iiNet webmail Settings and Configuration that your Should Know

Let’s talk about iiNet Webmail login on mobile and how to configure the iiNet Webmail to work with Outlook and other iiNet email services. The Australian Webmail login service is one of the most sorted after Webmail to send, receive, keep contacts, and store information across the globe with little or no limitation at all.

iiNet Webmail provides a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use menu to all registered member after login. Through the iiNet Webmail login portal on, you will be able to sign in to your Webmail account on iiNet, reset both iiNet username and password.

For aspiring iiNet webmail member, there is also an avenue to create a new iiNet account on Android, iPhone, Tablet, and PC both Windows and Mac.

And using the iiNet Webmail email provider’s settings you can set it to receive all your incoming messages on your iiNet account on your mobile phone and send a reply or compose a new email on your smartphone and send it via your iiNet email address.

With that in mind, this article promise to solve all issue or troubleshoot all issues relating to iiNet Webmail on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Tablet.

What is iiNet Webmail

iiNet Webmail is an email service provider. It provides a service to send and receive email. A service to keep users files and documents on its database. With that, you can store up your data such as phone contacts, photos [just like using Google photo] and other important information and access them anywhere in the world.

Apart from the usual Webmail service, the iiNet also provide services to manage and monitor stored data. The iiNet operate on Optus network and thus make it one of the best email service and data management platform in the work with 4G+ network which is super fast.

The iiNet ultra-fast 4G plus network powered by Optus is considered one of the fastest. So, you have reasons to want to join the iiNet webmail service if you are based in Australia.

iiNet Webmail Website

The iiNet Webmail website design is different from the usual email service providers you see out there. On getting to the official webmail site of iiNet you will see three options on the navigation with a login column beneath and an option to reset the iiNet password and username.

The navigation menu consists of the iiNet Webmail contact, Toolbox, sales and support phone number, and a link to the official website that takes you out of the Webmail homepage.

You will discover that the iiNet Webmail sign up is missing on this page. How then would you be able to create a new iiNet account to manage and monitor all your stored data on the platform?

This iiNet review will take a look at how to create your account as a new member as well.

While I was roaming about the iiNet webmail account, I discovered that the service offers a secure connection that makes your iiNet inbox private and only visible to you alone.

Note: When you are at the iiNet homepage, you will learn a lot about the service as Webmail is just one of the few services that it provides.

Setup iiNet Webmail on Outlook

Follow the steps below to set up the iiNet Webmail server on your Microsoft Outlook.

  • Launch the Outlook program on your device.
  • Navigate to “Files” and select it.
  • Select “Info” to the left and then click on “Add Account.”iiNet Webmail
  • In the new window that opens type the “iiNet webmail username” and selects “Connect.”iiNet email
  • Type your iiNet account password and select “Connect” again.Enter iiNet password
  • Microsoft Outlook will confirm the provided information. If the information matches any information on the iiNet database you will be logged into the iiNet account and ask to select “Done” to finish the setup otherwise an error message will appear.

iiNet Webmail Setup on Windows 10

Similarly, follow the steps below to set up the iiNet webmail service on your Windows 10.

  • Hover your mouse pointer to the bottom right to popup the Windows 10 search box.
  • Search for “Mail” and select the icon in envelop form to open Windows 10 Mailbox.
  • Select “Account” under “Add Account” to get started.Add account on Windows 10
  • Under Manage account click on “Account” to edit the account settings.Add Account under manage account
  • Scroll down and click on “Advanced Settings.”iiNet Webmail advanced settings
  • Select the second option “Internet Email” that allows you to add or edit the Windows 10 IMAP or POP settings.IMAP internet settings
  • Fill the form with appropriate information such as your iiNet email, password, username, and the name to appear on the email when you send an email using your iiNet account.
  • For the incoming and outgoing email service input the following
    • Incoming email server:
    • Account type: IMAP4
    • Outgoing (SMTP) mail server:
  • Check the following option in the settings box.
    • Outgoing server requires authentication
    • Use the same username and password for sending emails
    • Require SSL for incoming emails
    • Require SSL for outgoing emails
  • Select the “Sign In” tab to the bottom right before the “cancel” tab.Sign in iiNet email on Windows

And now, the iiNet email information will be added to the Windows 10 mailbox and you will be able to select the email from the list when next you want to access your iiNet private inbox.

iiNet Webmail Setup on iPhone/iPad

Planning to start using your iiNet webmail on your iPhone/iPad, follow the steps below.

  • Tap your iPhone/iPad settings from the home screen.
  • Select “Password & Account.”iPhone password and account
  • Scroll down and select “Add Account.”Add iiNet account to iPhone
  • On the new page, scroll down and select “Other.”Other email settings
  • Select “Add Mail Account.”Add Mail account to add iiNet Webmail email
  • Input your name, iiNet webmail username, password, description, and click on the “Next” tab to the top right.
  • Done…

However, if you get an error message that you couldn’t add your iiNet email account at the moment due to an error from the automatic set up, follow the procedures below.

  • Select “IMAP” under “New Account.”
  • The iiNet Incoming and Outgoing server will be pulled out automatically. The hostname should for both the Incoming and Outgoing server.
  • Select “Save” to the top right to finish the setup.

Now, with the settings above on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to receive incoming notification from your iiNet account and also, you will be able to compose and send messages using the iiNet setup on your iPhone/iPad.

iiNet Webmail Setup on Android

Here, we are going to use the Android Gmail setup to configure and receive the iiNet email notifications on our Android phone.

  • Launch the Gmail app on your Android phone.
  • Select the three horizontal line to the top left to release the Gmail app menu.iiNet Webmail
  • Scroll down and select the “Gmail Settings” gear icon.iiNet email settings
  • You should see the list of the Gmail account you have added to your Gmail app. Tap on “Add Account” below those Gmail accounts.Add iiNet email account
  • Select “Other” under “Set up Email.Gmail other settings
  • Type your iiNet email address with the email extension as and click on the “Next” tab.iiNet Webmail
  • You need to select the type of account you want to set up. So, we recommend that you should select “IMAP.”iiNet IMAP
  • Enter the correct “iiNet email” password and click on the “Next” tab.iiNet Password
  • Under “Incoming server settings”, a new “server” column will appear, type “” as the server and click on “the “Next” tab.iiNet incoming Server
  • Under the “Outgoing server settings”, set SMTP server to “”, set the port “587”, and set security type to “STARTTLS” and click on the “Next” tab to sync your iiNet email.iiNet Webmail Outgoing Server
  • You can either leave the email sync settings to default or alter it to your preferred minutes to retrieve notifications.iiNet Webmail settings
  • Adjust your email name and other settings or leave it to default and select the “Next” button.

With all these settings in place, you will be able to access your iiNet Webmail email on your Android phone using the Gmail app and also receive all notifications.

iiNet Webmail Login on the Web

If your preferred choice is to use the iiNet Webmail on your browser, follow the steps below.

  • Open your browser and go to the iiNet login page on “”
  • Enter your iiNet email address [] and the account corresponding password.
  • Select “Login” to authenticate the information provided.

Once the information match what iiNet have on its database you will be signed in to your iiNet email account.

Reset iiNet Email Password

Below is the clue to reset iiNet email password and set a new password for your iiNet webmail account.

  • Go to the iiNet login portal as shared above.
  • Scroll down the login column and select “Forgot Password.” This will open a new tab to recover your forgotten password.
  • Type your iiNet email username, DoB, and Mobile number, and click on “Recover Password.”iiNet Webmail

Your password will be sent to you as well as the instruction to follow to reset and create a new password. However, in case you can no longer remember your iiNet email phone number, select  “Don’t know this phone number” to remove the phone number option and change your password when you provide your username and DoB.

iiNet Webmail Contact

If you need to contact the iiNet support team for help you can use any of the following information.

Residential Sales:13 19 17
Technical Support:13 22 58
Billing:13 22 58
Calling from overseas? Dial:+61 8 9214 2222
Contact us:502 Hay Street, Ground floor, Subiaco, WA 6008 Australia

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