Twitter Adds New Feature to its ‘Lists’

This article is available in time to confirm the latest update in the technology world as Twitter adds new features to its ‘lists”. It seems like things are constantly changing on Twitter these days.

First, the Twitter version of the fleet stories was launched. Then there was another feature that asked users to read the story before tweeting again. Twitter has reportedly tested a feature that allows users to respond with emojis on the regular timeline. Then there were audio tweets for iOS users.

Twitter adds new feature to its 'lists'

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Twitter is now launching a new list search option feature for all users. This allows users to recognize new lists and add them to their feed.

In a tweet about his official name, Twitter said, “Use lists to add new voices and conversations to your timeline.”

The update adds the “Show more recommendations” option in the “Discover new lists” section. Users can find new lists of Twitter recommendations or search for a specific topic and retrieve lists in this way. Users can follow this special list.

It is based on user settings or preferences. The lists in the search results would be based on the Twitter algorithm, which takes into account who follows the users, their current lists, and the things that the users and the lists tweet about.

A report said, “In addition to the list recommendation fields in your Twitter feed, you can now also press the” show more recommendations “message below to access the list search option.”

From there, you will be able to enter a topic and get a corresponding list of thematic lists by title to add, perhaps as an alternate feed, or just as a reference to your other lists, added the report.


Twitter critically analyzes the lists it recommends. Apparently, a Twitter team has to approve the list before it is published for recommendations. This part of the process would be manual.

Twitter has worked to make lists and topics an important part, to raise the platform’s awareness beyond tracking people, and to make it easier for new users to discover more relevant content.

The new feature appears to be an intermediate version for Android and iOS users. List recognition is designed to provide users with improved user experience on their Twitter timeline.

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