How to Fix Netflix Error Code 7361-1253

7361-1253 is an external error code resulting from a poor network connection when your computer cannot connect to Netflix service while you are streaming on the media platform. 

When there is a barrier blocking your computer from connecting to the Netflix server it returns Netflix error 7361-1253 and displays it on your computer screen. Meanwhile, when this happens, there a few solutions available to fix or troubleshoot the error message.

Therefore in this guide, we will start with the causes of the error code 7361-1253 on Netflix and then proceed to guide you with the approach to take to tackle the error message.Netflix error code 7361 1253

Causes and Fix to Netflix Error Code 7361-1253

Here are the reasons why you are unable to watch videos on Netflix because of error 7361-1253 result from a poor internet connection between your computer and the Netflix server/service.

  • Outdated Google Chrome Browser

Your Netflix will return error code m7361-1253 if the browser is outdated. This is common with the Chrome browser. To fix this on your Chrome browser, update to the latest release.Chrome Update

    • Launch your Chrome browser.
    • Click on the “menu” option located to the top-right.
    • Select “Help” from the drop-down.
    • Click on “About Google Chrome”.
    • Wait for the browser to finish the update.
    • Restart the browser.
    • Done.

Now, the error code on your Netflix account while streaming is caused by an outdated Chrome browser this will help to solve the problem. Otherwise, proceed to the next causes and solutions.

  • Insufficient Computer MemoryNetflix Error code m7361-1253

If your computer suffers from insufficient memory it can result in error using the Netflix app on your computer or streaming movies on Netflix from your computer. Therefore, we advise to limit the list of startup apps on your computer.

    • Right-click on your computer taskbar.
    • Select “Task Manager”.
    • Click on “Startup”.
    • Select software that you do not use on startup.
    • Click “Disable”.
    • Done.

Now, restart your computer and try to stream the same movie again on your Netflix account. And in some cases, restarting your computer fixes the error code on your Netflix.

  • Disable/Enable  Hardware Acceleration

The error code M7361-1253 could be caused by poor graphic experience with your browser. This could affect your streaming with Netflix. However, when this is happening, what you should do is to disable and re-enable the graphic hardware acceleration on your browser.

    • Open the Chrome browser.
    • Click on the menu option.
    • Select “Settings”.
    • Click on “Advanced” to the left side.
    • Scroll down to “System” and “Use hardware acceleration when available”.Netflix Error code m7361-1253
    • Close and open your Chrome browser.
    • Done.

Go back to the video on Netflix to stream to confirm whether the error code M7361-1253 has been cleared.

  • Clear your Browser Caches

Excess Netflix caches on your browser can result in error m7361-1253 code while attempting to stream. Therefore, you should consider clearing your browser’s caches an option. But, if you can’t afford to lose all data or caches on your browser you can just clear only the caches that associated with the Netflix app.

Each browser has a different approach to clear its caches. It depends on the browser that you are using. Therefore, we will recommend the following guide to clear caches on your browser.


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