How to turn off ECO Mode on Nest

What is ECO mode on Nest thermostat and how do you turn off the ECO mode? Well, this article will explain how to turn off ECO mode on Nest.

One thing that makes the Nest thermostat stand out is the eco mode. In Eco mode, the thermostat senses that the user is not home and it instantly kickstart to a temperature regularization to cut energy cost. This is obviously a welcomed feature, and as many would say, Nest’s selling point.

When you notice this feature, you might seem to appreciate it at first, but eventually, you might get tired of the back and forth and would prefer if your thermostat remains warm while you are away, then you wonder how to turn off eco mode on Nest.

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Nest ECO mode is where your thermostat regulates your home temperature to the specified and comfortable degrees set by the user and also reduce excessive cost garnered when not required.

This is highly recommended as it its economical and gives room for energy saving too.

To disable this ECO mode on your nest thermostat you can make use of the Home/Away mode on your Nest app. Like I have earlier said, it switches the temperature when you are away from home. Usually, the temperature switches can range from 40-70°F for heating and 76-90°F for cooling.

Let us just say having lower degrees of some heat and higher for cooling helps in reducing energy costs the most.  What ECO mode does is that it starts your heating system or air conditioner on demand (at your presence), and it gives regulated controlled temperature according to what has been set by the user.

How to Turn Off ECO Mode on Nest

When nobody is home, Nest thermostats AI switches to ECO mode to conserve energy.  (i.e. conserve what would be used to either cool or heat the room when it is not required).

ECO mode can be manually set though by using the Nest app or Google Assistant.

How to turn off eco mode on nest

Before you begin, you should download the Nest App(Obviously, you would have this already installed, but if for some weird reasons you don’t: Go to the App Store/Google Play Store to download.

  1. After download, open the Nest App.
  2. From the home screen, you can select your Nest thermostat.
  3. On the top right corner of your app, you will find Nest Settings  icon, tap on this to open the next prompt.
  4. In the next page, please select Home/Away Assist.
  5. You will find a toggle switch at the top that can be tapped to enable/disable automatic switching to Eco mode. (You can also choose if you want your heating/cooling device to use Eco mode whenever you are home or away.)

After these steps are taken, you will not have to worry about your thermostat switching in/out of ECO mode. This can still be done manually using the app before leaving for work.

How to Turn On ECO Mode on Nest Thermostat

Below are the steps to take to turn ON your ECO Mode on Nest thermostat.

  1. Download Google Home App on App Store/Play Store
  2. Install and open the Google Home app
  3. Find your thermostat and choose it
  4. Go to settings> Tap preset> Go to Eco
  5. Toggle it ON.

ECO mode will be enabled for as long as you choose and will be deactivated on prompt too.

How to turn off eco mode on nest

Why Should you Use Eco Mode On Nest?

The selling point of Eco Mode is to save energy costs. It is an economic and greenlights saving feature that you should use and enjoy. But then again, some people like to be in control and do not like the idea of the the Nest going into Eco on its own, most especially when they are away. And that could be why you might want to turn off eco mode on nest.

How Do I Manually Turn Off My Nest Thermostat?

When you do not have a device to use the Nest App, you can still turn off your Nest thermostat manually from the device itself.

  • Press the Nest thermostat menu button to open the interface.
  • Scroll down to the Nest thermostat  Mode icon using the thermostat rim
  • Press the center button to select the Nest mode icon.
  • Press the center button to select “OFF.”
  • The Nest device will shutdown itself to complete the command.

Once you turn on the thermostat the ECO mode would have turned off. And this is how to turn off ECO mode in your Nest thermostat manually.

How to Turn off Nest Thermostat on App

Whenever you are away from home and you decide to turn on the thermostat, perhaps, you are finally coming back home after a long time at a conference; you can turn on your thermostat remotely from the airport, so you can have a more humid room before you even arrive.

To turn on our Nest thermostat from the official app, kindly follow the steps below.

  • On your device, open the Nest App.
  • Choose the thermostat you will like to turn ON.
  • Tap the Mode icon.
  • Tap ON in the menu that appears.

NOTE: Before you can access this feature, you must have already set up the Nest thermostat with your device.

How to turn off Eco Mode on Nest: Conclusion

In summary, to turn off ECO mode on Nest thermostat follow the steps below.

  • Open the Nest Thermostat app.
  • Select your thermostat from the list.
  • Select the Mode Option to the lower left
  • Set the mode to Heat/Cool.
  • Scroll down to select the ECO Mode option [ON/OFF]

So far, we have discussed how to turn off ECO mode on nest thermostat on your mobile app or the thermostat device itself. With the Nest thermostat ECO mode you can consider the thermostat as your next thermostat to automate your room temperature with the Nest thermostat.

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