How to Control the volume of Google Meet

How to reduce the volume of Google Meet has to be explained in this article to this pressing problem for Google Meet users. All you need is read to the end.

No matter how important anything is it kind of gets boring if it starts Being intrusive, that is why everything should be managed and used moderately. That is the same thing with Google meet. It is one of the platforms that have solved the lockdown problem imposed on people around the world through the Coronavirus pandemic. As every other thing when the volume becomes disturbing it can make for an uncomfortable environment.

This article explains how to reduce the volume of Google Meet.

Another great feature that Google offers us is Google Meet. A lot of us use this tool because it’s an amazing way to involve so many meeting attendees who can’t be in person. Nowadays teachers often use Google Meet to communicate with their students as the pandemic has spread across the world.

When the students found they could mute anyone in the meeting, Google improved the options so that only the meeting creator could mute someone during the meeting. But how do you adjust the volume on Google Meet?

Google Meet has made secure video conferencing easier for businesses and schools with its robust security features. However, Google Meet is browser-based video conferencing software that lacks some of the features that Zoom and Microsoft Teams can easily offer, such as: B. the inability to control the volume of the meeting.

how to reduce the volume of Google Meet

Google Meet does not provide audio controls during video conferencing. This makes the process more difficult for users because to increase or decrease the volume, you need to adjust the volume of the entire system, not just the volume of Google Meet.

How do I use Google Meet?

Before we go into how to reduce the volume of Google Meet.

Google Meet can be used on smartphones, iPads, laptops or desktops. The process is very simple and there are also apps for smart devices. Google Meet has a simple interface that any user can get started with. All you have to do is follow simple instructions and read the options and headings when you open Google Meet.

The volume in Google Meet can be adjusted in a number of ways. You can mute a session participant’s audio so you don’t hear them, or you can adjust the microphone and speakers if they’re not performing as you want. All of these options are easy to find and use, so you won’t have to waste a lot of time customizing them.

How to reduce the volume of Google Meet: Fix the audio problem on Google Meet

The Chrome Volume Controller extension is a handy tactic that users can use to control the volume of Google Meet. You can adjust the volume by tab, which makes it easy to decrease or increase the volume on the Chrome tab where your Google Meet is taking place.

After the extension’s Chrome Webstore page opens, click the “Add to Chrome” button to install the extension.

how to reduce the volume of Google Meet

After installing the extension in Chrome, launch or join Google Meet. Then, if you’d like to turn the volume down during the meeting, click the Extensions icon (in the shape of a puzzle piece) next to the Chrome address bar. A list of the extensions installed in your browser will be displayed. Click the Volume Controller extension to open it.

how to reduce the volume of Google Meet

The volume control interface is displayed on the screen. The volume control is visible along with a list of all the tabs that play audio in Chrome. Here, select the “Google Meet” tab and adjust the sound by moving the slider.

How to reduce the volume of Google Meet – Straightforward

In Chrome, select the menu with the three vertical dots in the lower right corner, then select Settings. The audio options allow you to adjust the input (microphone) or output (speaker) settings. An indicator appears to the right of the microphone option when a sound is detected. Select the Test button to the right of the speaker option. A test tone is played on the selected speaker.

By default, audio on Android or iOS is routed through the device’s built-in microphone and speakers. Alternatively, if you have a headset connected or paired with an active Bluetooth headset, the sound should be transmitted to one of these devices.

Adjust the audio settings in the browser

If the audio is not working properly in Google Meet, you need to check the settings in Google Meet as well as the device you are using for meetings.

To check the audio settings in Chrome, you need to go to the main Settings menu in the lower right corner of the screen. The menu is marked with three dots in a row. Click on it and look for the Settings option when it opens. You will notice the Audio Settings section.

Under this heading, you will find options for setting up the speakers and microphones in Google Meet. You can test the tone detection or play the tones to see if the speakers are working properly.

After the reset is complete, configure your phone correctly.

You can also try checking G Suite on the Meet Google website ( using a Chrome browser on a Windows 10 computer. You can configure system settings such as speaker settings. according to your taste. Right-click on the tab and see if you have the “Reactivate” option in the right corner. In the meantime, you can also use alternative options like the Google Hangouts Meet app.

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