How To Update Orbi LBK1220 Firmware

If you have an Orbi router, just duly get in here because you will surely like to know how you can update your Orbi firmware. For today though, we will be specifically discussing how you can update your Orbi LBK1220 firmware.

So, if this applies to you, grab a seat real quick before the space gets filled up. You so don’t want to miss out of this gist. 

Let’s  begin with what a firmware is. Like the name implies, a firmware is a system, put in place to establish a “Firm” link between Hardware and Software. It is a small piece of software that makes hardware work as its manufacturer intended it to. As simple as that is, it has driven home the point.

So the trick is, firmwares  consists of programs written by software developers to make hardware devices function as they should. If they were no firmwares, most of the electronic devices we use daily wouldn’t be able to work.

On the other hand, a firmware update, works to improve the functionality and features of a device, while also providing fixes to any performance issues that may occur.

With how dynamic technology can be, as there is always a new improvement on something daily, a firmware update helps to keep a device competitive and relevant amidst newer models.

Update Orbi LBK1220 Firmware

How To Update Orbi LBK1220 Firmware

Now, based on our understanding of what a firmware is and what a firmware update does, let’s get to the main gist, the part where we learn how to update an Orbi LBK1220 firmware.

There are two generally  acceptable methods for updating any Orbi router according to the information provided by NetGear.  It is either you do an automatic update or a manual update.

Apparently, they both serve the same purpose but the approaches to getting them done is different. So today, in the spirit of giving you a balanced a information, we are going to look at both approaches in details. 

How To Update Orbi LBK1220 Firmware (Automatically)

The  good thing about the automatic  update of the Orbi LBK1220  firmware is that the router update just detects the router & satellite model/serial number, then downloads the appropriate firmware for the device and installs the update itself. With no interferences from you. This works really well if you are new to using the Orbi router.

How to Update Orbi rbr50 Firmware using Automatic Approach

So here is what you need to do to update your Orbi LBK1220 router and satellite automatically;

  • Go to the office Orbi Router and satellite portal on
  • From there, click on the “Profile” icon to the top right and select sign in from the drop menu.
  • Type your username and password and click on the “NetGear Sign In” to login.
    You can use “admin” for both username and password Meanwhile, the login details are case sensitive.
  • Once you are logged in select the “Advanced” tab.
    Scroll and select “Administration.”
    Select “Firmware Update.”
  • At this point, you should see a new page with the Orbi LBK1220 firmware page.
  • If there is an update for the Orbi LBK1220 firmware update the device will download and install the update automatically.
    And if your device is running the latest LBK1220  firmware, a notification will popup that your LBK1220 update is updated.

That is how you go about the automatic update of your Orbi LBK1220 firmware. One thing you must take into consideration is the time you set for your automatic update.

You want to set a time where you would likely not be using your router, so it doesn’t interrupt usage. The widely recommended time is between 1 am to 4am, because the automatic updates usually starts at the time you set it to start.

How To Disable Automatic Update of  Orbi LBK1220 Firmware

If for any reason you want to disable the automatic update of  your Orbi LBK1220 firmware,simply;

  • Scroll down the page to go to the Router Auto Firmware Update
  • To disable the auto-update feature, select the “Disable” radio button.

How to Update Orbi LBK1220 Firmware (Manually).

To manually update your Orbi LBK1220 firmware; begin by

  • Downloading the firmware for your Orbi satellite from the NETGEAR Download Center and saving it to your desktop.
  • Click the Manual Update tab.
  • From there, the Firmware Update page pops up.
  • Select the check box next to your satellite’s model name, in this LBK1220
  • Click the Update button.
  • The Orbi satellite Firmware Update window opens.
  • If the browser asks you for the admin password, enter the same password you entered for the Orbi router.
  • Click the BROWSE button, then locate and select the file that ends in .img  or .chk on your desktop.
  • Click the UPLOAD button to upload the firmware file.
  • That process should take a few minutes to complete.
  • After your Orbi satellite finishes updating, select Status and make sure that the firmware version on the Status page matches the firmware version on the NETGEAR Support page.
  • With that done, you have been able to successfully  update your LBK1220 firmware.

Everything being equal, it usually takes a few minutes to complete the updating process. After Orbi satellite finishes updating, you can double check the firmware version on the Status page by  simply selecting Status.

How To Check For Available Firmware Updates

If you are going to be updating your firmware manually, then this is for you, because you will have to be checking your Orbi LBK1220 firmware  regularly. to see if there are new updates available for your firmware, because a firmware update improves t

So, to check for new and available firmware updates,

  • Connect your mobile device to your Orbi router’s WiFi network.
  • Launch the Orbi app.
  • Enter your router’s admin password and tap SIGN IN.
  • In the top-left corner, tap the Menu icon.
  • Select Settings, then Router Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Check for Updates. If you see Update Firmware instead, your router has new firmware available.
  • So you can simply follow the onscreen instructions to update your router’s firmware.

The long and short about firmware updates is that they make you have a better and latest user experience and I am sure that is what every user wants. So endeavour to update your Orbi LBK1220 firmware today for a better user experience.

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