How to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android Without Root

When you buy a new Android phone you expect the phone to be clean, lean and be free from malware. You expect your new phone to be fast and run smoothly.

But due to a large number of preinstalled apps by the phone manufacturer your phone may start to experience slow performance even when you have not installed your own apps. In so many occasions, we have seen that most of these preloaded apps cannot be removed and if forced to remove, your phone will start malfunctioning.

This type of apps, which take up huge memory space and do not perform any function is regarded as bloatware.

The are preinstalled app, of which most times you do not know their usefulness and if deleted or uninstalled, it may cause a problem with your phone. However, in some cases, instead of removing a bloatware app or a preloaded app, it is preferable to disable the app and if needed later you can re-enable it again.

Meanwhile, most of the preloaded apps are not available in Google play store which makes it a tough decision whether to uninstall preloaded apps on Android or not, except Samsung which has started including most of its preloaded apps in Play Store for download if removed on an Android phone.

However, it’s possible to uninstall preinstalled apps on Android without root access. To root an Android phone is what most people don’t want to try because of the slight danger is not properly rooted. However, when you root an Android phone you enjoy a bit more of it and it makes your phone subject to some self-needed features but breaks the phone warrant.

Root on its own is an access granted by a third party app to remove some restrictions placed on your phone by your phone manufacturer so that you can play around the gadget a bit. Such as installing more apps, installing games from third party website, and to enable the use of some Android apps that are not really authorized on your phone without a root access.

However, here today, I will share with you how to uninstall preinstalled apps on android without root.

How to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android Without Root

Preinstalled apps on your Android phone are the apps that are preloaded by the phone manufacturer. Uninstalling any of these apps can render your phone useless. Meanwhile, there is no need to be panic as most of the most useful preloaded apps on your Android phone can neither be removed nor stopped to forced delete.

So, if you have any preloaded app you want to pull down on your Android phone and you don’t want to root your phone here is a direction to follow. Meanwhile, here in this post, I will use Infinix phone to uninstall a preloaded app on the phone which you may not have. However, the procedure to remove phone preloaded app follow the same direction just that the phone interface may be different from one another. Meanwhile, here we’ll try to uninstall Google Drive as of the preinstalled apps on Infinix phones.

1.  Swipe down the app drawer notification on your Android phone and click settings

2. Navigate the page to the bottom and click apps/applications under phone device

How to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android Without Root

3. Select the preloaded app you want to uninstall from the list of apps.

How to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android Without Root

4. Click on disable to disabled the preinstalled app. But to delete this app click on force stop

How to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android Without Root

5. A warning window will come up, click on force stop and the app be stopped installed from running.

How to Uninstall Preinstalled Apps on Android Without Root

Meanwhile, Google Drive as a preinstalled app on the most Android phone cannot be uninstalled without root. But can be forced to stop. In most cases, you need a root access to delete preinstalled apps on your Android phone. But for the time being, which you can’t tell whether you would need the app or not and removing or deleting the app will cause a headache you can just force the app to stop working and or disable it and then re-enable it when the need arises.

The only prospect way to uninstall preinstall apps on Android without root access is to force stop the app from working and then disable the app pending the time you will need it and re-enable it since you are not interested in granting your phone a root access.

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