How to See who Liked your Playlist on Spotify

Just like Apple Music, Spotify is a community or website that gives you access to stream an endless amount of songs, podcasts and, videos from various artists around the world. People can like your playlist and follow you just like any other social media app. So how do you see who liked your playlist on Spotify?

Well, seeing those who  liked your playlist is no longer possible on Spotify as this feature was discontinued back in 2013. This was most likely done to protect the identity and keep the privacy of those who liked your playlist on Spotify. Users of Spotify have since requested this feature from the developers but frankly, I doubt if this feature would come back anytime soon.

You can still however view the number of likes  and followers. This is usually located near the creator’s information and title. So if you’ve made a beautiful playlist that attracts a huge number of followers and might be wondering who liked them, you can always see the counts and statistics about them but not the actual person info.

Tips to view who liked your playlist on Spotify

There are some tips in which you can use to predict who liked you on Spotify. Although these tricks might not be a hundred percent accurate in giving you the right data, but it still gives you a hint on who liked your playlist.

See those who recently followed you on Spotify

This method can be quite inaccurate, but can help you evaluate who liked your playlist.

  • Go to your Spotify application and open
  • .Go to your Settings on Spotify applications
  • Select the option to view your profile
  • Select “Follower”

how to see who liked your playlist on spotify

In this place, you would see your Spotify account followers. If you are an existing user of Spotify, you would know that you can only see your follower count, but cannot see the name of the person that liked your playlist. You could however predict who that person might be if your playlist was liked recently.

Someone who liked  a playlist on Spotify is more likely to follow your account. If the like was done shortly or is a recent one then it is most likely that the user has followed your account. Simply visit your follower’s screen page and scroll to check for whoever recently followed your account. Although this may not give you precise data, it however, still gives you an insight into who possibly liked your playlist on Spotify.

Check users whose Playlist Feature is displayed Public on Spotify

if you’ve tried the first step above and it’s not working out, you can opt for this.

Spotify app has a feature that allows you to display your playlist either publicly or not. This is usually off by default although it can be manually switched from public to private.

Once this feature is turned on for any Spotify user, you can see all the playlists they have been following so far. You have to simply visit specific profiles and look through them. if this public setting is on, then you can see the playlist they have followed.

Would you be allowed to see who liked your playlist on Spotify Update?

Spotify releases timely updates and changes features during updates. Most of these changes are however based on the community opinions, feedbacks, and requests. Spotify has a dedicated community, ‘Spotify Online community‘ which allows Spotify users to drop feedbacks, requests, and to suggests changes and opinions on Spotify. 

The Spotify development teams respond timely to queries, and for opinions with an increased number of likes would likely get positive responses from the Spotify development team. Right now, there is an increase in the number of opinions asking the developers to allow you to see who liked your playlist on Spotify. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most requested polls on Spotify at the moment.

Looking at this fact, Spotify may reconsider implementing this feature in the nearest future with strict guidelines and rules, however. They have officially replied to this request that they are keeping the ideas in the “Not Right Now” bin and have no immediate plan to implement this feature. You can check out the Spotify community through this link

Do you think this feature is necessary for growing your Spotify fan base? Do you think the developers made the right move disabling this feature? Let us know in the comments. You might also want to check out How to Fix Shopify web player not working.


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