How to Use WhatsApp for iPad Without Jailbreak

Firstly, you need to know that there is no official way to Install WhatsApp on iPad or iPad mini. But as a tech geek, there is a solution to using WhatsApp on other iOS devices other than iPhone. However, we have found a walk around solution for you to get WhatsApp running on your iPad. So, here in this post, you will learn how to Install WhatsApp for iPad without Jailbreak and without using messenger+ for WhatsApp on your iPad or iPad mini device first.

WhatsApp is a popular end-to-end encrypted messenger app connecting over 1 billion active users every day for sending messages, making video calls, making voice calls, sending photos, sending documents, sending apps, and lot more.

All these benefits of using WhatsApp are not extended to iPad or iPad mini users. Only iPhone users enjoy this unending benefits of using WhatsApp app for iOS.

If you are using iPad reading this post, consider using WhatsApp for iPad a done deal. And the WhatsApp will be done with iPhone connection or with the mind to use Messenger+ for WhatsApp. This tutorial will also be used to download WhatsApp for iPad mini and iPad touch using WhatsApp web option.

The only official way to use WhatsApp on iPad and iPad mini are through WhatsApp web but the odd part of it is that you will still not be able to download WhatsApp for iPad mini without Jailbreak. So, there is no reason to be scared whether you iPad or iPad mini will end of bricked when you start using WhatsApp on your iPad due to jailbreak.

How to Use WhatsApp for iPad Without Jailbreak

There are two different ways to use WhatsApp on iPad without Jailbreak your device. The two ways are not through WhatsApp web though as you do need third party app to get your WhatsApp running smoothly on the other end.

The procedure below provides step by step procedure to sync WhatsApp web with your iPad or iPad mini and start chatting up friends and family.

Method 1: How to Access WhatsApp on iPad Using Safari

The well-known method for using WhatsApp on iPad without Jailbreak is using Safari browser with WhatsApp web on your iPad to get things done. However, below are the exact procedures to carry out this consignment.

Fire up Safari browser on your iPad and visit When you visit this URL you will discover that instead of going directly to WhatsApp web page you will be redirected back to WhatsApp homepage. Don’t panic we are going there.

Note: If you don’t have Safari installed on your iPad you can download it here to save time.

What you need to do is to load desktop view instead of tablet or smartphone view on your iPad. For this, tap on the URL and swipe your iPad to have access to top-drawer of your device favorite apps that appear. Then click on load desktop site instead of viewing it as a mobile site.

And now, instead of WhatsApp homepage, you should see WhatsApp web page which is the usual interface for WhatsApp web. Then grab your iPhone and follow the normal process to sync (WhatsApp–Settings–Web WhatsApp-QR codes) your iPhone with your Safari browser using QR codes to pair the two devices (iPad and iPhone).

WhatsApp for iPad

Once you have successfully connected your WhatsApp on iPhone to your iPad via Safari browser you should be able to access all messages, voice notes, documents, etc on your iPad. However, you will not be able to enjoy the entire function of WhatsApp for iPhone on your iPad.

While you can still read voice notes sent by your friends you will not be able to send a voice note to your WhatsApp friends using Safari because Safari Browser does not support voice note as at this time. But that should not be a lot of problem to you. After all, you now have WhatsApp on your iPad running smoothly.

Method 2: How to Use WhatsApp on iPad Using Messenger+

Without any argument. You will agree with me to disagree that using WhatsApp for iPad on Safari browser could be really bad enough with at least poor experience. Good! No need to ask further, WhatsApp only offer support for iPhone and not for iPad or iPad touch or iPad mini. But notwithstanding, developers are so sensitive to find a way out so that using WhatsApp on iPad without jailbreak your iPad will be achievable.

Then, they came up with different iOS app to run WhatsApp on iPad. Many failed but only a few survived the storm. However, of all the few that survived the storm, we have found two really worthy and we will share it with you here in this post as an alternative way of using WhatsApp on iPad without Safari browser.

These two worthy apps are not free though but they really worth your convenience. Here we are talking about Messenger + and Chat for WhatsApp.

If you stay outside the UK we personally recommend that you should use Messenger + but for UK users, you may want to consider using Chat for WhatsApp on your iPad to be able to run WhatsApp on iPad successfully.

Finally, you are now able to use WhatsApp for iPad on your iPad or iPad touch or iPad mini without jailbreak. Although you will not be able to make a voice call or video call on your Safari WhatsApp you can still make do with it using Safari or Messenger + for WhatsApp and enjoy all features.

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