How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Creator Fall from Windows 8/10/10.1

Microsoft plans to release new Windows 10 update come 17th, October 2017  called creator Fall.  Although this may not be the official release date of Windows 10 creator fall we are keenly expecting the update to rock Windows user soon but somehow the new OS upgrade may hit Windows OS come next month.

If you have really rocked Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 10.1, it’s time to change the way and move to new Windows 10 creator fall. The new Windows 10 upgrade brings a new feature including Timeline, and feature to be able to scroll all app and all opened tabs that you previously used on your computer.

Some of Winsonw 10 creator fall update you cannot deny yourself from using including the cloud clipboard, so you can copy text on one device and paste it on another, and improved power-saving technology, dubbed Power Throttling.

Currently, Windows 10 creator fall is the only major updates behind Windows 10/10.1. According to Microsoft, below are the core change that will take place in the upcoming Windows 10 creator fall.

Windows 10 Creator Fall Major Change & Features

  • Resizing Start horizontally is now smoother.
  • You can now resize Start diagonally.
  • Start now uses Acrylic backdrop.
  • Scrollbars will now shrink away when a cursor isn’t near them.
  • Added new context menu icons in Start.
  • New Action Center UI featuring Fluent Design.
  • Action Center now shares the same Acrylic backdrop as Start.
  • Toast notifications now float in the bottom right corner.
  • Tweaked design for toast notifications.
  • Toast notifications now feature an arrow instead of an X to dismiss.
  • There is now a My People Hub icon on the taskbar.
  • You can now pin up to three contacts to the taskbar.
  • Pinned contacts can send you “pops” that appear as animated emoji on your desktop.
  • My People Hub gives you quick access to all your contacts and associated communication apps.
  • You can now share with contacts directly from the Share UI
  • Taskbar Battery icon has new fly out with a slider for Power Throttling.
  • You can now enable Spatial Sound directly from the Volume icon context menu in the taskbar.
  • You can now see files saved in the cloud via OneDrive with “On-Demand Sync” in File Explorer.
  • You can now share files via the Share option in the context menu.

How to Upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 10 Creator Fall

No rocket scientist knowledge is required to upgrade windows 10 or 10.1 to Windows 10 creator fall. If you can no longer wait for Windows 10 creator fall released date (official) then you need to manually check for the new update. So, here is the procedure required to upgrade to Windows 10 creator fall after the official release date of the Windows OS.

Navigate to Windows by moving your mouse pointer to Windows icon to the bottom-left and click on it or click on Windows tab on your computer keyboard.

Using the search for and search for Control panel or Just type “Control panel” to search for control panel directly using the search option provided on your Windows OS and click on it.

From your control panel interface click on System and Security

Windows 10 creator fall

Take a close look at the options displayed and click on Windows Update. Under this section, there are four options which are: turn automatic update on or off, check for updates, install optional updates, and view update history. Then click on check for updates.

Windows 10 creator fall

You Windows will begin to search for an update. If Windows 10 fall creator update is available then you will see an option prompting you to update to Windows 10 create fall.

Windows 10 creator fall

Once your Windows upgrade has finished installing then you PC might restart automatically. And on some occasion, you will be asked to choose to restart your PC manually over auto-restart.

What are you take about Windows 10 creator fall update?

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