Pimp my Ride: Why You are Lucky if You Got Caught by Xzibit

Today I got caught by pimp my ride TV program shown on DSTV powered my MTV. It was really amazing and it got me trigger if things like that could happen in country Nigeria having their head office in Lagos. I’m very much convinced that Lagos would be the best city for pimp my car in Nigeria with an advert to spread the good news that your ride can be pimped for you. Of course terms and conditions would be applied.

However, why I choose to write why pimp my ride in Nigeria because of what got me trigger, what people are saying about pimp my ride for me company as seen in coast custom’s office will as well be discussed. But it worth noting that this post is not advert, and we are no were related to any of those running pimp my ride either in Nigeria if it’s in existence, perhaps those planning to establish similar company but as a way to open most Nigerian’s eye to what they could benefit for having real pimp a ride for citizens.

Pimp my ride for me

What is Pimp My Ride All About

Before I choose to write about pimp my ride, I have read lot of blog posts and article on the topic. And I’m a Facebook fan. And with the knowledge  I had gathered on what pimp my ride is actually up to and taking into account the number of people search for “how to get on pimp my ride” you will definitely consider reading this article from the beginning to the end.

Get on pimp my ride is a popular TV show sponsored by MTV. And according to Huffington Post, the entire scenario was discussed on how rapper Xzibit and other member of the crew would turn your old and brutalized car to a brand new one. Fortunately enough, the post also mentioned 3 winner of pimp my ride whose car were revamped from dust to light within few weeks.

Nevertheless, not everyone is possible going to get caught by pimp my ride to help pimp his or her car. But for those who got caught and ride got pimped, it’s a memory that would last long.

Pimp my ride is a resourceful team of experts takes car customizing to a completely different level by taking some of the sorriest vehicles on the road and turning them into impressive new rides. Occasionally, if the participant’s car is deemed unfixable or unsafe to work on, the crew gives the person a new car — tricked out, of course.

With only few benefits of doubt, pimp my ride could go a long way helping people based on random selection to revamp their ride in Nigeria if we supposed it’s in Lagos.

Benefits of Pimp my Ride in Nigeria

Time is the most previous asset nature gave to every human on earth and it should be used wise. So, no one would love to waste time and keep money and vise versa. And in real sense of it, when you learn to manage your resource alongside proper time management you will probably understand that the power of time cannot be undermined. However, based on findings and researches below are few of the result a country like Nigeria could generate from pimp my car if established as a real company.

1. Provide Job Opportunity

2. Improve productivity

3. Reduce poverty and help to clean roads from damaged cars

4. Boost our economy

5. Will encourage citizen to use self revamped car instead of paying huge money for brand

6. Agriculture will not only be the future of our dear country

7. We’d know more of practical aspect of car fixing even if can still not produce from the scratch (of course we companies that does that).

8. Source of income to the government

There are lot of what pimp my ride can bring to Nigeria, Lagos in particular if we choose to start it early enough and make it real as it were.

How Much Does it Cost to Open Pimp my Ride Store

A company like pimp my ride is million dollars company, in fact it worth saying it’s a multi-million dollars company. It may take years but it will start functioning effectively but it worth waiting for. But most importantly, so many things must be taken into consideration when siting a company that will function on how to get my ride pimped.

According to geographers, when starting a business the following must be considered

1. The availability of the materials needed

2. Nearness to the market (people)

3. Economic policy

4. Demographics

5.  Psycho-graphics

And others of such to consider. However, if you are staring a new business and you don’t know what to fully put into consideration, you may want to check out things to consider when start a new business like pimp my ride.


Pimp my ride in real world will help the poor to maintain at least a middle class standard of living. What do you think about how do I go on pimp my ride for free?

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