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Psiphon is a mobile VPN to access a secure location or websites. The demand Psiphon 3 for PC and Psiphon pro, the download link, features, how to install, and how to use on PC is on the high side.

If Psiphon 3 is configured correctly you can browse the internet for free. In fact, it works with local network providers like MTN, Airtel, and Glo. Psiphon also works with Etisalat mobile. However and due to a popular demand, users can now use Psiphon 3 on PC. Here, Psiphon 3 download link for PC will be provided.

Psiphon VPN app, which is only made for Android phones can also work on PC. At the time of writing and publishing this article, iOS users ain’t a beneficiary of Psiphon, Psiphon pro, and Psiphon 3.

But, Android phone and Windows OS users can download and use Psiphon 3 to bypass and unblock restricted access while surfing the net. Here in this article, I’ll give a full detail of how to install Psiphon on PC, where to download the latest Psiphon 3 and Psiphon pro for Android and Windows.

Psiphon 3 VPN works with Windows Vista if you are still using one, works with Windows XP, Works with Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Home, and all versions of Windows 8 and Windows 10. The Psiphone 3 also works on all Android OS version including Android 4, Android 5.0, Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat, Android Oreo, and Android P.

Features of Psiphon 3

Psiphon 3 has numerous features which are the reason for you to download it. Here we’ve summarized the features of the Psiphon VPN app.

  1. It has two options offer one is Free and other Premium options, Free for personal use.
  2. It open source project.
  3. Unlimited personal use
  4. No registration require
  5. Multiple language support.
  6.  Configurable server location. That is, you can configure your own server location
  7. Protect your privacy and make it More Secure.
  8. One of the best VPN App and better than other.
  9. Free to us.

Download Psiphon 3 for PC

Psiphon 3 for PC is a small piece of a program. Its size is around 5.1MB. So, it won’t make your computer slow and reduce the performance. Psiphon 3 for PC doesn’t stop from other VPN service on your Windows computer from working properly.

Psiphon 3 for PC

Download Psiphon 3 for Android

You should also consider downloading the latest Psiphon for your Android phone. If you are using the older version of Psiphone you should download the latest version following the link below directly. The size of the APK is 9MB. You won’t need WiFi to download the app.

Because Psiphon for Android is an APK app you cannot download it from Google play store. So you have to download Psiphon 3 APK and install it.

Psiphon 3 for PC

Download Psiphon 4 for PC

Here also you can download Psiphon 4 for PC. It’s a small file size. It is portable and it won’t consume your computer memory. Don’t worry, we’d share with you how to install it. It’s just 6.5MB.

Psiphon 3 for PC

Download Psiphon 4 for Android

Psiphon 4 is an APK for Android. So, here you will download Psiphon 4 APK app. The size of the APK app is just 9.8MB. So, it won’t consume your phone data and you don’t really need WiFi to download it.

Psiphon 4 for PC

Download Psiphon 5 for PC

Here is the download link for Psiphon 5 for PC. It’s the same size with Psiphon 3 and Psiphon 4 for PC.

Psiphon 5 for PC

Download Psiphon Pro for Windows

Following the link below you will be able to download Psiphon pro installable file for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Psiphon Pro for PC

Download Psiphon Pro for iOS

You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to download Psiphon pro for your iOS device. Here is a copy of the Psiphon pro app found in the Apple store. You can download it below.

Psiphon Pro for iOS

The Psiphon pro for iOS is an IPA app. So, you may need to use an iOS emulator to sideload it on your iOS.

How to Install Psiphon on Android

Psiphon 3, Psiphon 4, and Psiphon 5 are APK app. So, you cannot download them from the Google play store. You have to download Psiphon APK and install it.

For this reason, here is how to install the Psiphon 3 APK you downloaded from the above link.

  • Go to phone settings by swiping down your phone notification tray
  • Scroll down to your phone security options
  • Find install from unknown sources and tap it
  • Enable the option from the popup
  • Now, find the Psiphon APK app and click on it
  • Tap on the install option and follow the on-screen instruction to complete installation

Once you follow the above steps you will be able to install the Psiphon 3  or  Psiphon Pro  APK you downloaded from the above link.

How to Install Psiphon 3 on PC

Here is how to install Psiphon 3 on PC. The procedure below is a step by step procedure you should follow to successfully install the Psiphon for PC you downloaded.

  • Download Psiphon 3 for PC from above if you have not done that. The file will be in an executable format which you can install. So, consider download it first.

Psiphon 3 for PC

  • Go to your download folder and find the Psiphon for PC  and click on it or run it as Administrator.
  • Launch on the Psiphon for PC from your desktop is not launched after successful installation. The Psiphon will start connecting to the server
  • From the list of options, choose VPN so that your PC Psiphon will connect to a VPN and provide a shield to bypass all restriction.

Psiphon 3 for download

  • If you chose the SSH+ the Psiphon will show your Windows proxy settings without your permission. In the SSH+ mode, you can configure your browser to work with it separately.
  • The SSH+ mode works differently from SSH+. In the SSH+ mode, you will have a new Tunnel option to be able to Tunnel International traffic.

Now once you have configured your Psiphon 3 you will stay connected on either the virtual private network mode or your chosen mode. Once you close the Psiphon 3 or Psiphon pro you will be disconnected from the shield protecting that is protecting you.

Install Android Psiphon on Computers

If you do not download Psiphon for PC you can download and install Psiphon for Android on computers using Android emulators like Bluetsacks. The procedure to install Psiphon APK on PC is very direct. Once you download Bluestacks emulator you will be able to download and install the APK app on your phone.

Psiphon 3 Video Review

If this post has helped to download and install Psiphon 3 for PC and for Android phone kindly share with your friends. If you have any question whether about the Psiphon 3 or Psiphon pro or Psiphon alternative kindly leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you in a very short time.

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