WhatsApp Login: How to Login to WhatsApp Account on PC

Login to WhatsApp Account

There are three ways to login to WhatsApp account on PC. You can login to WhatsApp account through WhatsApp web at “web.whatsapp.com”, directly from WhatsApp app for Windows, and Mac OS, and lastly using WhatsApp for mobile on Windows. So, here in this post, we’d share with you WhatsApp login procedure on your computer by synchronizing your mobile WhatsApp with your PC using WhatsApp QR codes.

WhatsApp Messenger app is an encrypted end-to-end mobile app with over 1billion daily active users. WhatsApp is available for all smartphones. Also, for PC running on either Windows and Mac OS. You can download WhatsApp Messenger for Blackberry 10, and also for iPad or iPad mini.

We have also published how to use multiple WhatsApp account on a single smartphone, how to hack WhatsApp account online, and how to schedule WhatsApp messages.

Before you can Login to WhatsApp on PC you need to first create an Account on your mobile phone and then sync it using the QR codes on your WhatsApp settings. If you have created WhatsApp on your mobile then you can follow this article for more information on WhatsApp login procedures on your computer.

You need to have the following in place before you can successfully login to WhatsApp account on PC

  1. A smartphone with installed WhatsApp app
  2. Internet connection for both PC and your smartphone
  3. A working PC (Windows or Mac OS)
  4. DIY (Do It Yourself) knowledge

How to Login to WhatsApp Account on PC:  WhatsApp Login

If you want to start accessing WhatsApp Messengers app on your PC then you should consider using at least one of these approaches. The procedure followed different means though but the end products are the same.

Method 1

Here in this first approach, we will share with you how to login to WhatsApp account on your computer browsers. You can use any browser but I prefer to use Google Chrome browser.

Fire up your Google Chrome browser and visit web.whatsapp.com. You should have the screen below once you visited the above WhatsApp web link.

WhatsApp Login

Grab your smartphone and click on the ellipsis (three dots to the upper right) of your account page and hit WhatsApp web option.

WhatsApp Login

Your WhatsApp will be ready to scan your PC with QR code. Then place your phone camera on your PC WhatsApp web page and sync.

WhatsApp Login

Upon successful connection, you can now access WhatsApp account on your PC. Right on your PC you will have access to all messages on your WhatsApp app on a smartphone, read and reply chats on your PC, listen and record voice messages on PC, send documents and another thing you can do on WhatsApp mobile.

WhatsApp Login

The only limitation, for now, is that you cannot make a voice call when you Login to WhatsApp account on your PC and you are good to go.

Method 2

Before can use this method to login to your WhatsApp account you must make sure you log out all computer from your WhatsApp Messenger on mobile. Or better still make sure you don’t have WhatsApp web active on your PC else this will not work.

Fire up your browser and visit WhatsApp homepage on www.whatsapp.com. Navigate the page and click on download option Windows or Mac.

WhatsApp Login on PC

Make sure to download your Windows Bits from the page for a better experience.

Once you have successfully downloaded the app. Click on it to install it on your device. For Mac users, you can check out how to install WhatsApp for Mac reading “How to Install WhatsApp on Mac OS“.

Locate and fire up the installed WhatsApp for PC. If you choose to create desktop icon while installing it you should see it on your desktop otherwise use the search box to find your WhatsApp icon on your computer. Now you should see the image below if you have done this correctly.

Login to WhatsApp Account

Grab your smartphone and follow the above procedure to sync your WhatsApp web messenger on your phone to your computer using WhatsApp for Windows or Mac OS.

The interface below shows the exact WhatsApp login page on your computer using WhatsApp Messenger app for Windows. You can start enjoying your WhatsApp account on your computer and you are good here.

WhatsApp Login

Note: You must always keep your phone connected to the internet if you want to enjoy this for long. Here is a post to monitor your PC Wi-Fi and put behind all intruders.

Method 3

This method involves running WhatsApp Messenger on PC just like on phone. The method shared here is about login to WhatsApp app on PC without WhatsApp web for browsers or WhatsApp app for PC.

This is about installing WhatsApp account on PC using Bluestacks. Also, if you want to create WhatsApp account you can use this procedure. In the past, we have published an article on how to use Android apps on PC you should consider checking it out and also then check out how WhatsApp login is possible on PC using Bluestacks.

Were you able to login to your WhatsApp account using these procedures? Please use the comment box to let us know how this post has helped you logging to WhatsApp on PC. And also, you can do us a favor by sharing the article with your friends on social media.

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