Google to Shutdown Google Photo Service Free Trial

Google moves to end the free trial program of photo service that sent users algorithm-select prints directly from their Google photos libraries. When the service was launched in February, the monthly subscription was pegged at $8/months which helps to send printed or physical pictures to users at the end of every active subscription taken from users’ Google library from the past 30 days.

However, the Google photo service was launched as a free trial. But, according to the information sent to all users that registered for the trial period, Google will be ending the trial service at the end b June 30, 2020.

The exact message that Google sent out to all the Google photo prints service is as follows.

Thank you for your invaluable feedback these last several months. You have provided us with a lot of helpful information about how we can evolve this feature, which we hope to make more widely available. Please keep your eyes open for future updates.

Although we will be ending the trial program, we hope that you have experienced some joy from the prints you received along the way.

However, we believe that decision is rather too harsh at this time. While we are fighting the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, it’s will be extremely hard for a lot of free users to subscribe to the service when all sources of income are currently on hold.

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