VPN Master Review: How to Access Restrict Website on Android

VPN Master for Android and Chrome is simply a virtual private network provider to unblocked blocked websites for you when you are not allowed to visit the website legally. It takes extra service to set up free VPN apps whether for Android phones or a computer software to access all restricted websites.

Some which may include a fee to use the entire app feature or a freemium service where you will be given the app for free but required an email to set it up so that you can subscribe to a premium service in the long-run.

The VPN Master works on Android phones with VPN master app and provides a direct access to visit all restricted website on Mac and Windows OS.

Here in this article, I’ll share a complete review of the popular VPN master with you and what VPN master do when you connect to it to visit a blocked website.

VPN Master Review

What Does a VPN Master Do?

In a simple term, VPN master is a line of codes put together to bypass any restriction placed on a website by law. When a certain IP address is blocked from access a specific website due to illegal assessment or policy violation, VPN master will mask your IP address and grant a direct access to the website without a trace of your original IP.

When you visit a restricted website you will be told that you are blocked from access this website but when you launch your phone or computer VPN, most likely to master VPN you will not see such a message again rather you will be able to access the website. And most importantly, your IP address and location where you are accessing the website from will not be traceable.

This is the general feature of all VPN or often called IP mask or IP changer. To know whether you are on the safe side always use whatismyip and Whoer to verify your IP location and the current strength of your masked IP. However, with VPN master for PC, you may have to check the level of your IP changer strength and the possibility of putting you behind the wall and fully protect your online privacy.

What is The Best VPN for Android

All VPN promise the best service for Android phones. VPN master is one of the best VPN for Android phones I have used in the past. But, it is best used with a premium login. However, with free access, your online security cannot be guaranteed 100% and if it does, you will not feature such as changing IP address from one location to another location.

Most free VPN offers limited countries IP to mask. Mostly, the free country IPs include UK, US, New Zealand, and Canada. TO further expand your territory from a restricted IP location you may have to subscribe to premium account from freemium service.

Few of the best VPN for Android include Ultrasurf, Open Spider, Opera VPN, Unlimited VPN, and VPN Private. You may want to try these best VPN for Android and they are free.

VPN Master Review: How to Access Restrict Website on Android

I’ll point out the step by step procedure to download and install VPN master for Android, how to set it up, and how to access a restricted website using the virtual private network provider for free.

1. Download and install VPN Master to your Android from Google play store

2. Launch the Installed free VPN for Android and accept the VPN terms and conditions

3. Select free VPN service and click connect to secure your connection

4. Once your internet connection fully connects to VPN master then visit any restricted website on your browsers.

With VPN master app for Android phone, you can access a secure website and unlock blocked websites for free. Meanwhile, it’s always good to use paid VPN for service like PayPal if your country is not legally allowed to use PayPal so that your PayPal account will not be banned.

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