How to Pair your Logitech Keyboard

We are providing answers to all your questions regarding how to pair your Logitech keyboard to your computer irrespective of your Logitech Keyboard and provide the possible solution on what you can do to fix the Logitech keyboard not connecting to your computer.

Logitech has a lot of products which include the Logitech mouse, stylus pen, streaming devices, gadgets such as mobile devices, smart home and presentation remote and a whole lot of them.

The Logitech keyboard is divided into two. The Logitech wireless keyboard and the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard.

The first Logitech keyboard type uses a receiver in the form of a USB that is to be inserted into the receiver’s post while the latter makes use of the device Bluetooth function of your laptop or desktop computer.How to Pair your Logitech Keyboard

How to Pair your Logitech Keyboard

For easy understanding, we will share the information separately on how to pair your Bluetooth Logitech keyboard and wireless Logitech keyboard. So, whichever Logitech keyboard you have you can choose the step to follow.

How to Pair your Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard

The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard can be paired with any device that is designed to work with the Logitech wireless keyboard without a glitch. Also, we need to stress that you can pair tons of Logitech Bluetooth keyboards with multiple devices which allows you to switch between your keyboards at home or work with your gadgets such as a smartphone and computer.

So, if you have a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard following the steps below will walk you through how to pair your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard with any of your choice of supported devices.

  • Insert your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard batteries by removing the batteries slot spacer for a new keyboard or if your keyboard doesn’t have batteries.
  • Turn on the Logitech keyboard.
  • If your Logitech keyboard Bluetooth supports more than one connection just press the connection button or rotate the dial if the connection is a dial.
  • Press the “PC” button if you are connected to a Windows computer, Android and ChromeOS. And click on the “i” button if you are connecting the Logitech keyboard to a macOS or iOS
  • Once you identify the device to connect the Bluetooth Logitech keyboard to just press and hold the button on the corresponding light blinks the blue colour.
  • Go ahead to turn on your computer or phone Bluetooth and search for available Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Select the name of your “Logitech Keyboard” from the list of available Bluetooth devices on the list.
  • A code to pair your phone or computer and your Bluetooth keyboard will appear on the screen type the code and tab the “Enter” button.

There you go, the Bluetooth Logitech keyboard will be connected to your device and you can start using it. In the same scenario, you can connect it to other supported devices and use it whenever there is an avenue for it.

How to Pair your Logitech Wireless Keyboard

To pair your wireless Logitech keyboard you would be required to plug in the USB dongle into the device and take some basic steps to accomplish the connection process. According to Logitech, the dongle is called a Unifying receiver which allows users to multiple Logitech devices to your computer instead of plugging each device’s dongle into the device.

So, with the unifying receiver, you can pair Logitech mice, Logitech keyboard, and other various Logitech products.

However, you will be prompted to download and install the Unifying Logitech software to pair any of the Logitech devices using the Unifying receiver.

  • Insert batteries into your Logitech Wireless Keyboard after removing the spacer.
  • There is a Unifying receiver in the package. Plug the receiver into the USB port on your computer.
  • Go to the Logitech download page to download and install the Logitech Unifying receiver software on your computer.
  • Don’t unplug the receiver and launch the Unifying receiver on your computer.
  • Click on the “Next” tab on the welcome screen.
  • Turn on the “Logitech Wireless” keyboard.
  • Hang on a bit for the Logitech keyboard to connect to the Unifying receiver and select “Next.”
  • Click in the text field on the screen and type anything using the wireless keyboard.
  • Click “Yes” and select the “Next” button.
  • Select “Finish.”

If you followed the steps above as instructed your Logitech wireless keyboard will be paired with your computer. However, if the wireless keyboard isn’t connecting to your computer after the above processes, then, you can decide to troubleshoot the keyboard and its dongle to see whether the issue will be resolved.

How to Troubleshoot Logitech Keyboard not Connecting

It’s possible that after the steps above your Logitech keyboard will not connect or it will connect but won’t work. Well, in a scenario like this, you need to ensure that you are using the right connection method.

The method to pair a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is different from the steps to take to pair your Logitech wireless keyboard. So, if you are using the Unifying software to pair a Bluetooth Logitech keyboard it will not work and at the same time, for a wireless Logitech keyboard, you won’t use the Bluetooth function.

That is basically what to try. But if this won’t work below are the steps to take to troubleshoot your Logitech keyboard won’t connect.

  • Unplug the Logitech keyboard dongle from the port and try another USB port to see if there would be a change.
  • If nothing happens, turn off the Logitech keyboard and turn it on.
  • Check whether your batteries are that bad. You may need to try a new set of batteries.
  • Some Logitech USB receivers have a reset button. If the receiver has one don’t hesitate to reset your device.
  • You should also check your Logitech keyboard whether it has the reset button. If it does, proceed to press the button to reset the keyboard.

At this point you should not only able to handle your Logitech keyboard connection with or without the Unifying software or Bluetooth dongle, but you should also be able to fix your Logitech keyboard not connecting.

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