2 Ways to Save Whatsapp Status (Videos and Photos) on Android phone

The new whatsapp feature has a beautify status update option where users can use videos and photos are their status instead of text but cannot save or copy friends’ status updates on whatsapp. The new feature on whatsapp include how to mute whatsapp status to stop receiving status updates from your friends on whatsapp. The same procedure to save whatsapp status (photos or videos) follow suite exact same procedure used to mute status but this can only be achieved without using the default whatsapp that can be downloaded from www.whatsapp.com website or from Google play store.

So, if you are so much concern on how to save whatsapp status such as photos and videos on Android phone this post will reveal two perfect method I have been using to download whatsapp status. And you too can use the exact same procedure to copy status from others on Whatsapp.

How to Save Whatsapp Status Using Android App

While the default whatsapp app do not have a feature to save or copy status from other whatsapp users for both Android and iPhone you can still save a copy to your device with the help of  ‘WhatSaver – Status Story Downloader for Whatsapp‘. The app allows you to copy whatsapp status without telling the owner of the status to share a copy with you.

The procedure below shows you the exact method to save a copy of whatsapp status into your Android gallery

1.  Download and install ‘WhatSaver – Status Story Downloader for Whatsapp‘ for Android phone.

Note: This app will load all recent status on your whatsapp alongside an option to load recent status and to choose the one you would love to download.

2. Click on recent status for the app to load recent images and videos used as status by your friends on whatsapp. To save image status click on image or swipe to videos to save videos status.

Save whatsapp status on GBWhatsapp

3. Click on the whatsapp status you want to save. A new window will pops up with three options. Then click on download icon to save the whatsapp status to your device.

Save whatsapp status on GBWhatsapp

Note: While you can save videos, images, photos, emoticons, GIFs, short videos on whataspp using this app you will also be disturbed with lot of advertisement popping up. However, there is a way to convert paid apps to freemium to stop the ads flying around.

With this you will be able to save Whatsapp status of your friends and be able to use them as your own whatsapp status without requesting it from them.

Method: How to Save Whatsapp Status

If you are using two Whatsapp account on your smartphone with the help of GB whatsapp you should be able to copy whatsapp status from your friends without itch now. However, if this sounds like story for the gods to your hearing, here we’d show to you how to copy whatsapp status without requesting for it on Android phone.

1. Download and Install GBWhatsapp from this  mirror site. It’s free and it doesn’t require any form of registration to download. Once you are on the website search for GBWhatsapp and follow the un-screen instruction to install it.

2. Launch GBWhatsapp just installed on your Android phone

3. Click on status you want to copy to your device

Save whatsapp status on GBWhatsapp

4. Click on the ellipsis (3-dots to the upper right of the page) and click on download from the drop menu

Save whatsapp status on GBWhatsapp

5. A new pops up occur. The click on download from the two options shown and the status will start downloading. This feature on GBwhatsapp has made the apk app more popular than it competitors and you will really enjoy using it.

Save whatsapp status on GBWhatsapp

While you will have two Whatsapp installed on your Android phone with the help of GB whatsapp, you will as well be able to save whatsapp status using the apk GBWhatsapp for free on your Android phone and it’ll be saved at will.

This method can also be used to download Whatsapp status, in fact this is what I have been using to copy whatsapp status before I stated using the first method shared above.

Next I will share with you how to use two whatsapp account on the same device using GBWhatsapp apk app for Android phone users

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