List of the 20 Cheapest Waterproof Phones

Waterproof phone production was introduced into the market by companies like Apple, Samsung and other top gadgets-producing companies as a means of competition and monopolizing the market, but this feature has gone on to be one of the most important features in phones these days to the extent that many people literally buy a phone just because it is water-resistant/waterproof or has the ability to stay in a liquid substance for a couple of minutes. We at Gadget Wright have put together this list of the cheapest waterproof phones so that if you are planning to buy you’ll actually find one on this list.

List of the Cheapest Waterproof Phones Overview

It is understood that the IP rating of a phone will determine the water resist-ability of that particular phone, but in our experience, we’ve discovered that there are some phones that are water-resistant and waterproof that is not officially listed as waterproof phone because you cannot find the official IP rating on the official website of the phone manufacturers.

But most people have sacrificed their phone to prove whether or not their phone is water-resistant, some of them have succeeded and some of them have ended up losing their phones.

The list of phones you’re about to see below is a list of the phones that have been proven to be among the cheapest water-resistant and waterproof phones. And you can get them for a considerable amount of money.

How Can I Find Out if my Phone is Waterproof?

To know how waterproof your phone is, you need the IP index. You will find this information somewhere in the operating instructions. Or if you have left your user manual for a long time, go to the GSM Arena and look for your phone. They are IP indexed and are listed in the “Body” section.

What is an IP? We hear you asking. Well, it’s basically a two-digit name that tells you how dustproof and waterproof your phone is. The first number relates to protection against solid particles, including dust, and the second number relates to transmission and water.

If I match the phone with a protection class of IP67 or IP68, it is classically waterproof and dustproof. IP68 is the best. This means that I will vote on the phone to be tested in laboratory conditions and be immersed in 1.5m of fresh water for a maximum of 30 minutes.

What is my IP Rating? Ingress Protection Rating

The maximum degree of protection for solid objects, IP 6, means that very little dust and dirt remain. A water resistance rating of 8 means that the device can be immersed in water for a few minutes. A phone with these specifications would have IP68 protection

What Phone has the Highest IP Rating?

Below are the devices with the highest IP rating.

What is IP69?

IP69 is the IP code (ingress protection) for a very high level of protection in accordance with IEC 60529 – degrees of protection of the boxes (IP code).

Can you shower with IP68?

Yes, it’s safe for the shower. It is classified as IP68, “which means that these devices are protected against water infiltration up to a maximum water depth of 1.5 meters and dust infiltration for a maximum of 30 minutes”.

Is IP54 Device Waterproof?

A product with protection class IP54 is protected against the ingress of dust, which is sufficient to prevent the normal operation of the product. However, it is not dustproof. The product is fully protected against solid objects and water splashes from all angles

List of the Cheapest Waterproof Phones

In a bid to provide you with a list of the cheapest waterproof phone, we have prepared this content to be of great help to you. Below is a good number of the cheapest waterproof phones.

Google Pixel 3

List of the Cheapest Waterproof Phones

The powerful Pixel 3, has one of the best smartphone cameras and a premium design. It is one of the cheapest waterproof phones on this list.

Google has paid special attention to the display, which is much better than the previous two generations of pixels (although it doesn’t offer the Pixel 4’s 90 Hz refresh rate), and Android software is the best with this material. The all-glass back enables wireless charging and Google includes USB-C headphones in the box.

The Pixel 3 XL is exactly the best experience, with the exception of the larger notched screen and the larger battery.

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LG V40 ThinQ

List of the Cheapest Waterproof Phones

It is the best LG phone you want to buy. It has an elegant design, versatile cameras, an exceptional DAC headphone jack, and complete water resistance.

The screen is the best ever on an LG phone and can be charged wirelessly. The performances are smooth and the LG Android Skin is the most reserved, even if it is not our favourite.

But you can’t go to the US and Korea and it is very expensive which can put some people off.

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Huawei P20 Pro

Well, this two-generation P20 Pro is still a beautiful phone. There are some disadvantages, such as; a lack of stabilization when recording 4K videos, no headphone jack, and no wireless charging. However, if you take priority photography, the P20 Pro won’t disappoint.

If you add the long battery life, the two SIM slots and the big screen, you have the complete package: it was one of the best phones of 2018 and is still an intelligent discount purchase today.

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Sony Xperia XZ3

List of the Cheapest Waterproof Phones

It’s not as good as the Xperia 1, but it’s cheaper and if you prefer the design, the XZ3 is still one of the best Sony phones.

The design of an upgrade to the XZ2 and OLED screens means that it can stand alongside the efforts of Samsung and OnePlus, in short.

Some niggle software lets it down a bit, and the secondary meaning is a waste of time. The camera is solid (if not the best on a phone) and it’s a well-rounded set of a phone at a reasonable price.

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 Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

This is the Google Pixel 4 XL

A combination of high-end special specifications, excellent software, and a fantastic photo experience make the Pixel 4 and 4 XL the best waterproof cell phones on the market today. Both have IP68 protection, which means they can survive up to 1.5 meters of water for half an hour.

Pixel 4 and 4 XL are a few of the best cell phones for photography. Thanks to Google Night Sight technology, they can take fantastic pictures even in low light conditions. They even have an astro mode that allows you to take great pictures of the stars. And since they were created on Android, they will be among the first to update to the latest version of the operating system.

The phones have similar specifications, both with the same chipset, cameras, and storage options. However, the Pixel 4 XL has a larger screen with higher resolution and a larger battery. It also costs more – check prices using the button below.

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Razer Phone 2

Razer Phone 2 Tempered Glass Protector Kit

Unlike the other waterproof phones on this list, the Razer Phone 2 has IP67 protection instead of IP68, which means it stays safe for up to one meter of water for up to one meter for 30 minutes. The device is meant for gamers, with a steam chamber cooling system and a design that definitely catches the eye.

The Razer Phone 2 has two front speakers for an even more intense gaming experience, a large 4000 mAh battery and a configuration with two cameras on the back. There is no 64 GB of memory available, which is not a lot for a gaming phone. However, you can expand it by another 1 TB with a microSD card. At 5.72 inches, the device’s display is not the largest, but it has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which makes everything more and more fluid.

It’s not the newest phone on this list as it was announced there just over a year ago. But it’s still worth it, mostly because of the affordable price.

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Ugosam TechnologiesHUAWEI Mate 20 Pro - Ugosam Technologies

Like the P30 Pro, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro is waterproof thanks to its protection index of IP68. The flagship is manufactured by an integrated digital scanner that contains a large 4,200 mAh battery and supports 3D facial recognition.

What you will get from the phone includes wireless charging as well as wireless reverse charging, although the latter is painful. There are three cameras on the back, which offer a lot of versatility in terms of the price of photos and are ideal for use in poor lighting conditions.

Note that the successor to the phone – when you compare the Huawei Mate P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro you will find out that the P30 Pro offers more than the Mate 20 Pro. in terms of specs, but we don’t recommend buying a car, it doesn’t come with the Play Store or any other Google app.

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LG G8 ThinQ

LG G8 ThinQ Specs and Price - Nigeria Technology Guide

One of the cheapest waterproof phones on this list is the LG G8 ThinQ. The phone is IP68 rated, so you don’t have to worry if you fall into the pool or get caught in the rain while on a phone call. The phone is a good choice for music lovers, the award-winning arboretum, which is also a quad hi-fi DAC for an excellent audio experience.

One of the elements that distinguish it from dual-screen access, which adds a secondary screen to the device. It’s exactly the same as the main screen, meaning the device has 6.4 inches with a Full HD resolution, a notch, without a front camera for selfies.

Other features and specifications of the LG G8X include a built-in digital scanner, wireless charging, stereo speakers, and the Snapdragon 855 chipset and the device came with a 4000mAh battery capacity.

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Sony Xperia 1

Cheapest waterproof phones

The phone has IP65 / IP68 protection, three rear-view cameras, and a huge 6.5-inch 4K screen. The screen has a perspective ratio of 21: 9, which makes it very large.

I combined it with great intensity, the latest and largest Snapdragon 855 chipset under the hood with 6 GB of RAM. The possibility of a single digital pressure scanner that is equipped with many other Xperia phones such as the Galaxy S10e and takes the form of the latest Android.

Like all smartphones, the Xperia 1 has some disadvantages. It has no headphone jack, no wireless charging, and contains a fairly small 3300 mAh battery.

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Apple iPhone SE

cheapest waterproof phones apple SE

Apple iPhone SE is a great alternative if you are looking to get a waterproof phone at a very cheap price.

The water resistance rating of the device is IP67 which means it can be submerged as deep as 1 meter in water without having any effect on the device.

Apart from that, another interesting feature that makes the Apple iPhone SE a great choice is its Apple A15 bionic chip which is the same on high-end Apple devices such as iPhone 13. 

That’s not all, the iPhone SE also comes with a pretty decent internal memory of 256GB and a sharp back camera of 12 MP.

Being one of the cheapest waterproof phones on this list, coupled with its wireless charging ability makes the iPhone SE a good buy at $150

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Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

cheapest waterproof phones

This is the cheapest waterproof smartphone from Samsung on the list. Some of the features its boast of are the battery capacity, the RAM and its fast Exynos 1280 processor which is power efficient.

The device however scores low in its water resistance ratings since it has a spec of IP67 and this means it can only withstand being submerged 1.0 meters deep or 30 minutes inside water.

Aside from that, one of the cons of this device is that it doesn’t come with a charger for its 5000mah battery. 

But then, you can get it for less than $300.

NB: if you submerge it inside water or you happen to get it wet, ensure the device is dry for a few hours before turning it on or charging it 

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Samsung Galaxy S10 E

cheapest waterproof phones samsung s10 e

One of the most surprising discoveries about the Samsung Galaxy S10 is its camera spec of 12 MP x 12 MP x 16MP which gives you a clear and sharp picture. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 E also has some interesting features such as the snapdragon 855 chipsets which give you a seamless experience while operating CPU-intensive apps.

Another noteworthy feature of this smartphone is its wireless charging. 

We can go all day discussing the features of this smartphone. But, it was added to this list since it cost less than $200 making it one of the cheapest waterproof phones you can get around.

Since you are aware of that, it is important to note that the Samsung SE10 has a water resistance spec of IP68 which means it can be submerged 1.5 meters deep into the water without any issues.

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LG X Venture

cheapest waterproof phones

If you are a fan of LG smartphones. LG X Venture is among the top three cheapest waterproof phones out there with some outstanding features. The device boasts of a battery life of 41000mah while it also has a responsive fingerprint sensor. 

However, you might not enjoy taking selfies with it due to it low MegaPizel rating. 

But then, it is a perfect fit for non-luxury users who prefer a smartphone that works correctly.

Coupled with that, the water resistance spec of the LG venture is IP68 meaning the device can be submerged 1.5 meters deep into ware without any hassles.

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Samsung Galaxy A53

cheapest waterproof phones

The Samsung Galaxy is an affordable waterproof smartphone that comes with a long-lasting battery and a cool selfie camera of 32MP.

Although, it lacks the 3.5mm audio jack of its predecessor and its supports for Wi-Fi 6 support.

But then, these are nice to have since it comes packed with all the features of their predecessor coupled with water resistivity.

The Samsung galaxy A53 comes with a water resistance of IP67 and this basically means it can be submerged 1meter deep inside water without having any serious effect on the device.

But then the device doesn’t come with a charger and a headphone port so you might have to get a charger with a minimum power of 25W to charge the device properly.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 cost around $400, which is quite affordable with the features it comes with

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Google Pixel 5a 5G

cheapest waterproof phones

Google Pixel 5a 5G is one moderately priced waterproof device on this list.

It comes with a fast Snapdragon 756 5 G processor which makes gives your device fast while using CPU-intensive apps or 5G

Just as similar to other Pixel devices, its back Camera is pretty decent and its battery life is also impressive since you can expect 14 hours of standby time if you are only browsing.

That being said, the IP67 water resistance gives it the ability to withstand being submerged 1.0 meters deep inside water without any serious issues.

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Google Pixel 6

cheapest waterproof phones

Google pixels is one of the best waterproof devices that is moderately priced. However, it is not the cheapest you can get out there. But it is quite affordable since it comes with a 4614mah battery life and a 50MP camera.

Coupled with that, It has a sleek appearance and it and its one of the few phones that can compete with the apple silicon chipset which is commonly used for machine learning tasks

The water resistance capacity of Pixel 6 is IP68 and with that, it can be submerged 1.5 meters deep in water. 

In addition to that, It has a good battery life and it is suitable as a gaming device due to its large RAM.

However, there are some issues with this device such as an unresponsive fingerprint scanner and some bugs with the User interface

But then, the price is affordable since it cost less than $500

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iPhone 11 Pro Max

cheapest waterproof phones iphone 11 pro max

When the iPhone 11 Pro Max was introduced, it was a bit on the high side till other newer models came out.

Right now you can get new models of iPhone 11 pro max at less than $600 making it affordable.

While it might not be the cheapest on the list of waterproof phones, it still comes with some interesting features like its A13 bionic chip and its superb 12MP + SL 3D selfies camera spec.

In addition to that, its IP68 water resistance spec is impressive as it can be submerged as low as 1.5m deep or for 30 minutes without any issue

It might not be a low-budget phone, but it is a great alternative to newer models of the iPhone if you want an Apple device that has waterproof features

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

cheapest waterproof phones

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus isn’t just like every normal smartphone out there. It comes packed with a Fast Exynos 2200/Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and a sharp AMOLED Display.

All these make the Samsung Galaxy 22 easily take sharp pictures while underwater. 

In addition to that, it also comes with a large RAM capacity which any issues of hanging or unexpected crashing while using your device.

The Samsung Galaxy also has decent water and dust resistance spec of IP68.

With all these features, you can get the Samsung Galaxy 22 for $750

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Samsung Galaxy S21

cheapest waterproof phones

One of the outstanding features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is its back camera. Its Autofocus is fast and can switch between foreground and background quickly.

However, its battery capacity is pretty decent at 4000mah. But then, it is a pretty affordable device with gaming and IP68 waterproof ratings since it cost around $670

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Oppo Find X5 Pro

cheapest waterproof phones

One of the main features that make Oppo Find X5 pro stand out is its Snapdragon 8 processor. It’s one of the fastest processors for android devices and its works seemingly fast with 5G-supported devices.

Oppo Find X5 might not be among the cheapest but it comes with outstanding features such as its battery capacity, and 50MP + 13MP + 50MP back camera which makes it on par with iPhone 15.

In addition to that, It also comes with a water resistance of IP68. This spec gives the phone ability to withstand any serious damage when submerged 1.5meters deep inside the water.

However. It is a bit on the high side since it cost around $900. but it is a good value for its price.

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Which of these cheap waterproof smartphones is your best bet? Leave a comment below on your favourite and why it’s your choice.

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