How to Recover Lost Passwords in Internet Explorer with IE Password Dump

IE Password dump is a tool to manage, view, and recover lost passwords in Internet Explorer. The Dump tool to recover lost and forgotten passwords from Internet Explorer works with all sort of websites visited or visits on Internet Explorer to revamp all passwords that are lost or formatted on Internet Explorer password manager.

The password recovery tool works only when Password manager function is enabled. While the disadvantage of the IE password dump tools remains inability to save recovered passwords to a document for importing or exporting purpose to another browser.

With dump password recovery for IE, you can only view deleted passwords in Internet Explorer without a function to save the recovered file to either .txt. or .doc or other documents extension. While you are only allowed to run a scan on forgotten and deleted passwords and username on IE using Dump tool to recover it.

However, here in this article, I’ll share with you how to recover deleted password in Internet Explorer browser only if you enabled Internet Explorer password manager. That is if Internet Explorer is set to remember passwords and usernames that are either stored or prompt IE to pre-empt Internet Explorer to save usernames and password whenever a website requires login details.

Before Dump tool can be used to recover lost or deleted passwords in IE, IE browser must set to remember usernames and passwords.

IE Password Dump: First Set Internet Explorer to Remember Username & Passwords

To start with, follow the procedure below to set Internet Explorer to save passwords and usernames automatically using IE password autosave feature.

1. Open Internet Explorer 11 > settings > Internet options > content > settings

IE Password Dump

2. Under AutoComplete settings, under forms  tick usernames and password on forms and “ask me before saving passwords and click OK

IE Password manager

Henceforth Internet Explorer 11 will show a popup to save passwords and usernames whenever a password and username form is been filled in your Internet Explorer.

IE Password Dump: How to Recover Lost Passwords in IE

1. Download and install IE password dump for Internet Explorer

2. Click to install and run the IE password dump to scan your Internet Explorer for deleted passwords

IE password dump

The following IEPasswordDump lines of command make it easy to use IE dump password recover to scan and save delete password in Internet Explorer 11.

  • IEPasswordDump.exe -h displays the help screen.
  • IEPasswordDump.exe displays all credentials in the console window.
  • IEPasswordDump.exe -f “c:\passwords.txt” saves all authentication information to the passwords.txt file.

Were you able to use IE password dump free tool to recover all you deleted password on Internet Explorer 11? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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