How To Use Google Hangouts

To learn how to use Google Hangouts, you need first to understand what hangout by Google is all about. Google Hangouts is a chatting platform owned and developed by Google. It was originally integrated into the Google+ chat messaging system but is now a stand-alone platform being released on the 15th of May 2013.

After some time, Google integrated Google+ (dead now) messenger, and Google talk functions into Hangouts. Just like Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts is used in keeping in touch with people or a particular group. Google Hangouts is now an important feature of the G-Suite platform; it basically consists of two major Google functions, which are Google Meet and Google Chat.

The Google voice feature will soon be integrated into it. Google created Hangouts in response to the growing competition provided by Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. There had been a decision to scrap the existing Google Talk system, which led to innovation, which is Google Hangouts.

Features of Google Hangouts

So, here is the summary of Hangouts features.

  • Hangouts permit chatting between two or more users.
  • The platform can be accessed online through Gmail or Google+ websites or pre-installed in Android and iOS phones as one of its features.
  • Chat histories are always saved online, allowing them to be accessed between different devices.
  • It also allows sharing of Photos, posting of stickers and emoji, so, it’s basically a Google-owned WhatsApp kind off-platform.
  • ow, here’s the fun part. Since Google is, so AI and Technology inclined, they were able to add a group video chatting function to the platform. This means that users can perform group chats with more than 10 other users at a time. In 2016, the limit of members/participants in video chatting for Work/Education.

Hangout Integrated into Chrome Browser

Now since most people use Google Chrome on their Windows OS, Google has integrated Hangouts, Talk, and plus into its G-Suite platform, which is available on Google Chrome browser as a plugin.

Hangouts allow users to make free voice calls to their other Hangout users, landlines and mobile phones internationally, but they include charges except for places like the U.S.A. and Canada, which offer these services free of charge.

Google hangout provides new learning possibilities for students by offering remote learning and quality voice chats.

Google hangouts also integrated a YouTube feature, which is the recording of videos on its platform, which lasts up to about eight hours. Just like Microsoft Teams, Hangouts permits online conference meetings among its users; so if you’re looking for a platform that allows you to communicate with your employees from any location.

Google Hangout also allow you to grow your business by sharing demos and training with your potential audience, build brand stories for your business, carry out webinars, perform interviews, and offer consultations on business plans. All these and many more at the touch of a button at a low cost.

How To Use Google Hangouts

Before you start using google hangouts, you need to have a Google Gmail account. Since hangouts is a platform on G-suite that requires signing in with your Gmail.

  • Visit or click the sign-up or create an account button either at the top or the bottom-left corner of the window. Input your details into the required input fields. These details include First name, Surname, Middle name, address, age, and telephone numbers. Your preferred username and password.

  • A recovery email address and phone number are also required to complete the process In case of a password loss.
  • After all these processes are completed, you will be required to complete a captcha and then receive a verification code which you will input into its required field box. Then you’re set as you can now log in.

Step 2: visit

Step 3: Sign in to your account

Step 4:click the 3 x 3 dot icon, which displays google apps when hovered on.

Step 5: click Google hangouts extension, which will open up in a new tab on your browser. google hangouts extension

Step 6:you will automatically be logged into your hangouts account.

Step 7: you will receive a message welcoming you to Hangouts.


Step 1: on your PC, visit

Step 2: At the top of the window, click a new conversation (create).

google account

Step 3: enter and select a name or email address.

Step 4: Type your message. It also allows you to send and add emoji and photos.

Step 5: Click enter to send.

Step 6: Done!

With google hangouts, you can select who sees your profile, the messages you receive. People can also see the type of device you use and also when you are online or not.

So, you now know how to use google hangouts, its functions, importance, and so on. It is a direct option to Microsoft Teams, zoom, and others because it is easy to use, reliable and fast. It is giving users the opportunity to access content that will grow their business and empower them. So that’s it, till next time.

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