How to Enable Android Focus Mode on Android Q, Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow and Android 5.0

Android Q brought a lot of features to Android interface and anticipated users a loving it for that. The introduction of Android focus mode has painted the sky Blue-Black only for most users not to know how to enable Android focus mode in Android Q (10).

The new Google digital wellbeing app, the focus mode is featured and users can now go ahead to enable it. The Android focus mode work similar to Android do not disturb in terms on apps. The Android focus mode can temporarily lock selected apps and hide them from distracting you from keeping 100% attention on what is to be done.

However, the Android focus centred on monitoring your apps and help to disappear from your reach while you are busy with your daily routines. This is a bit a sorry itch for Android Pie, Android Oreo, Android Nougat, Android Marshmallow, and Android Lollipop users as the Android focus only came to Android Q at this time.

However, a walk around in this post will teach how to enable Android focus mode in Android Pie, and other Android operating systems below Android Q.

Meanwhile, the focus mode is termed grayscale mode when I followed the walk around to enable the focus mode in my Android Pie. So, if you want to enjoy this feature and be able to enable Android focus mode, follow this tutorial.

Configure Focus Mode in Android Q

Firstly, there is a need to configure the Digital Wellbeing app to silent selected apps when you click on the focus icon.

1. Launch the Google play store from your app menu

2. Type and search for “Digital Wellbeing App”

3. Tap on the install button

4. Launch the app from your phone [if the app isn’t available in your app menu to navigate go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing and turn on “Show Icon in app list.”

5. Click on “Your Digital Wellbeing tools.”

6. Tap “Focus mode” under Ways to Disconnect (If this option failed to appear after you have installed v.1.0.263, force to stop the app and restart the app again).

7. You will see all installed (both pre-installed and personal) app. The most used apps will appear first and follow in that order.

8. Tick the app (s) to disable when the focus mode is enabled. Do not check all apps. Only check app (s) that are causing distractions.Enable Android Focus Mode

Everything will be set after the above steps and all the selected apps will be silent when the focus mode is active.

How to Enable Android Focus Mode

The focus mode is available in the beta v.1.0.263. Follow this procedure to enable the focus mode in Android.

1. Go to the Digital Wellbeing app

2. Find the “Focus Mode” icon and tap on it

3. Toggle the On/Off button to enableClick on the icon

4. The icon will turn active

Once the icon is turned active all selected apps will be lock temporarily until you disabled the focus mode or remove the app (s) from the list of selected apps.

How to Disable Android Focus Mode

You can remove the app (s) from the Google wellbeing app or disable focus mode feature to unlock the selected apps.

1. Go to the Digital Wellbeing appClick on Digital Wellbeing

2. Find the “Focus Mode” icon and tap on it

3. Toggle the On/Off button to disable

4. The icon will turn active

How to Create Focus Mode Quick Shortcut

The shortcut settings allow you to quickly access the focus mode without going through the procedures above.

1. Swipe down the notification tray on your Android

2. Tap on the pencil icon to “Edit” at the bottom right of the quick settingsEnable Android Focus Mode

3. Drag and drop the “Focus mode” icon to your desired location in the quick settingsClick on the icon

4. Tap the focus icon to enable when you want to temporarily lock some apps

5. Tap on the icon again to turn off the focus mode.

How to Enable Android Focus Mode in Android 9/8/7/6/5

The Android Q focus mode is called the Grayscale in Android Pie, and other earlier versions of Android. However, the Grayscale mode helps to lock frequently used apps on your phone. Therefore, this worth trying.

1. Go to the google play store

2. Type “Digital Wellbeing App”

3. The app will notify whether you are eligible to use or notNot Eligible

4. Click on the “install” button

Then relax and let the Android Grayscale mode app install on your phone and you are good.

Download Digital Wellbeing App APK

The digital Wellbeing APK app is available to download in popular APK sites to enable Android focus mode in Android Nougat, Marshmallow, Android 5.0, and other Android OS other than downloading from the Google play store.

Meanwhile, since the Digital Wellbeing APK isn’t verified by Google protect you first need to enable install from unknown sources. No-root needed to use.

Therefore, navigate to settings >> security >> unknown sources >> toggle to enable.

1. Go to APK download site of your choice

Download Digital Wellbeing APK

2. Search for “Digital Wellbeing” and tap on the newer version

3. Tap on the download button

4. Go to your phone download folder

5. Tap on Digital Wellbeing app.apk

6. Tap on the install button to the bottom rightInstall

7. Tap on the Done button when the installation is completedAndroid Focus Mode

The Android Q focus mode and Android do not disturb are similar. However, the focus mode helps to lock apps that you frequently used and are distracting you from doing your daily activities.

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