How to View Mozilla Firefox Password Manager

With Mozilla Firefox password manager you can easily manage passwords and usernames on Firefox without using a password manager software. Mozilla password manager builtin feature can be used to manage saved passwords, import and export saved passwords from Firefox to Chrome or to Opera Mini or to Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox is a popular computer and phone browser with great qualities to stay relevant in the world of internet browser. Firefox is my second favorite computer and mobile browser which took after Google Chrome browser.

Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox password manager feature has to be enabled so that Mozilla will be able to save all passwords and username when they are inputted into a password and username column.

With the Mozilla feature to stored password and usernames, you can view saved passwords, edit saved passwords and username, delete saved passwords and username, backup saved passwords and username, import saved passwords and username, export saved passwords to another browser and access passwords on other browsers.

Mozilla Password Manager: Ask Mozilla to Save Your Passwords and Usernames

1. Open Mozilla Firefox > Enter password and username > Click save

View Mozilla Firefox password manager

However, for some reasons, Mozilla may not pop-up save option to save Mozilla passwords and usernames. Then click on the key-lock icon to the upper right on your Mozilla and click save to save.

How to View Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox Password Manager

If you have successfully saved some passwords and usernames on your Mozilla Firefox here is how to view and manage your saved passwords.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox > Click Fx57Menu  > Options > Privacy & Security tab

Mozilla Firefox password manager

2. Under “Forms & Passwords” click “Saved Logins”  to open Mozilla Password manager

View Mozilla Firefox Password Manager

3. To show password and username click on show button and enter master passwords to unlock your saved passwords and usernames.

Mozilla Firefox password manager

Note: Mozilla Firefox password manager works differently from Google Chrome and Internet Explorer password manager. Mozilla doesn’t require administrative right to access saved passwords if no master password is set up.

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