How To Update your Logitech Mouse Firmware

In this article, we will be discussing how to update your Logitech Mouse Firmware. Logitech International is a Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software, with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Logitech has offices throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of input and interface devices for personal computers (PCs) and other digital products.

Logitech manufactures a number of products, that cater for a wide variety of needs, ranging from; mice and keyboard (desk accessories for ipads and tablets), mobile devices( presentation remotes, smartphone accessories),  speakers(surround sound, blue tooth and computer speakers), headsets and video conferencing(webcams, conference cameras, services and soft wares, desk solutions as well as conference room solutions).

Amidst all of these products, this article will be focusing on the Logitech mouse and how you can update your Logitech mouse firmware.

We will also endeavour to consider why firmware updates are essential, then how to install the Logitech unifying software, how to pair your Logitech wireless mouse and lastly, how to fix Logitech mouse not working. So, sit back and glean it all up.

update your Logitech Mouse Firmware

Why Firmware Updates are Essential

Let me just start by saying that a firmware update makes everything alright. A firmware update can be likened to when a human being has had a long, long day, is exhausted and famished, then sleeps and wakes.

That sleep revitalizes,  energizes and makes them  able to function much more better than they could before going to sleep. That is just what a firmware does to digital devices.

Firmware updates are essential as they enable devices to  operate efficiently and also fixes the bugs for better security.

To update a device’s firmware, the device user just needs to install the update that is developed for his particular device, in this case the Logitech mouse firmware update.

Generally, these are some of the upsides for updating firmware;

  1. Firmware update works to upgrade tour device with advanced technical improvements.
  2. They are one guaranteed way to explore new features that have been added to your device.
  3. Firmware updates also affords users the opportunity to derive optimum satisfaction and enhances overall user experience as they use their device.

How To  Download, Install and Pair The Logitech Unifying Software  To Devices

Before you can update  your Logitech mouse firmware, you first need to have the Logitech unifying software and like the name duly implies  the Logitech Unifying software is what holds  most of  the Logitech products together because it serve as the primary link between the products and the computer.

To fully enjoy your Logitech mouse and other Logitech devices, you just need to install the Logitech Unifying Software as some  Logitech products will not function on your device if you don’t. So, to get the install done;

  • Go to the Logitech website at
  • From there, you will see the option to download the software, go ahead and do so.
  • After download, press NEXT.
  • The pop up screen will instruct you to plug in the unifying receiver
  • Then, the software will tell you when it is ready to pair.
  • From there, you go ahead and select the device you want to pair it with by restarting your device(Turning it OFF and ON).
  • With that, your unifying software is paired to your device. 

With the download and installation of the Logitech Unifying software successfully done and out of the way, you can  now proceed with how to pair your Logitech mouse [Logitech Wireless or Bluetooth mouse] following the steps below.

How to Pair your Logitech Wireless Mouse

Here, we will assume that your mouse is still very new and boxed, but if you had already unboxed it, then just follow along.

  • A box of your mouse should come with a wireless mouse and a dongle. So, just go ahead and unbox that.
  • Remove the USB receiver or Dongle from the package and insert it into one of your computer ports.
  • Insert a battery into the Logitech Wireless Mouse when you flip the mouse.
  • When, you insert the battery, a green LED light comes on.
  • On the bottom of the mouse, that is the side that faces down,  you will see the power button from Off to On.
  • Now, you can mount the mouse on a MousePad to check whether the mouse is paired or not.
  • If it is paired, then the mouse pointer on the computer will move.

How To Update your Logitech Mouse Firmware

Now that have successfully downloaded, installed and paired your Logitech unifying software, you can now be sure of being able to update your Logitech mouse firmware when need be. So, the following steps will take you through how you can successfully update your Logitech mouse firmware.

  •  Start by finding your way to the  Logitech’s update download page in a browser.
  • From there, download the appropriate Windows or Mac update package for your computer.
  •  Then, Double-click the update file to launch it, either for Windows or Mac.
  • Once, you double- click, the  Logitech Firmware Updating Tool should launch.
  • Now, select Continue and voila!, you have successfully launched an update for your Logitech Mouse Firmware.

Speaking of Logitech Firmware Update Tool, it is a  software that allows users to manage and update the firmware of various Logitech products, such as mice, keyboards, and others. Logitech Update Tool makes every updating session of  Logitech products easy, convenient and straightforward and same applies for the update of your Logitech mouse firmware.

The Firmware Update Tool, unifies  firmware update tool for Logitech devices, supports cross-platform compatibility(that is, the ability for devices or software applications to work with more than one hardware platform or operating system), and also has a portable version available. Its only disadvantage is that, it is not compatible with all devices.

How To Fix Logitech Mouse Not Working

Even though a regular update of your Logitech Mouse firmware should keep the mouse functioning appropriately. Here, are some quick fixes you should know just incase.

Reset your Logitech Mouse

  • Turn the Logitech mouse over.
  • Underneath it, you will see the Logitech mouse reset button.
  • Press and hold the reset button for a couple of seconds until the mouse is reset.

Charge or Change Logitech Mouse Batteries

It’s simple logic if your Logitech mouse batteries are low, the mouse will be malfunctioning.  So, you have to change the battery.

  • Turn the Logitech  Mouse upside down.
  • Take out the old batteries and replace them with a set of new batteries.
  • Cover the battery compartment again.
  • Try using the mouse, to be sure it is working as should.

There you go, a comprehensive rundown on how to update your Logitech Mouse Firmware. Once, you follow the guidelines carefully, you will definitely be able to successfully update your Logitech mouse firmware. 

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