Nokia 7.1 [Android] Waterproof and Water-resistant Level

At some point, we thought that Nokia is out of the game when it comes to producing competition worthy phones, but as time goes on, we discovered that they went on the retreat and have planned to come back with force. The rate at which Nokia is releasing Android phones and globally competition worthy phones is alarming.

The Nokia 7.1 is one of those devices that Nokia I’ve brought out the world to show how technical prowess they are. In this content, we shall be looking at the Nokia 7.1 waterproof ability.

Some of the information that will be disclosed before the end of this content includes whether or not the Nokia 7.1 has an IP rating and how long it will be able to hold water.Is Nokia 7.1 a Waterproof

About the Nokia 7.1

The change in Nokia 7.1 is obvious compared to its predecessor, which is a nice improvement. Still, the metallic material used in its construction makes it fairly firm to hold and fairly durable compared to a plastic finish. The thickness is normal for a smartphone with a thickness of only 8 mm and a weight of 160 g. You can pick up the phone with a light steel or midnight blue finish, depending on your taste.

The smartphone’s capacity is average at best, which means that you are witnessing a long battery life here. However, you should be able to enjoy a day if you don’t use the phone too often. Inside there is a 3.060 mAh battery and a USB Type-C port with activated fast charging.

The Nokia 7.1 has a pretty powerful mid-range chipset that runs inside to make sure everything has a good time. I’ve associated it with an Adreno 509 GPU. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 manages general problems.

Like most smartphones, the Nokia 7.1 base model has an arrangement with 3 GB / 32 GB and a premium variant with a configuration of 4 GB / 64 GB. The smartphone for Android One is preinstalled by Android 8.1 Oreo but has an upcoming update to Android Pie.

Why should you check if your phone is waterproof?

Using your phone carelessly without knowing the specifications of your phone can end up in catastrophes. Therefore you must find out all the things your phone could or could not do so that you would know what to try with your phone and what not to. You must check if your phone is a waterproof device, so that will not end up trying to use it as if it is a waterproof phone when it is not

We advise that whenever you want to buy a phone, you should check the IP rating of that phone or ask people who have used the phone if the phone is water-resistant. You can search the phone online and know if it is water-resistant so that you will know the features of the phone and know your limits with the phone.

We advised that after checking these specifications also visit the official website of your phone producer to see the official IP rating, how long your phone would be able to last underwater, and whether or not you should try snapping in the pool or take calls under the rain.

Is the Nokia 7.1 Waterproof

We mentioned earlier that some device is waterproof or water-resistant even without having an official ip68 certificate. It has been stated that only devices having official IP68 can be used in the pool, under the rain, or during the shower. But this has not always been the case as some phones which do not have IP 68 rating go on to be waterproof and water-resistant.

The Nokia 7.1 do not have an official ip68 rating or certificate on the official website of Nokia, but some of our correspondents have performed this test and have found that this phone can actually resist water, this was concluded after the Nokia 7.1 device was immersed in a bucket of water, it was discovered that after 30 seconds when the food was brought out the earpiece and mic was working properly, the touchscreen was actually working without any shaking; the charging point worked as if nothing had taken place; power and volume rocker buttons are working properly, and there wasn’t any I/O port damage, it was only the speaker that had a little distortion in its sound. With these results, we concluded that Nokia 7.1 is waterproof.

What about Washing Nokia 7.1 with Running Water? 

This is another level of the waterproof test. This is not considered as a test to know if a phone is waterproof or water-resistant because nobody would necessarily put his or her phone under a tap to get to check if it will spoil unless you’re performing a test.

However, this test was also carried out by some of our correspondents, and it was discovered that when you put the Nokia 7.1 under running water, the touchscreen control does not respond to touch input, and the speaker will not function as expected though the camera still works properly.

With this result in mind, you can actually say that the Nokia 7.1 is not totally safe when you wash it with running water

Is the Nokia 7.1 Dustproof

The device was also tested to ascertain whether or not it is dustproof, considering the fact that dust is one of the things that spoil phones mostly these days. In the text the phone was placed in a very sandy environment having a lot of light grains around it and a considerable amount of Sandy particles with a running fan.

After allowing the fan to blow for a few minutes it was discovered that the phone was dustproof because no dust was found in any internal parts of the device and everything worked as if nothing had been done. Therefore we can say that Nokia 7.1 is dustproof.

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