How to Merge Facebook Pages Best Trick 2020 [Updated]

If you have two Facebook pages with the same content you should merge them together rather than managing duplicate Facebook pages. Before it’s easy to Change Facebook fan page name even after the page likes are over 200 but now, a lot has changed about Facebook. For the fact that you can create a table using the new Facebook feature, you can also merge Facebook pages or merge duplicate Facebook page and have all the contents of the pages under a one-page name.

Before you think of whether to merge 2 Facebook pages some measure has to be taken into consideration so that your fan page will not be automatically unpublished by Facebook so that both pages we are not useless.

Although the pages may be merged instantly once it’s verified and pass the Facebook page merge verification process the duplicate pages will be merged into one.

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Things to Consider Before You Merge Facebook Pages

Before you give your final verdicts that your Facebook pages are duplicated with the same content you should consider the following first so that your Facebook page will not be unpublished for try to merge 2 Facebook fan pages that are the same and are no way related.

  • You can only request a merge if you’re an admin for both Pages.
  • The Pages you merge must represent the same thing and have similar names. If you try to merge Pages that aren’t similar, the Pages may be permanently unpublished.
  • Merging Pages can’t be undone once you’ve started the process.
  • People who like the duplicate Page will be informed of the merge. This may take a few days to complete.

You can also download your page content before merging them. Check out how to download page content before they’re merged.

How to Merge Facebook Pages

Now that the two pages you wanted to merge meet the criteria listed above, then follow the guidelines below to merge your duplicate Facebook pages. Here in this article, I’ll share with you how to merge Facebook pages with the same page name or different page names

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1. Log in to the Facebook account with the duplicate pages you wanted to merge

2. Visit Facebook “Request to Merge Duplicate Pages” link here and make sure you have the page admin right

3. Select the name of the pages you want to merge and click  continue below

Merge Facebook Pages

4. On so many occasions you will have a popup that these pages can’t be merged because the page names aren’t similar.

Merge Facebook pages

This implies that the pages that you are about to merge together have different names which is believed to serve a different same purpose. There is no more trick to use. And when this happens, the best thing will to edit the page name and re-merge it again.

How to Merge Two Facebook Pages With Different Name

You can also merge two Facebook pages with a different name. Before you can manage pages on Facebook, the two pages must represent the same purpose and have a similar page name otherwise, you will not be able to merge them. However, when you have two different pages with a different page name that you wanted to merge into a single page kindly follow the procedure below.

1. Log into your Facebook account and navigate to one of the pages home

2. Click on “About” to the right of the page

3.Under “General” click on “Edit Page” name

4. Type the same “Page Name” and add a number(s) to it and click “Continue”

Merge Facebook pages

Once the name has been successfully changed you can now follow the step from above to merge your pages. If you are still facing difficulties to merge your Facebook pages kindly drop a comment so we can be of help.

This is how to merge Facebook pages I have used so far…

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