How to Install Torque Pro APK for Android

Torque pro apk for Android is an essential app for car owners with the ability to measure the speed of your car. Torque pro is an advanced vehicle diagnostic and scanner app for your Android smartphone.  Torque is necessary for OBD2 Bluetooth adapters.  It’s one of OBDII’s favourite apps for Android phones!

Torque APK Pro for Android

Key Features of Torque pro apk for Android

  • A closer and personal look at your cars performance, reliability and real-time operation
  • Critical OBD error codes related to vehicle performance and sensor data
  • Ability to measure the speed of their car or truck with rates ranging from zero to sixty miles per hour which provides increased accuracy compared to the results from global positioning systems
  • Customizable individual user profile and dashboard
  • Automatically send GPS Tweets to direct sites like Twitter to inform your friends and family of the activity in real-time
  • A wide range of dashboard features are available
  • Driving function (HUD) to display driving at night
  • Provides the ability to personalize the exact tools and scales you need and want
  • Reduces repair and maintenance costs by providing the opportunity for self-diagnosis and identification of vehicle problems and error codes
  • The ability to read vehicle-dependent transmission temperatures
  • Convenient carbon dioxide emissions readings
  • Records driving and adventure trips comprehensively through the “Track Recorder” plugin that features an OBD2 data overlay on the screen

Torque pro apk for Android Rating

  • Interface: 9.9
  • Performance: 10
  • Usability: 9.0
  • Durability: 8.7
  • Setup: 8.9


  • Allows you to customize the order of widgets and scales.
  • It looks like a job scanning tool. For example, CEL can be reset.
  • It comes with a lot of extras like maintenance scheduling, user profiles, custom dashboards, etc.
  • The Pro version is very affordable while the Lite version is free.
  • Compatible with all OBD2 cars.


  • Drains your phone’s battery quickly.
  • Does not work with iOS devices.
  • The simplest OBD2 application is not to use.

Main features of Torque Apk

Here are the main features of the Torque APK app for Android users.


Torque Pro is an Android app.  Capable of using it with all Android devices, the Torque app not only allows car owners the ability to obtain a set of information from many connected engine management system sensors but also to closely monitor vehicle engine control units (ECUs) and check and cancels codes for diagnostic problems.

 Simple and Easy

Equipped with a full set of features including a built-in dynamic scale to determine the horsepower and torque rating of your vehicle.  Vehicle owners can perform basic fault and diagnostic code checks (DTCs and PIDs), but they are unique in their ability to store fault codes detected effectively on a vehicle’s ECU.

How to Download and Install Torque Pro APK for Android

This feature is now available for all vehicles manufactured since 1996. The OBD standard can be seen on the engine compartment with a sticker.  So all users, when checking the features and interested in using the app can download Torque Pro Apk 2020 from here


  Steps to install Torque Pro Apk for Android

  1. Basically, you should enable unknown sources on your Android device. The device allows the user to download any file from external sources
  2. Now, after downloading the Torque Pro Apk file, just open and start the setup by clicking on the install button.
  3. Then after the installation is completed, open the application that is running on your Smartphone.
  4. Now you can enjoy all the features of the app.

How to use Torque Pro apk

  1. Locate your OBD2 port and connect your OBD2 scan tool (we like BAFX or Fossil). It is usually found in a dashboard under the steering wheel on the driver’s side
  2. Turn the switch to “On” or “Extension”. You do not need to start the engine.
  3. Pair with the app via Bluetooth. Click the Bluetooth icon in your phone’s settings and “Search for devices”.  Select the adapter.
  4. Usually, the password is “0000” or “1234”
  5. Now run Torque from your phone!


With an impressive array of functions, Torque Pro is an essential app for car owners.  It not only enables the average person to wipe the electronic control unit and reset the CEL, but it makes car monitoring easy.  However, you will not have to visit the store every time you need to check the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of device can I associate Torque Pro apk with?

This advanced software is paired with a Smartphone, tablet, or even a computer with Bluetooth technology provided that it uses the Android operating system.  The app works with almost every Android version of Android 2.1 (this means all modern Android devices).

Best Alternatives for Torque Pro apk

  OBD Car Doctor Pro


The primary and functional application, OBD Car Doctor reads data sent from your OBD adapter, and reports all engine and vehicle parameters in real-time: speed, rotation angle, temperature, pressure and some other sensor data that your vehicle supports.  Be able to plot graphs with data in real-time.  The dentist checks for engine light control: reads and removes stored error codes and related data.


  Carista OBD2

It allows you to personalize your car by improving its electronic options.  It also allows you to test your vehicle for errors and delete any inaccuracies in the code and test emissions.  The person must have an OBD II adapter that is plugged into the car’s OBD2 port.  Once you allow Carista to collect data from your vehicle using the OBD II adapter, it will tell you if the car has collided.  If you do not have an OBD converter, you can enter the data yourself.



Conveniently, Torque Pro automatically scans the DTC error code to return to the original state after fixing and reconciling problems with error codes.  This will include fixing the problem, like replacing or cleaning the sensors and checking all electrical connections. With an impressive array of functions, Torque Pro is an essential app for car owners.

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