartphone.

4. Plex

Plex is next on the list of our popular streaming media player Android phone user has to consider. Plex offers both free and paid service and it is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X. Also, it’s available on Linux (desktop), Windows Phone, Chromecast, Android TV, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox etc.

Plex is more or less like Kodi with similar features and has features like Netflix for multiple users across all device. It’s guaranteed that the amount you put into Plex isn’t going to be a waste as you would end up enjoy multiple services for your Android streaming media player app.

5. Universal Media Player

Next on our list of apps to enjoy TV streaming live on Android is called universal media player. The app works exactly the way it sounds like a feature to enjoy TV live streaming. However, the universal media player is more or less a search engine to shows or live event to streaming on Android.

However, you can just check out universal media player and see yourself the goodies in using the app and how it is easily replacing the cable to streaming live on Android device.

6. Phoenix

And finally on this list is called Phoenix. The aim of this post is to bring to your best streaming media player to replace cable but Phoenix is bringing something better. It does have something better other than just streaming but it provides you the chance to choose from multiple channels to live TV show and stream other events to your own detriment.

If you would love to stream football live just like on Mobdro then you need to give Phoenix Android app a trial and you will be convinced that Phoenix is one of the best media streaming player Android users need to install without a second thought.

And on this note, we are very sure you by now you should be able to find at least one of these streaming media players to replace cable at your own convenience and there won’t be any need to subscribe unnecessarily again.

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