[Quick Fix] Dropped my Airpods in Water

Since the time I started using my Airpods, I haven’t dropped my Airpods in water or a pool of water in my case. But I have been unlucky in some situations to drop it on a wet surface/ground without noticing.

This might be different for you since you are here to figure out what you can do after dropping your Airpods in the water.

Well, you’re not alone.

This issue is very common if you are used to taking your Airpods to the toilets, bathroom or during laundry.

But, shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your favourite playlist from anywhere since the AirPods are wireless? Well, you can’t always be too sure that your AirPods are well gripped to your ears while you are in the restroom.

That is why the majority of “I dropped my Airpods in water” complaints seem to come from dropping them in a public toilet. Isn’t that Groos?

Anyway, here is how to resolve that.

The Solution to “I dropped my Airpods in water”

One of the things you ought to know is that your Airpods are not waterproof. While the Airpods 3 and Airpods pro are water resistant, it doesn’t mean there are free of issues when they sink in water.

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The water resistance of Airpods 3 and AirPods pro is only iPx4 and that means the Airpods can only withstand water at splash level. It cannot be submerged.

Now that you’ve submerged yours and the sound seems to be quivering. This is the first thing you should do

1. Get a Dry Cloth and Turn them Upside down

Dropped my Airpods in Water

Depending on where the Airpods have fallen into. Your first course of action is to get dry clothes and use them to clean any visible water in the Airpod’s body. 

If possible you can use a cotton bud to clean the opening at the bottom part of the Airpods.

NB: don’t put your Airpods back in the charging case to avoid more issues.

However, if yours’ fell into a public toilet, you have to use soapy water to clean the surface before proceeding to dry it

To be more specific here is a step by steps instruction on how to resolve that

  • Get a dry clothing
  • Clean the surface of the Airpods
  • Get a cotton bud if you have one, or use a dry cloth.
  • See if you can insert it into the small opening of the AirPods to dry out the water there.
  • Now turn the Airpods Upside down and give them at least 2 hours to get dry

If you are not getting any positive results after trying the above steps, then you should proceed with the next 

2 Drop the Airpods inside Desiccant not Rice

Dropped my Airpods in Water

While rice might be a quick option for most people that dropped their Airpods in water. It is not the best Option.

Rice was mainly used to dry wet phones and it works perfectly since phones don’t have large holes.

However, if you want to dry your Airpods with rice, or you’ve inserted them into a handful of rice here is why you should remove them.

Why inserting your Airpods in rice is wrong

  •  Airpods have large Holes that rice can easily pass through
  • Rice comes with dust particles that can easily corrode the Airpods inner components 
  • Putting your Airpods directly into Rice after taking it out from a public toilet renders the rice unsafe for eating

Now that you know all these, here is how you can use desiccant to dry your wet Airpods.

Desiccant packets are those paper packets that contain silica gel beads found in new products like shoe boxes and electronics.

If you have new shoes and still have those desiccant packs, simply pour them inside a pack and insert the Airpods into it.

Depending on how deep the Airpods are submerged in the water, the Airpods should be dry after staying in the desiccant for 5 hours to a day.

If after leaving the Airpods in the desiccant bag for 24 hours and you are still stuck with the question “what should I do after I dropped my Airpods in water“. You might need to get a replacement 

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3 Get a Replacement for the Airpods

In most cases, you might not necessarily need to replace your AirPods since the majority of users who have struggled with the complaints “I dropped my Airpods in water and it is not making any sound” usually end up with working AirPods after a few days of drying.

But then, in other case scenarios, they might never come on. 

If that is the case, getting replacement Airpods is your best bet. However, you can always take advantage of the Apple warranty program if you have AppleCare+.

Airpods Pro Water Damage Indicator

Unfortunately, Apple Airpods don’t come with a water damage indicator such as other Apple smartphones.

What this means is that there is no indicator that the device is damaged due to water. So if you are also stuck with the complaint “I dropped my Airpods in water“, the first thing you should do is clean and dry the Airpods without using or inserting them into the case

I Dropped my Airpods in the Toilet but it Still Works

Sound funny. If you are using an Airpods 3 or Airpods pro, It can withstand water splash but not submersion. 

The case is different if you are using Airpods gen 1 or 2 since they are not water resistant.

But, if your Airpods work after dropping them in the toilet. It is safer to clean it and dry it for a few hours to be double sure that there is no water trapped in it.

NB: If water is trapped in the Airpods, it can damage the Airpods charging case 

I Dropped my Airpods on the Ground

If you Dropped Your Airpods on the ground, depending on the distance of the fall and how hard the ground is, it can shift some components inside the Airpods.

The AirPods isn’t made of metal it is made of rubber and light ceramic, so if it drops on the ground it can break or shake some of its inner components.

Dropped Airpods Case in Water

Dropped my Airpods in Water

This complaint is different from “I dropped my Airpods in water“. But the approach to this question is similar since the procedure for fixing it is almost the same

Here is how to resolve it

If you drop it in water, and you can see drops of water inside the casing, then you have to clean it dry and put it inside a bag of desiccant or dry it naturally before inserting the Airpods into it

Are AirPods waterproof

Airpods are not waterproof but they are water resistant. However, not all Airpods are water resistant. It’s only the Airpods 3 and Airpods Pro that is Water resistant since they both have IPv4 ratings

How Long to Leave AirPods in Rice

Dropped my Airpods in Water

Between 2 – 5 hours depending on how deep the Airpods sank into the water. However, It is strongly advised against putting your wet Airpods inside the rice. However, it doesn’t mean rice cannot dry your Airpods.

The rice can enter into the Airpods which might not be too good for the device.

Final Thoughts

Going through complaints such as ” I dropped my Airpods in water” maybe while you were inside the toilet or while you were washing can seem funny.

But then, the Airpods are most likely going to come on if you follow the instructions outlined above.

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