How to Fix Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception Timeout

If you play Minecraft often there is a chance that you’d have come across$annotatedconnectexception. Immediately after the io netty channel abstractchannel annotatedconnectexception occurs, you would see a timeout or a prompt to reconnect again. So, what is the error code on your service with the Minecraft game that pops Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception and what are the user-end means to fix this Minecraft error?

What is Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception?

Minecraft$annotatedconnectexception is simply an internet connection error between your computer and Minecraft server.

When the computer you are using the play the Minecraft game is unable to connect to the Minecraft server it returns$annotatedconnectexception. If Minecraft is unable to recognize your request it can also throw the io netty channel abstractchannel annotatedconnectexception connection timed out error message on your PC.

To fix the error between your computer you need to ensure that you are sending a request the Minecraft game can understand and also, your internet connection is working$annotatedconnectexception in Minecraft

With this in place, we will walk you through the steps that can be taken to fix the Minecraft io netty channel abstract channel annotated connect exception timeout error message.

How to Fix Minecraft IO Netty Channel Abstract Channel Annotated Connect Exception Timeout

We will discuss all the methods that we have come by to fix the io.nettychannelabstract time out on Minecraft in this section of the article. If the first didn’t work, try the second approach. Meanwhile, after each method endeavour to launch the Minecraft game to see if the error message is cleared out.

Restart your Router

Even though this is too basic to cause the$annotatedconnectexception: connection refused it could be all you need to do to resolve the issue and grant your access to the Minecraft server. So, I am going to walk you through how to restart your server. Make you, I will only explain this with my router. Endeavour to learn how to restart router via our posts on different routers.

  • Sign in to your router and toggle on the disconnect button to disconnect your router from the internet.
  • Unplug the router from the circuit breaker. If the router is using the backup battery, remove the backup battery from the router as well.
  • Wait for about 5 minutes to discharge all stored charges on the router.
  • Plug the router back into the circuit breaker and turn it on.

Connect your PC to the router and launch the Minecraft game. If the server connection timeout error code is fixed then you are good. If not, then, check out the next guideline on what to do.

Add Exceptions to Firewall Settings in Minecraft Folder

Out of all the options available to fix Minecraft server$annotatedconnectexception, the fast and our first choice is to add the Minecraft game exceptions to firewall settings that can literally be responsible for this time-out error message.

Follow the steps below for a step-by-step guide to add exceptions to your firewall settings in your Minecraft folder to avoid the Minecraft server$annotatedconnectexception.

  • Click on the search box on your Windows.
  • Search for “Windows Security” and click on it to open it.
  • Click on “Firewall & network protection” on the left pane.
  • Scroll down and select “Allow an App through the Firewall.”
  • Click on “Change Settings” to the right.
  • Scroll down the second right panel to the bottom to unveil all options and choose “Allow another app.
  • Click “Browse…” in the path: go to the Minecraft folder and select the game file in .exe for Windows
  • Click on “Add another app” after you have added the Minecraft executable file.
  • Click on “Browse…” and go to the Minecraft game server folder.
  • Select and allow “Java Executable” from the Minecraft server folder.
  • Go to the list of Java Platform SE Binary and allow access to Java Platform SE Binary in the private network.

Port Forwarding Your Network

Another fast approach that can be deployed to fix$annotatedconnectexception on the Minecraft server is to port forward your network. If that sounds like a language you aren’t familiar with, below are the steps to take to port forward the network.

Meanwhile, port forwarding can be done on your router.

  • Connect to your Router with the computer that returns$annotatedconnectexception when you attempt to open your Minecraft game.
  • Enter your router or Wi-Fi IP address on your web browser and click on the enter button.
  • Sign in with your username and password. If you haven’t changed the default, the username and password are usually admin.
  • Go to your router port forwarding section. This isn’t the same for all routers. The access to your router or WiFi port forward depends on your router’s configuration. Therefore, you must make sure you access the port forward on the router. However, in most of the routers that I have used, the port forwarding section is hidden under “Firewall” when you navigate from “Advanced Settings.”
  • In the “Port Forwarding,” there are two options available under the “Virtual Server Settings.” This is disabled by default, now, toggle the “Enable” button to the “Port”.
  • Click on “Apply or Save.” You can also read the information below the apply button before you proceed.

Now, open the Minecraft game to see whether the server and your connection can interact after port forwarding to fix the$annotatedconnectexception.

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