How to Shrink Screen Size on Android Phone

Android OS is an open source with a lot of features. The newly discovered Android feature is the ability to shrink screen size on your Android phone. The Android N features a display feature to reduce the size of your Android phone screen display. Also, Android Marshmallow offers the same feature with a combination of two menu key on your phone keyboard.

For Android N devices, you can reduce your Android phone screen display via your phone display settings without using a combination of keys. The Android N inbuilt feature, “shrink screen size on Android” comes in a handy way in less Android version such Android Marshmallow, Android Lollipop, and Android KitKat.

The resize phone screen features re-create your phone screen and reduce the phone display from full screen to a reduced version of the screen with the ability to use the exact same feature on your phone with a full-screen size.

Android N offers a direct way to shrink screen size on all Android phone. The feature is hidden in phone settings under display option. However, the directory is not the same as Android Marshmallow or Android Lollipop. The trick to reducing phone size on Android 6.0 or Android 5.0 involves a combination of two menu key on your device.

How to Shrink Screen Size on Android N [Nougat]

shrink Screen Size

If your Android phone runs on Android N then you might need to follow this procedure to reduce your phone screen and still maintain the same features on your phone without slowing down your phone.

1. Navigate to your phone settings

2. Click display

3. Adjust the display size to suit your need and click save.

This features reduce app size on your phone, re-arrange app size on yours. Some app may change position due to a reduction in screen size. However, if you want to go back to the old screen size navigate to settings—>display—display size and adjust the screen display to suit your need.

How to Shrink Screen Size on Android Marshmallow

Android 6.0 offers a lesser version of Android N. Most features of Android M are upgraded to Android N. And Android N to Android O, and perhaps Android O will be upgraded to Android 9.0 anything soon. However, the approach to reduce phone screen size on individual OS may differ depending on each configuration.

To reduce screen size on your Android 6.0 press menu key + back key simultaneously. There you go! This will reduce your Android M phone screen with a close button to the upper right or upper left of your phone screen to return phone screen to normal.

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