10 iPhone Hidden Features You Might Not Know About

Many of us use our iPhones without even configuring them for optimized usage, yet 10 little-known iPhone hidden features can unlock even more entertainment and productivity opportunities that may not be apparent initially.

While there is plenty of content online featuring various “hacks” for iPhones, many tend to be impractical or overly complicated for everyday use.

Here are 10 practical tips that can be implemented easily you probably don’t know are your iPhone hidden features.

iPhone Hidden Features

Below are some of the iPhone hidden features you probably don’t know or features that people or iPhone users are not talking about.iPhone Hidden Features

#1 Customize your iOS Control Center

iPhone features are already extremely convenient, but one hack that takes it to the next level is customizing Control Center.

With just a swipe down, you can access your frequently used widgets without even unlocking your iPhone including Music Recognition! It’s such a relief to not have to search for the Shazam app in my home screen folders as I’m trying to identify a song playing before it’s too late.

Activating this iPhone hack is simple – just go to Settings and then Control Center, then scroll down to select which widgets you’d like accessible with a swipe. Once you do, you’ll never look back.

#2 Share What’s on the Screen

With Apple’s upcoming iOS 15 update, sharing is revolutionized like never before. Instead of using the traditional method of pressing the share button to send an image, song, or screenshot to a contact, you can now ask Siri to do it for you.

This advanced sharing ability works with any item on your screen, such as a photo or recording you are looking at in your gallery or a song currently playing on Spotify.

Not all screens are shareable on their own, but if you ask Siri to share the app’s info, a screenshot will be taken instead and sent along with whatever additional information was requested.

In one swift sentence “Hey Siri, share this with…” followed by whomever you would like to see what’s on your screen, and voila! It’s quickly shared – easy and convenient even when you don’t have your hands free!

#3 Send a Fax

If you use fax for work or personal matters, then we have good news for you. You can get a free version of the Fax from the iPhone application.

With it, you can fax in a stationary machine anywhere in the world. For example, I can see places I can send a fax or receive it.

I can then fax from my iPhone and get a hard copy of the data. The fax app is a very useful application for those who still use faxes.

#4 Use Back Tap

iPhone owners rejoice: secret iPhone 13 Pro Max capabilities are now activated with Back Tap.

This time-saving feature allows users to assign custom functions to both a double and a triple finger tap on the back of their iPhone.

I myself use Double Tap for my Torch and Triple Tap for my Camera, which has been an absolute lifesaver when an odd-angled shot is needed or when a viewer cannot reach the lock screen icons or the Control Center pull-down.

With convenient access to helpful shortcuts, iPhone owners will feel like iPhone experts.

#5 Siri Shortcut to App-specific Settings

As an owner of an iPhone, convenience is key and achieving it has never been easier. Instead of taking a seemingly endless hunt for the setting app, allowing you or your app to quickly access the necessary functions without ever leaving the app itself.

Say for instance you are in the middle of playing one of your mobile games that require cellular data to play.

Looking into the App Store and trying to update apps automatically. You no longer need to leave the game or app store and search the settings app – all you have to do is press the Home Button if there is one and say “Hey Siri” when Siri pops up say “Setting.”

In less than a few seconds, you are already on the setting page changing what you need then back to whatever task before practically effortlessly. With iPhone, convenience, and speed come free with purchase!

#6 Hidden Trackpad 

With the rise of smartphones, typing has become increasingly easier and more efficient. While those with minimal hand sizes may find phone screens tricky to manoeuvre, Apple has implemented a secret weapon that can help: the hidden trackpad.

By pressing and holding on to the spacebar of your iPhone’s existing keyboard, you’ll be able to enable this trackpad feature to scan large chunks of text quickly and with precision.

Once enabled, scroll through your screen as needed – you’ll see why this was kept hush-hush! You owe it to yourself to give this clever trick a try – full instructions courtesy of Apple can be found in our guide.

#7 Document Scanner

Scanning physical documents into a digital file used to be a complex process that required a dedicated machine, but thanks to the advancements in iOS technology, your iPhone’s camera can now be used to quickly convert physical text into digital.

With just a few taps and holds of your finger, you can easily bring real-world text into an app like Notes or Messages for further use.

Apple’s intuitive scanning process has made it easier than ever to move information from paper to an app so you can save valuable time and give yourself peace of mind knowing that the data you need is all backed up.

If you want to explore this capability more thoroughly, our step-by-step guide at the link found below offers more information on how to successfully and efficiently scan text with your iPhone.

#8 Transfer Files Between Applications

Drag and drop – it’s a feature tucked away in the depths of Apple’s latest OS that can save time (and headaches!) when you need to transfer files between apps on your iPhone.

Many users miss this hidden gem, but it’s relatively simple once you get the hang of it. Say goodbye to slow file transfers or copy-pasting lengthy URLs into a new app! All you need to do is tap and hold the file you want to move, and then while continuing to hold it with one finger, swipe up with another finger from the bottom of the screen and open up the app you want to put it in.

It helps if you position the file near the top or bottom for smoother navigation, so make sure to keep an eye on our guide to guide your journey. In no time, those pesky transfers are complete without having used a single paperclip!

#9 Use Your Flash for Notifications 

Ever been jealous of Android users and their LED notification lights? Well, did you know that iPhones have a similar albeit lesser-known feature as well?

By enabling the LED flash setting within your iPhone’s Accessibility menu, you’re able to receive notifications such as messages and other alerts via an LED flash. While it might not be a huge ‘wow’ factor feature, it can come in handy when your phone is on silent with the screen facing down or in darkened settings.

To enable this functionality, open up the Settings app, scroll down to “Accessibility,” then select “Audio/Visual,” then find and tap the toggle entitled “LED Flash for Alerts.” This hidden system enhancement could make all of the difference regarding notification awareness so take advantage of it!

#10 Hide Apps

Trying to hide your embarrassing apps from family or friends? You can now do that without having to delete or lose the app completely!

The App Library helps you move apps away from prying eyes, with a process that’s simple and fast. All you need to do is press and hold the app in question, select “Remove App” from the options menu, and then choose “Remove from Home Screen.”

Voila! An app will be hidden in an instant. To get the full details of this little-known trick, check out our handy guide on how to hide apps on iPhone.

Sum Up

With all of these iPhone hidden features tips and tricks, you now have the opportunity to use your iPhone like a pro! Whether it’s taking advantage of Apple’s built-in features or exploring new possibilities with helpful guides, there has never been a better time to optimize your device for maximum usage.

So go ahead and try out some of these lesser-known features!

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