How to Reply to a Message in Microsoft Teams

How to reply to a message in Microsoft Teams has been explained in this article to help reply a message on with ease on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is the company’s premium platform for working with professionals who interact with over 50 people daily. Microsoft doesn’t charge you a separate fee to use Microsoft Teams, but it does require you or your organization to have an Office 365 subscription.

Like its competitors, Teams offers a range of productivity features. From meeting scheduling to virtual funds, Microsoft Teams has a lot of great features and adds something new every two weeks.

With virtual backgrounds and other useful functions such as “raise hand” and “react”, the team’s software quickly catches up with Zoom. You can also turn off all participants and see everyone in teams.

Microsoft Teams has, of course, done well over the past few months, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. The ability to respond to one-on-one calls on the PC has always been one of the most anticipated features, but Microsoft continued to ignore requests quite openly until recently.

Fortunately, the developers have finally regained consciousness and are also working on the responsiveness feature for the desktop version. Microsoft has made it clear that the feature is on hold and may be available sooner rather than later. Users are even asked to access the link shown below and vote to feature. Let,s move to how to reply to a message in Microsoft Teams.

How to reply to a message in Microsoft Teams from direct toast notification

If we are doing something important on our PCs and a chat notification appears, we may get distracted reacting to it as we first have to switch to the chat app, send the response, and get back to the app we are working on. Most of the time, when we receive chat messages, we reply with one or more words.

Microsoft Teams has now made it easier to reply to chat messages without getting distracted, as you can now reply to a chat message right from the Toast notification.

Just click the Reply button that appears on the notification. A text field will appear there. Enter your message and press Enter to send the message.

How to reply to a message in Microsoft Teams

This is a small improvement that is welcomed by millions of team users around the world.

How to reply to a message in Microsoft Teams (single message) on a phone

To reply to a text message, simply swipe right on the text and enter your reply. If the scan doesn’t work, press and hold a text, then press Reply to reply to a single text.

How to chat in Microsoft Teams

How to reply to a message in Microsoft Teams also means you are chatting at the same time; this i how to do it:

A channel can contain multiple conversations at the same time. To try to make these conversation threads easier to follow, Teams groups them into so-called threads. A thread is just a topic of conversation.

When someone writes a new post, it will appear in the channel and the replies to that original post will be placed below. If someone else writes a different post for a different topic, it becomes its thread, and the responses to that post are grouped under the original post.

As you can see in the picture, I’m creating a brand new topic for conversation (“Hello world!”). When I want to reply to the existing topic, I’ll click the Reply link at the bottom of the discussion thread that starts with “Hello and welcome to the team!” 

How to reply to a message in Microsoft Teams

Replying to an existing conversation topic (a thread) and creating a new conversation topic just depends on which reply link you click and which text box you enter.

One mistake many people make the first time they use Teams is replying in the main channel message box rather than the thread reply message box. It can be confusing at first, but once you spot the two boxes it quickly becomes second nature.

Sending messages in channels

Every time you create a new team, a channel is automatically created for that team. This channel, called “General”, is perfectly acceptable for chatting with other team members.

To send a message on the general channel, do the following:

  • Select the Teams icon in the left navigation to view all of your teams.
  • Under each team, you will see a list of the available channels. If this is a new team, the general channel will only be displayed until additional channels are created.
  • In addition to the channels available to you, there may be private channels on your computer that you cannot access. There may also be public channels that you haven’t subscribed to. The channel list you see under a team may not contain all of that team’s channels.
  • Select the general channel as shown.
  • When you click on a channel, it will open in the main part of the screen.
  • Enter a message in the text box at the bottom of the screen and click the Send icon (or press Enter) as shown above.
  • Your message will be displayed on the general channel screen.

Congratulations! you’ve sent a message!

Notice above your post that Microsoft Teams gives you suggestions on how to add more people, create more channels, and open frequently asked questions (FAQs). These buttons that appear on new channels are shortcuts for you. You can perform the same tasks without using these shortcuts. The following sections explain how to do this.

How to reply to a message in Microsoft Teams

Select the general channel that was automatically created when the team was created.

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