How to Stop Nest Thermostat from Changing Temp

These days, smart devices seem to have developed a mind of their own. You might find your device carrying out a feature that you find marveling. Yes, there are many of such features on Nest, and one of them is when your thermostat is changing temperature. In this article, Gadgetswright will assist you in a way to stop Nest thermostat from changing temp.

Smart devices like Nest collect data and use that data to adjust settings. This is what happens when it changes temperature. In simple words, why your Nest Thermostat changes the temperature is because of the Auto-Schedule feature. This feature is responsible for adjusting your home’s temperature with the provided temperature range when setting up your thermostat.

how to stop nest thermostat from changing temp

Why does Nest Thermostat keep changing temperature?

Like I said, the Nest Thermostat learns about your daily activities, including your heating and cooling selections. It learns basically, and with that, it can automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day.

Auto-Schedule on Nest Thermostat

This is a feature on Nest that can be responsible for changes in temperature.  Auto-Schedule automatically modifies the temperature setting based on your day-to-day activity.

When your Nest Thermostat has this feature, it becomes a learning thermostat. With the information gathered, it will then schedule your heating and cooling.

Eco-mode on Nest Thermostat

The Eco-Mode feature might also be responsible for the change in temperature. To stop Nest Thermostat from changing temp, you have to understand how Eco-mode works and turn it off. Eco mode like the name implies, “Economic” automatically turns on when no one is home, and it goes to a preset temperature in this mode.

stop Nest thermostat changing temp

Eco-mode can be manually turned on also, by doing so on the Nest Thermostat. The idea of Eco mode is that the thermostat is practically off until the room temperature drops below / rises above preset temperatures. It keeps the thermostat in standby mode and only activates when the temperature is rising or dropping from your preferred range.

The default settings for Eco mode for heating is between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. And between 76 and 90 for cooling the temperature. You can adjust the temperature range in the Nest app or on the thermostat

Early-On feature

The Early-On feature is like a companion for your eco-mode feature because it turns on your heating or cooling some minutes before schedule so as to keep the room either warm or cold. This set-point is just so your home reaches and maintains a specific or desired temperature range. This function can be enjoyed by the traveler who is returning home to humid weather, he can turn on the cooling so his home will be cold enough when he arrives,

You can disable this feature by letting your HVAC start at the scheduled time instead. This will stop Nest thermostat from changing temp.

Home/Away Feature

Your Nest Thermostat is a smart device that can tell if you are at home. And as such, can automatically adjust the temperature when you leave for an outing and whenever you return. You can switch this feature OFF to stop Nest thermostat from changing temp.

How to Stop Nest Thermostat from Changing Temp

Do you not enjoy any of the above-mentioned features and do you want to stop Nest thermostat from changing temp? Yes? Alright, follow these steps and guidelines on ways you can stop Nest Thermostat from changing Temp.

Turn off Auto-schedule

You can stop Nest Thermostat from changing temp by turning off the Auto-Schedule feature in the Nest app on your smartphone.

To do this:

  • Download and open the Nest app on any smart device
  • Log in to your Google Nest account.
  • Click on the Nest Thermostat
  • Turn off the Auto-Schedule feature
  • Turn off the Home/Away feature.

These settings turn off both auto-schedule and home/away features.

You can also turn this feature off on your thermostat. 

  • Choose Settings on your thermostat.
  • Click Nest Sense.
  • Click Auto-Schedule.
  • Click Off.
  • Clear the schedule

To adjust the temperature range, you can navigate to settings to create or adjust the temperature range.

To create a new schedule: 

  • Open the Nest app.
  • Select your thermostat.
  • Select Schedule.
  • Create new temperature set points.

To adjust the schedule: 

  • Open the Nest app.
  • Select your thermostat.
  • Select Schedule.
  • Adjust the temperature setpoints.

You can delete the schedule outright if that is what you will prefer. To do so, follow the steps below on how to delete the schedule.

To delete the schedule: 

  • On your thermostat, click Settings.
  • Click Reset.
  • Click Schedule.
  • Select either “Reset” or “Clear”

How do I disable the learning feature on my Nest Thermostat?

If you do not want your Nest Thermostat to learn your daily activities and temperature preferences, you can disable the learning feature.

To do this:

  • Go into the Google Nest App
  • Log into your Nest Account
  • Find your thermostat.
  • Go to the Settings
  • Turn off the Auto-Schedule feature (your Nest Thermostat would now follow the schedule set by you rather than the one it created.)
  • Turning off Auto-Schedule (This will keep the schedule that your Nest Thermostat created. And also stops your thermostat from learning from you)

If you clear your schedule and don’t create a new one, your thermostat will stay on the temperature you set until you manually adjust it. It will work like a regular thermostat.

Turn off Eco-Mode

As discussed, Eco-mode might cause your Nest Thermostat to change temperature, therefore, you can try turning off this feature to stop Nest Thermostat from changing temp.

Check out: How to turn Eco Mode on Nest Thermostat

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download and Open the Nest App.
  2. Log into your Nest account.
  3. Select your Nest thermostat.
  4. Find the Nest Settings icon (on the top right corner of your app), tap on this to open the next prompt.
  5. On the next page, select Home/Away Assist.
  6. Tap to enable/disable automatic switching to Eco mode. (You can also choose if you want your heating/cooling device to use Eco mode whenever you are home or away.)

How do I stop my Nest from Changing Temperature?

The steps below lead you through how you can stop you nest thermostat from changing temperature.

  1. Download and open the Nest app on your device.
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Select your thermostat.
  4. Select the Mode option
  5. Set the mode to Heat/Cool.
  6. Select the Eco option
  7. End Eco Temperatures on all thermostats.

Nest Auto-schedule vs Manual schedule

s/nModeAvailabilityMode functionalityEco mode differences
1Auto schedule
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Nest Thermostat E
  • Can learn user temperature preferences for each temperature mode (cool, heat, heat and cool, off, and eco)
  • Tells users when the energy-efficient temperature is selected, can serve as an energy-saving guide.
  • Can learn to set energy-saving temperatures
    Switches on automatically in “Away” mode to save energy while homeowners are out.
  • Auto Eco Mode switches back to regularly scheduled temperatures when someone’s home
2Manual schedule
  •  Google Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Thermostat E
  • Keeps hot/cold air on until the user turns the thermostat off manually.
  • All temperature ranges have to be input manually.
  • Can manually set Eco Temperatures at any time.
  • The temperature stays in Eco Mode until the user switches to cool or hot mode


In this article, you will learn several methods on how to stop Nest Thermostat from changing Temp. And all are tested and trusted.

If you need further assistance, reach out to Nest on their chat support website.

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