How to use Messages for Web on Computer

Android OS is adding new features daily to bring convenience to the OS via new updates. Each update result into the birth of another feature such as messages for web, to send, receive and read messages from your Android phone on web browsers.

Messages app is a preinstalled on most Android phone running Android 8.0, Android Q beta, Android Pie, and probably upcoming release. If the messages app isn’t preinstalled on your Android you can search and download it to your phone from the Google play store.

The messages app works differently from the traditional message feature on your Android phone. With this app, you can start a chat and like you are using a messenger.

However, if the messages app isn’t installed on your phone and you don’t know how to sync your phone to your PC using the barcode scanner, enable dark mode on the messages app, this post will help you with “how to” with this app.

Messages for web

What are Messages for Web?

Messages for web is a web app that allows you to connect your phone to your computer and chat with your friends and family on your computer using your phone SMS messages.

It allows you to send messages to your phone contacts, read incoming messages, draft SMS messages on your computer to send later, check old SMS messages, write a reply on your computer and send it from there to the same contact.

You also have an avenue to send SMS messages to a new contact on your phone once your phone and computer are connected to the internet.

How Does Messages app work?

The messages app works like the WhatsApp web, Xender web, Instagram web, SnapChat web, and other messenger apps that support web application.

The messages app uses your phone mobile carrier to send SMS messages as opposed to the way WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram, etc works.

If you don’t recharge your phone will not be able to send SMS messages on your computer using the messages web.

Whether you have an internet connection or not on your Android phone and computer, SMS charge is required to use the messages app for Android.

So, when you sync your messages app to messages web a new interface will pop up and show up all messages on your phone.

You can start a new chat with a new contact, group conversation, and archive messages on your phone using the messages web app.

Link Messages App to Computer

If you don’t have the messages app download on your Android phone I will direct you on how to download the messages app. Just keep reading so you don’t miss a point.

1. Open your browser and visit

2. Open the messages app on your phone

3. Click on the 3 dots to the upper right and click on messages for web.

WhatsApp for web

4. Click on QR code scanner

QR Code scanner

5. Place the rear camera on your phone on your PC to scan the barcode on your computer screen.

6. Your Android phone will pop all set and the computer will show Stay connected to your phone.

Link your Phone Automatically

Once you have linked your phone to your computer to read and send SMS messages using the messages app. You can bypass the manual connection next time.

However, here is how to connect your phone messages app to your computer automatically.

1. Follow the steps above to connect your Android phone messages app to your computer and click on the menu option

Menu option

2. Click on the settings

WhatsApp for web

3. Under the general settings click on remember this computer

WhatsApp for web

You can also enable this feature at the onset of the configuration. When you about to scan the QR code to your code click on remember this computer to auto-sync your phone next time.

How to Log out Messages app

You cannot log out the messages app from your phone. You can only do this on your computer. To log out from the messages app from your computer follow the procedures below.

1. Click on the 3 dots to the upper right above start chat

WhatsApp for web

2. Click on the sign-out

Sign out form

3. Click on “sign out” from the pop up that says sign out from this computer.


Once you logged out of your computer you will not be able to access your phone messages on your computer again.

Enable Dark Mode

There are two ways to enable dark mode or dark theme on the messages app. You can enable dark mode on your Android messages app and messages for web dark theme.

Android Dark Mode

Here is how to enable dark mode on messages app for Android.

1. Open the messages app on your phone

2. Click on the menu option to the upper right

3. Click enable dark mode

The feature will enable eye comfort on your phone messages.

PC Dark Mode

If your choice to enable the dark mode on your PC here is how to go about it.

1. Log in to messages web app on your PC

2. Click on the menu option by clicking on the 3 dots

WhatsApp for web

3. Click on enable dark mode

Enable Dark mode

Done. The dark mode on your web messages app will be enabled and create eyes comfort so you can enjoy chatting comfortably on your computer.

Make Messages app a Default app

You can make the messages app default app to send SMS messages on your phone instead of the default Android message app.

1. Go to your phone settings

2. Type “default apps” into the search box

3. Click on “default apps” from the search result

4. Click on messaging

5. Under messaging select messages

You will see options like Facebook messenger, messages, etc. Just make sure you select messages to set it as your default app.

Download Messages App

Messages app is a play store app for Android app. And you can also download messages APK.

1. Launch the Google play store app on your phone

2. Type “messages” without quotes in the search box and click on search

3. Click on messages Google LLC

4. Tap on install

Wait for a couple of seconds the messages app will be installed on your phone and you can enjoy these feature conveniently.

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