Unblock YouTube Videos without a Proxy

How to unblock YouTube videos will be discussed here today. Various ways to unblock YouTube videos on a computer and on smartphones will be discussed. So, if you have longed for the process to unblock YouTube videos in a region where you are not allowed to stream YouTube videos such as in school, place of work or even due to parental control, here in this article today, you will learn how to bypass blocked YouTube URL on your computer or Smartphone.

YouTube is the most popular video websites with different categories. However, due to government policies or the organization’s policy you belong to, YouTube.com, as a URL or website, can be blocked by the admin officer. YouTube can also be blocked using anti-virus like AVG or Avast in the parental control section.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t only put you in a state of confusion when you want to watch YouTube series or a tutorial on a problem on your table rather, it quickly tears you apart. Once YouTube is blocked on your computer or in your country, the only solution to fix is to unblock it whether with a VPN or Proxy.

In most cases, you do not need a paid VPN to unblock YouTube. And do not even need to pay for a proxy to unblock YouTube. However, here in this guide, I will share with you tons of working unblock YouTube URLs and other possible ways to unblock YouTube without the unblocked URLs.

Unblock YouTube videos

Best Proxy Sites to Unblock YouTube Videos

Below are some of the proxy sites to unblock YouTube videos for free. To use them, visit the proxy site and go to www.youtube.com from the website. Then, you can unblock any YouTube video or channel if it doesn’t require a paid membership fee.

Unblock YouTube Proxy URL


Free Proxy Web Server to Unblock YouTube

Here are some proxy web servers to unblock YouTube videos from a restricted country.

Proxy Web Server

How to Unblock YouTube without Proxy

There are other valid ways to unblock YouTube videos without the use of a Proxy site. This, you will need a computer to carry out the whole process or better still, you may have to install Browser’s extension on your mobile browser.

Unblock YouTube with Chrome Plugin

There are two ways to use this plugin. You can either use it with a proxy or subscribe to a paid subscription. First, you need to go to Chrome plugin store and install the YouTube video unblocked plugin or download from here and click add to Chrome to install the plugin.

With the plugin, you will have access to all content in all the regions where YouTube videos are blocked. However, this procedure remains a valid means if you can afford the subscription after the first 3 days of free trial.

Unblock YouTube Videos with Epic Browser

There is no dulling with the Epic browser to access blocked content online. Epic browser is a VPN browser with close to 10 regions you can clone using the browser’s inbuilt VPN. The countries include top-tier countries like the UK, the USA, Germany, France, Netherland, Singapore, India, etc.

With the epic browser, you can access YouTube contents that are meant for the US outside the united state.

To unblock YouTube videos on your computer follow these procedures

  • Download and install Epic browser for PC
  • Launch the browser and click on the plug to the top right
  • Choose your prefer location
  • Type www.youtube.com in the address bar
  • Hit go and YouTube video website will be unblocked

Unblock YouTube videos with Epic Browser

Always remember to enable epic’s encrypted proxy so that the browser’s VPN will be active. To know whether the VPN is active or not, the red plugin will turn to green.

How to Unblock YouTube using VPN

The use of VPN is the grandmaster of how you can have total control over blocked videos on YouTube. Whether YouTube videos are blocked in your region or YouTube as a website is blocked in your region you can always be unblocked it using a VPN.

Suppose YouTube is blocked in a country “A”, you can use VPN to unblock YouTube in country “B” while in country “A”. However, to stay totally anonymous, a Paid VPN is required. Although, there are some free VPN you can use to unblock YouTube videos and access them. But, the disadvantage of using a free VPN is that you will be traceable.

Even with a 100% Whoer configuration your search history and caches will possibly be stored which is it’s not supposed to be stored.

However, some of the popular VPN you can use to unblock YouTube videos include

  • Express VPN for PC and Smartphone. You can use the Express VPN with more than 5 gadgets with a single account.
  • Opera VPN. Opera VPN is probably the best VPN for mobile. It has a similar function as Express just that it’s for mobile. You can download Opera VPN from the Google play store.
  • You can also use Master VPN. Check out our detail review
  • NordVPN is a great VPN
  • StrongVPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • PureVPN

There are some other VPN services that worth your money. However, always try the VPN free trial first before you subscribe so that you will know which one is the best.

These are the best means to unblock YouTube videos without using a proxy and with the use of VPN service. All now need to do is choose the best approach that best suits you. If you have other means to unblock YouTube channel different from these approaches kindly leave a comment for us and we’ll be glad to check it out.

8 thoughts on “Unblock YouTube Videos without a Proxy”

  1. using a vpn is maybe not the cheapest way to go around content restrictions, but i think it’s the most useful option as at the same time your computer data is being encrypted and secured. i use nordvpn for that, after trying a few other services – i can say that for me it gives the best results. you can check this article if interested in getting to know more about other vpns too https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2403388,00.asp

  2. I use PureVPN to bypass YouTube geo-restriction on videos. Otherwise, it has been a disaster before. OperaVPN changes the translation automatically so it’s a bit annoying while surfing the web.

    • Hi Nick,
      Have you tried the Hola VPN or ExpressVPN? YouTube is upgrading different features of recent, so, it’s a bit hard for those free VPN service provider to cope without finance.
      That’s actually the disadvantage of OperaVPN

  3. Obviously, if you only need a proxy/VPN for Youtube then it might be not worth getting a paid one but just as easy might be finding same video posted by different user an unblocked version. Most of these proxies are known to collect and share user data so if you need proxy for more than Youtube I do not advise to get a free one. There are quite a few cheap good options nowadays. I personally use surfshark which is cheap but high quality VPN and one of just a few VPNs out there that manage to keep stable access to Netflix and Amazon regional libraries.


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