How to Remove Demonoid Virus

Demonoid is a torrent site for sharing and download movies, music, and other online contents for free. However, Google flagged Demonoid for sharing contents that has malware such as a virus, Trojan, and other forms of malware.

The viruses shared by Demonoid are either popup virus or pop-under virus. Whatever Demonoid virus you have affected your computer or computer browsers or on your smartphone with, here is a detailed article on how to remove Demonoid virus.

Demonoid viruses are not only popup or pop-under. When you are affected with the Demonoid virus your search engine will be taken over and changed from default search engine, say Google search engine to the virus’s developer’s homepage.

The virus effect includes not using your search default search engine, stealing your information such as credit card details, websites usernames and passwords, and other search histories and reveal them to the developer.

When this happens, you may lose valuables within hours. Also, the virus also shows ads which generate money for the developers. Once their ads are clicked either willingly or mistakenly you will be redirected to a pay where you are expected to perform a task. And the revenue generated will be for the developer.

However, if you find out that you have been affected by a virus which is probably Demonoid virus, you need to take a quick action and remove the virus. Here, we’d take a look at all possible solution to remove the virus permanently from your computer and bring your computer back to normal.

How to Remove Demonoid Virus from a Control Panel

There are various ways to remove viruses from a computer if it has not damaged your files. Even though you can use file recovery software to recover damaged files you still need to remove the virus from causing any further damage.

However, here is how to remove the Demonoid virus from a computer through the control panel

  • Tap on the Windows home button on Windows 7 and click on control panel. On Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 10.1 click on the Windows icon and search for the control panel in the search option to the top right.
  • Under adjust your computer’s settings click on Uninstall a program under the programs


  • Find the suspicious software you didn’t install and remove it.
  • Remove as many software that you do not have the idea of where it comes from. Meanwhile be careful not to remove system software from your computer.

How to Remove Demonoid Virus from Browsers

When the virus attacked your computer like Stafflinq it may take over your computer browsers as well. However, here is a step by step procedures to remove computer browsers virus without a computer virus removal.

Internet Explorer

Here is how to remove any virus from Internet Explorer browser

Internet Explorer virus removal

  • Launch internet explorer browser
  • Tap the gear settings icon to the top right and click on manage add-ons from the drop menu
  • Under toolbars and extension find the suspicious plugin or extension
  • Go to status and tap the enable/disable the option to disable it

Change Homepage to Default

If the search homepage has already altered by the virus follow these procedures to restore default.

  • In the internet explorer browser to the top right
  • Click on internet option and tap on the general option
  • Remove the suspicious domain name “, from the search box and enter your preferred search URL, say,
  • Tap save to save changes

Reset Internet Explorer

Here is how to reset Internet Explorer back to default to remove all suspicious activities and viruses.

  • Launch the internet explorer browser and tap on the gear settings icon
  • Click on the internet option
  • Go to advance option
  • Tap reset option
  • From the new popup
  • Check delete personal settings
  • Click on reset to remove Demonoid virus completely

Mozilla Firefox

For the Mozilla Firefox browser, here is how to remove the unwanted virus from your browser from stealing your search history, information, data, and passwords and usernames.

Remove Extension Virus

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox browser  to the top right
  • Tap on Add-on and click on the extension from the popup
  • Under the extension’s option tap and select all suspicious plugins
  • Tap on remove to permanently removed it or disable to disable the virus extension

Reset Mozilla Firefox

To reset Mozilla Firefox is different from the way you can easily reset IE. However, here is how to reset Mozilla Firefox.

  • Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser and tap on the menu option
  • From the popup tap on troubleshooting information
  • Click on reset Firefox from the popup
  • You may have to click on the reset option multiple times to completely remove Demonoid virus from your Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome

If you want to stick to Chrome browser and the Demonoid virus has affected your browser and taken over your search engine on Chrome here is how to remove it.

  • Launch the Google Chrome browser and click on the menu option to the upper right
  • Click on tools and tap extension from the popup
  • Check the Demonoid option for the suspicious plugin and other plugins and click on the trash can option to delete
  • Done

You can also reset the Chrome search homepage to default or preferred URL if it has changed to or the flagged domain name.

Reset Chrome Browser Homepage

  • Click on the Google Chrome menu option to the top right
  • Tap on settings from the menu options
  • Go to search and tap on manage search engine
  • Tick the malicious site and delete it
  • Do not delete,,, and

Reset Chrome Browser to Default

  • Go to Chrome menu option and click on settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on the reset browser settings
  • Tap reset from the popup to restore and remove Demonoid virus from the browser

Now, restart Google Chrome browser and the virus will be gone by now.

Remove Demonoid Virus Using  Software

Demonoid virus

After the above procedures, you have to CleanUP your computer to make sure that there is no byte of Demonoid virus left unremoved from your computer that can cause future damage. The best tool to use to check whether you need a further action to remove all browsers virus from your computer is the Avast browser CleanUP software.

The Avast browser cleanUP software helps to check whether your browsers still have malware you need to remove to stay safe. However, here is how to use the Avast browser cleanUP tool to remove Demonoid virus.

  • Go to Avast anti-virus website to download the browser’s cleanUP software
  • There is no need to install the software
  • Click on the downloaded executable Avast browser cleanUP tool
  • The tool scans your computer for browsers virus and guides you on what to do
  • Once they are identified you will be asked to remove them from your computer which you have to comply to stay safe from unwanted viruses.

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