Fix Here: Android Device Manager Location Unavailable

Some weeks ago I discussed how to use Android device manager to track location of your stolen phone, and how to retrieved a stolen smartphone. They were many reactions that most devices Android device manager always return location unavailable or location error when an attempt is made to use it. However, if you are facing the same Android device manager location unavailable, and unable to track location on your device this post is for you.

This post guaranteed quick solution to fix your Android device manager location unavailable and inability to tracking locations on your device. But before we take a look at the exact procedure on how to fix this issues the following must first be considered on Android phone, iPhone and Windows phone respectively.

1. Enable Location on Your Device

The first thing that can make your Android device manager to popular location unavailable can be traced down to the fact that you have not enable location feature on your device so that Google device manager will be able to use the location feature alongside Map on your device to identify the location you are searching. However, if you don’t know how to enable location on your phone simple follow the procedure below.

  • Swipe down your phone from the homepage
  • Click on location icon to enable use of location identification on your phone

2. Make Sure you have Strong Internet Connection

Another reason why your device will popular Android device manager location unavailable can as well be traced to poor network. If your network is not strong enough there is possibility that Android device manager on your will return location error or location unavailable even when your device location is not turned off.

However, if you have these conditions in place and your device location isn’t yet available why the device said learn more to resolve the issue. Then, the following procedure will help your to fix the disturbing Google Android device  manager location unavailable.

Fix Here: Android Device Manager Location Unavailable

Conventionally, when my own device returned Android device location unavailable while the two possible constraints above were not the problem I was disturbed but after tried what I am sharing with you here the location unavailable that usually populated becomes available.

Note: Please ensure to have active internet connection and have your device location enabled

Method 1

1. Swipe down your device from home and click on settings gear icon to the upper right

2. Click on location and click under personal (Note that this depend on device) and click  accuracy to select high accuracy under location mode.

Android device manager location unavailable

Note: The advantage of using high accuracy is that it performs the assignment of battery saving and device only, it consumes battery though but it makes it easy to fix Google Android manager location unavailable issues on your device.

3. After that restart your device and test run your device location and it should be available now. However, if you the location error hasn’t disappear try the method below.

Method 2

1. Still on your device settings, just move down the page and click on apps in device section

2. Make sure you have navigate to all apps beside running and scroll down to Google account manager to Google play service and click on Google play service.

Android device manager location unavailable

3. Click on clear cache of your Google service manager

Android device manager location unavailable

4. Now navigate back to your device homepage launch Play store and then update it. Note that if your play store is out of date it will prompt for update the moment you launch it. Or visit the play store on your Play store app and update

Then, restart your phone to see whether the location unavailable issues has been resolved.

Method 3

And of course this is the last method to get your device location available. Meanwhile this option is mainly for developers but there is a feature in it that can help to resolve the issues of Google Android device manager location unavailable, and it is called mock locations.

1. Swipe down your device and click on settings and scroll down to tap on “Developers option”

Android device manager location unavailable

2. Turn on the developers option to have your way down to the features so that you will be able to effect your Android or iPhone location error from there. Meanwhile, don’t forget to click OK when you are prompt to accept developers option that allow on developers.

3. Scroll down to the half-way and click to enable allow mock locations.

Android device manager location unavailable

4. Restart your phone and try to use your device Android manager to see whether it’s still returning unavailable error.

When I encountered this issue it was the first method that worked for me but if it doesn’t work in your own case you may try the other two methods. With this, Android device manager location unavailable can be made available and start tracking locations on your device.

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