Hackers Trick to Hack Facebook Account In 2020

Hackers hack Facebook account in so many ways but this article will help you play save in this 2020. Learn from my Facebook account hacked experience and secure your account from hackers.

I remember the good old days when my Facebook account was hacked with phishing link. I clicked a phishing link, enter my Facebook password and granted the hacker the permission to hack my Facebook account without knowing.

Hackers have different methods to hack Facebook account and one of the methods is using phishing which I called Facebook hack clickbait method.

Hackers can hack a hundred Facebook accounts overnight with one phishing clickbait. All most hackers do is to create a phishing account, set it up and post the link to Facebook groups, page, and Facebook timeline.  Once a victim clicks on the hacking link and enters his or her Facebook username and password to login, the phishing website will save the details for the hacker.

Hack Facebook Account

And that is the most common way to hack Facebook account used by most hackers. This method poses little or no stress at all for the hacker except to login to the phishing account to download stored Facebook login usernames and passwords.

The main reason why my Facebook account hacked remains a misery up to the time this post was published. However, I only realized that Facebook does send a notification messages to me that my Facebook account was logged on from another region different from my current location.

When a Facebook account is hacked, the hacker has an administrative right to post, delete, edit, and manage posts on victims timeline, pages, and groups. The hacker may even choose to change your Facebook passwords, phone number to receive Facebook confirmation codes, and change your account name.

But in my own case, the hacker was careless enough that he failed to change my account password before I knew my Facebook account was hacked.

However, if a hacker successful hacked your account without a premonition on time, such hacker can take charge of so many things including taking over your Facebook fan page, Facebook group role from group admin to editor, change your Facebook name, Change your Facebook business name, and even start to run Facebook ads on your account at your expenses and expect you to pay in return.

Another trick hackers use to hack Facebook account involve changing of Facebook account passwords and then change forget password code access such as phone number or email address. While this hacking trick is used by a newbie or an upcoming hacker, it requires a lot of stress.

For a hacker to hack Facebook account changing the account password and later change the account login details, it means that hacker has access to the victim Facebook email or phone number to be able to copy Facebook password change confirmation codes or answer Facebook voice call for confirmation.

Because this trick requires a long process to hack Facebook account, hackers prefer to use a phishing procedure which is easy and pose less threat.

Hackers can also gain an access to your Facebook account without permission if you are the type that uses public IP [computer and phone] to access your Facebook account. If this happens often, you should always afford to log out from public PC and change your Facebook password often.

Although, I rarely logging to my Facebook account using public computer or a friends’ phone yet my Facebook account was hacked using a phishing link.

Hack Facebook Account: How to Recover Facebook Access

If your Facebook account is hacked already and you got to know. Don’t panic. Don’t tell a friend. Don’t announce it, rather follow my lead below to recover your hacked Facebook account.

1. Change your Facebook account password to log hackers out

2. Use Facebook 2-step authentication

3. Do not click on links you don’t trust henceforth

4. Stop logging to Facebook account on public computer

5. Do not save Facebook passwords to browsers such as Google Chrome manager, Internet Explorer passwords keeper

6. Do not tell your Facebook password to a friend

I know of few people who complained that their Facebook account was hacked without their knowledge and of course, hackers will not tell you they have hacked your account unless they want to demand a ransom. However, with this guide, you will be able to save yourself from a future victim.

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