How to Install Chrome Extensions on Android Phones

Google Chrome browser is based on Chromium code which supports the use of plugins to enhance an effective performance. This implies that any browser with chromium code can use Chrome extension be it on desktop or mobile. A browser such as Chrome and Yandex browser with Chromium code source can install Chrome extension on Android phones.

Technically, there is no exact way to install Chrome plugin on Chrome mobile. Android Chrome browser doesn’t support the use of Chrome plugin on Android and iOS phones like iPhone. Meanwhile, with Yandex browser, you can install and use Chrome extension.

Despite that Chrome does not have a web store support for Android phones to use Chrome desktop plugins on mobile, there is a trick to download and install Chrome plugins on Android phones.

Before we take a look at how to install Chrome extension on Android phones browsers, below are some response to some related questions regards the use of Chrome plugins on your Android phone browser.

Can You Add Extensions to Chrome Mobile

No, you cannot add extensions to Chrome mobile but you but you can use Chrome extensions to your Android phone. This post will cover every detail you need to follow to use Chrome plugins on an Android phone without leaving a single step untouched.

How Can I Add Extensions on my Android Phone

Google Chrome extensions are mainly for Chrome desktop browser to enhance the performance of Chrome browser and make the browser handy. Without argument, there are millions of Chrome extensions on Chrome web store to be added to Chrome browser.

However, despite that Chrome mobile is popular among Android phone users, Chrome doesn’t find this worthy enough to have Chrome extensions for mobile. But, there is a trick to use Chrome plugins on Android phones and add as many as possible numbers of Chrome extensions to your Android phone.

Meanwhile, you cannot import Chrome browser’s extensions to mobile browser’s extension. But. you can import files between browsers like import bookmarks, import passwords, and others.

How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Phones

Here are the descriptions to use Chrome extensions on an Android phone

Open play store and download “Yandex Browser“. If you already install this browser on your phone kindly skip this step or you can update your Yandex browser to the latest version

Launch Yandex Browser and visit Google Chrome Webstore

 Type the name of the plugin you want to add to your Android phone and click on Add to Chrome

Chrome Extension on Android

Yandex browser will  Download the Chrome Extension and add it to Yandex browser browser

Chrome Extension on Android

To add more plugins repeat the same process to add more of your favorite plugins.

How to view Chrome Extensions on Yandex Browser

It is possible to view Chrome extensions you download and installed on your mobile phone in Yandex browser. While there is no Chrome store on Yandex all installed plugins can still be accessed. If you want to know the total number of Chrome extensions you have installed on your smartphone through Yandex browser you can easily check Yandex settings.

Launch Yandex Browser,  click on the 3 dots to the buttom right and click on settings. From the popup select Extension catalog to reveal all installed (active and nonactive) Chrome plugins on your Android phone with the help of Yandex browser.

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