How to Find Contacts in the New Gmail Design

After Google changed the popular Gmail design, a lot has been left with no option on how to find their contacts in the new Gmail. The new design seems to mess up a lot of things up for a non-techy person. Unlike the old Gmail design where you can easily search and analyze your contact list.

However, with the new design brought to the new Gmail, it requires users to dig deep to find their contacts or first return back to the old design to find the needed contact first and then switch back to the new design. Considering the stress of switching between the two designs, it worth to find the last solution on how to you can find your contacts list once and for all, hence this article on how to find contacts in the new Gmail.

The contacts list feature was probably hidden to make the new design better than the classic design and make the design tidy and clean, unlike the old design which was not kept clean and untidy.

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How to Find Contacts in the New Gmail Design

If you have not switched to the new Gmail design you don’t need to bother yourself with this post. But, if you have switched to the new design or planning to switch to the new design here is how to find contacts in your Gmail account which is quite different from how you go about find contacts in your old classic Gmail design.

Log into your Gmail account and click on the Google Apps icon to the top right of your Gmail account.

Wait for some seconds to unleash the hidden Google apps such as Calendar, Map, YouTube, Translate, Google Plus, Drive and others and click on Contacts.

How to Find Contacts in the New Gmail Design

In case you do not see the contacts icon on the first lapse of the Google Apps that displayed click on the more option to reveal other Google apps of which the Contacts icon will be part of them.

Hover your mouse pointer to the contact icon to drag and drop it near the top list of the apps for easy access. You can also rearrange the entire apps’ icon for easy access. For instance, if you use Google Drive, Calendar, YouTube, and others often you can move them to the top for easy access.

How to Add New Contacts in the new Gmail Design

Clicking on the Contacts icon will open a new tab containing all your Gmail contacts from the old Gmail classic design. You can also click “contacts” to take you straight to your Gmail contact lists. Always remember to log into the Gmail account you want to find contacts from if you have more than one Gmail account.

To add new contacts click on Add a Contact or click on Export to export contacts from other Gmail account to the account when you click on more for other options.

How to Find Contacts in the New Gmail Design

Fill the contact form with the required details such as name, company’s name, phone number, email, and other relevant information you can add to the email when you click on more and then click save to add the contact to your list of Gmail contacts.

Find contacts in the new Gmail design

The new Gmail design has a lot of features you may not discover now until you want to use them. If this is not a problem for most people, for a non-techy person, it won’t be easy to find contacts in the new Gmail design. But with this post, you should be able to find contacts, edit contacts, export contacts, and even add contacts in the new Gmail design.

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