How to Clear Google Chrome Browser’s Cache

It’s important to clear Chrome caches once in a while. If not always, once a month is not bad to improve the performance of the browser. When you clear caches in Chrome you make sure you don’t clear information such as username and password otherwise you will need to input the username and password you saved in Chrome password manager.

Clearing browsers caches mainly remove old search terms, URL, search histories, and other related searches up to the date you choose to remove your browser caches. The important part is to make sure you do it even periodically to maintain a fast Chrome browser.

For the same of those don’t can’t find their way around Chrome to delete all caches here is a complete guide to clear Chrome browser caches.

How to Clear Chrome Caches

To clear Google Chrome browser’s caches, click to open Google Chrome browser on your desktop and click on the 3 dots to the upper right. Hover your mouse to more tools and click on “clear browsing data”.

To clear Chrome caches with command prompt press and hold “CTRL + SHIFT +DEL on Windows and press and hold “Command + Shift + Delete” on Mac OS.

How to Clear Chrome Caches

Another way to clear caches in Chrome is to click on the 3 dots to the top of the Chrome browser and click on settings which can be accessed directly from “chrome://settings/”. Scroll download and click on “Advanced option and select “Clear browsing caches”.

Click on Advanced option from “clear browsing caches” popup and select everything except “passwords” and click on “clear caches

This is supposed to clear all your Chrome cache at once. But there is also a Google activity you need to clear to remove all your browsing history from Google. This will remove all your browsing activities from the Gmail account you log into in the browser.

Open a browser and make sure to log into your Gmail account. You will see all your search terms both on the one you search for on mobile and the one you searched for on desktop. Click on the 3 dots beside the search you wants to remove and click “Delete”. Click on “OK” on the popup and the selected search term will be deleted.

While I was writing this tutorial on how to clear Chrome caches I discovered that the CTRL + SHIFT is not functioning when pressed together. However, this is what works. Press and hold both command on the same side of the keyword.

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