10 Websites for Learning Programming Languages from the Basic

The best way to learning programming languages is doing it. Reading basic programming books without practicing will not amount to learning anything. Since there are many programming languages it’s wise not to rushing to learning different languages at the same time.

Start programming tutorial from the basic and graduate from basic to medium until you fully master the art of writing your choice of programming language like your day to day activities is what really pays. Meanwhile, either as a computer science student or a self developed programmer you need a broad knowledge of coding to be able to write a thousand line of codes.

However, to broaden your understanding on learning programming languages you need to do more of programming tutorial on your own. Debug errors and write to almost perfection in one programming language before you think of learning another language.

To achieve this isn’t a big task. In fact, it’s achievable taking computer programming tutorial online, along side reading different programming textbooks, watch videos on coding tutorial, and take action to practice what you read.

However, if you really want to take programming as a career you need to make some programming websites a priority to learn form expert, to ask questions, and rob mind together with top programmer to build a better world for non-programmers.

Learning Programming Languages

Best Websites to Learning Programming Languages

You don’t necessarily need to subscribe to all of these programming tutorial websites rather you can opt in for one or two that best defined your programming goal for a start. And as time goes on and when you are ready to upgraded your programming skills you can take up addition websites and even subscribe to premium access.

1. W3Schools

W3Schools is a computer basic programming website for dummies to learn basic programming languages from the scratch. W3 schools comprises of different computer languages from the simplest to the toughest. However, while learning basic of programming language on W3schools you can test your capability instantly using the website code editor.

Also, for the sake of doubt and for the benefit of learning programming language of your choice offline you also have free access to download specific computer language from W3schools as HTML and learn them offline. Although, W3school also have premium service and they also offer online certification when you take W3school coding exams.

But for a beginner, free W3schools access will go along way to help your basic programming language skill.

2. InformIT

InformIT is another fantastic websites to learning programming languages with abundant texts, audio messages, tutorial, and video tutorial to learn the basic of computer programming until the student graduates to the next level of programming career. Codes are learnt on this site with pictures, and procedures are shared by tutors on how to get things done from the basic.

InformIT is more or less an online classroom for learning computer programming languages for both dummy and experts. However, it is extremely easy tackling coding problem on InformIT as it easily caught the attention of various coding expert and instantly provide solution to debug the codes with pictures and video tutorial.

3. LandofCode

Land of code is a computer programming resourceful center to learn basic computer language to expert level. Participant are first preempt to learning basic computer programming terminology, and common syntax from the start and later introduce to the core aspect of learning programming languages. However, it’s the students choice to choose which of the programming tutorial class to take.

The list of coding languages students have access to on Landofcode ranges from HTML/CSS to Java programming langauge. Also, student interested in learning python also have a huge chance of becoming a python programmer from this website.

It’s also worth to note that while learning programming languages code editor play an important role and a good example for Windows user is Notepad. And for the sake of time and proving to you that learning programming language from the basic doesn’t require a rocket science knowledge, Landofcode has an online code editor for taking programming tutorial online

4. PVTuts

PVTuts is no longer an upcoming programming website. It has turned out to becoming one of the most widely used and visited programming language website on the internet.  To ease learning programming languages for dummies, PVTuts rolls out constant programming video tutorial out for their subscriber often and almost always once they have new idea to making learning programming so easy.

PVTuts also put together lots of eBooks to learn basic programming language from with series of audio guide on how to code the easiest ways. The list of programming languages you can learn from PVTuts starts from basic HTML to complicated Java, C++, C#, python etc. computer language.

5. Codecademy

For the past halve decade, codecademy has turned out to become one of the most online popular websites to learn coding online with over 24 million dummy people which turned out to become coding expert standing on the shoulder of codecademy online programming class.

The choice is yours at codecademy to signup for coding class of your choice and get certified with experience within short period of time. However, the world class online programming website is delighted in giving programming tutorial in different area of computer languages which include HTML, CSS, SQL, JQuery etc.

6. Coursera

Coursera offers hundreds of free introduction to programming language for dummy to learn the basic first before dreaming of getting certified as an expert by coursera. This online coding websites was founded 2012 and it has since extended service to over a hundred institution with more than 1000 courses.

Another beautiful fact about coursera is that you get certified by top universities in the world such as Washington, Stanford, the University of Toronto and Vanderbilt. The list of computer programming languages you can learn from this website starting from introduction to programming language to a bit complex programming languages are mostly offered for certification while the less complex are free.

7. edX

Come to think of this as another freemium website to learn everything about programming for free. edX choose to be free to all and sundry rather than been a profit making coding online course center.  Trust me, you can’t get it wrong it with this programming website.

Everything you learn from the edX start from the basic, and technically become tough as you progresses from one stage to another. And most importantly, at edX you can learn coding even if you cannot identify open and close tag in line of codes let alone debugging codes.

If you ever dream to become an expert in coding without paying a dime edX is another better choice that most upcoming and well-known programmer since 2012 built their foundations from.

8. GitHub

GitHub is of course a website for a developer worldwide but for upcoming programmers that needs basic introducing to programming language tutorial GitHub is actually the best choice. With over 22 million developer on GitHub you’ll definitely be well equipped with any book gotten from GitHub.

At present, GitHub has over 500 free eBooks for learning programming languages from both dummy and advance developers with over 80 programming languages currently available on GitHub to learn from. That’s really awesome and it doesn’t call for a paycheck.

9. CodeAvengers

Don’t be scared by the word avengers because that’s what they really are. Code avengers is a profit making online coding website to introduction to programming which is basic from the on set and set a goal to becoming an expert before you complete your choice of course.

The area that is most exciting when it comes to coding on codeavengers’ website is that you will be taught how to create your own app, develop games, and desktop apps using HTML, python, JavaScript and some other relevant programming languages.

10. Khanacademy

Khanacademy programming learning language is the last on our list of best websites for learning programming languages online.

This website was launched 2006 and it has since become one of the most widely used websites to learning coding with video tutorial providing step-by-step procedure for students. Few of computer programming language you can learn from this website include  JavaScript and ProcessingJS, HTML and CSS, and so on and so fort.

Learning programming languages do not require a rocket scientist innovation it only requires your determination, concentration and most importantly constant practice. With these websites you can become an expert in any programming language without emptying your pocket for paid course online.

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