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How to Apply for Npower 2019/2020 Online

Npower is a program launched in Nigeria by President Buhari-led administration to reduce the unemployment rate in the country. To benefit from Npower, you need to fill the registration form online, confirm your email account, re-login to Npower website, and submit Npower application.

This program has reduced the rate of unemployed youth in the country to a certain extent. N-power is different from Tradomoni empowerment program by the Nigerian vice-president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

However, these two programs are put in place to help unemployed youth get doing something pending the time a befitting job will be available, and the Tradomoni for market women to help them boost their business.

Npower registration

About Npower

Npower starts with Sure-P back then with the hope to get youth engaged in the youth development program. Sure-P registration back then was manual, you have to fill the registration form offline, unlike Npower registration where you have to create a Npower 2020 account online, fill your details such as your academic qualification, the field of study, state, state of possibly deployment, etc.

Sure-P died after the formal administration left the office. Immediate the present administration resume office, Npower was launched and the majority of Nigeria unemployed youth are currently earning a stipend from N-power.

Npower Registration 2019/2020

Npower is for all unemployed youth in Nigeria. So, if you have not registered for N-power, here is everything you need to know about Npower registration.

You could be a Npower facilitator or Npower administrator. Don’t we’d take a look at the two terms regarding Npower registration.

Npower Registration for Administrator

As a Npower administrator, you are expected to be able to practice what you learn from the program at the end. As an administrator, here are what you would likely encounter.

  1. N-Power Agro
  2. N-Power tax
  3. N-power building
  4. N-power creative
  5. N-power health
  6. N-Power tech
  7. N-power tech hardware
  8. N-power software

However, when filling your N-power online form make sure that you select your field of study so you won’t be posted to a field where you have limited knowledge about.

Npower Recruitment Criteria

Before you can get recruited into the Npower you must meet the following criteria as at the time of filling the form. Otherwise, your Npower application will be rejected. Therefore, take note of them very well.

1. Age: The age requirement to qualify for N-power recruitment is between the age of 18 and 35. Anything short of this, you won’t be shortlisted.

2. Qualification: Npower qualification is also an important factor to get recruited into the program. The educational qualification for Npower is Higher National Diploma (HND), an Ordinary National Diploma (OND), Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE), and Bachelor’s degree.

Note: You cannot apply for Npower if you have not finished your NYSC except you have the NYSC exceptional certificate

3. Npower Test: Npower assessment test is also important. If you want the Npower job at the slightest opportunity, you must perform well in the assessment test to be offered an opportunity to join.

There are the most important factors to join the Npower program. Others are a self-made point. Talking about the willingness and ability to stir about the job’s limitation.

N-Power Accreditation

There is no interview or test during Npower accreditation. However, all information provided online must be present with you when you go for your Npower accreditation. These include…

  1. Active phone number
  2. Email address
  3. Nationality Declaration
  4. Place of birth
  5. Date of birth
  6. CV
  7. BVN
  8. Passport (recent)
  9. Original result

With these available with you during accreditation, you should be accredited if you are asked to come for your Npower accreditation.

Apply for Npower 2019/2020

The best time to apply for Npower 2019/2020 recruitment exercise is now if you have been following the recruitment update since the program started.

However, to apply for Npower follow these procedures.

1. Visit the N-power official website at http://www.portal.npower.gov.ng./. I’d recommend you do this on a desktop computer or on a tablet because of the screen resolution.

2. Select the appropriate category you belong to in the three categories namely: N-power Knowledge, N-power Volunteer corps, or N-power build

3. On the selected category choose the registration form. After that, click on the Apply button

4. After you have clicked on the Npower apply button you will be taken to another page to access the Npower application form.

5. Now, fill the form accordingly and make sure you provide correct detail as possible. While this doesn’t guarantee you will be selected, it’ll help when you are called for accreditation.

Npower Selection Status

You don’t have to log in to the Npower website to know where you have been selected or not. Upon successful registration, you will see a successful message that you have successfully registered for the Npower program.

After a few days, you will be contacted via email or phone number depending on your choice during registration. But, in most cases, Npower uses the registrant phone number.

The Npower letter in your email will confirm whether you have been selected or not.

Npower Down

You may experience difficulties when you are trying to open the Npower website at portal.npower.gov.ng. If you mistake the official website to www.npower.com the website will open but it won’t be Nigeria Npower program.

To access Npower go to portal.npower.gov.ng. The website may be down if there are too many applicants on the server.

Npower Registration Closing Date

Npower 2019/2020 registration closing date is yet to be announced at the time of write about Npower on this page. However, to make sure you are able to apply for the Npower program before closing, apply today.


I have completed my Npower registration but I have not offered the opportunity to be part of the program. What about you?

Have you been sent a congratulatory email that you should prepare for the Npower accreditation?

A question for you… How much is the N-power stipend? Have you been paid this month?

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