How to Use WefBee FB AutoLiker

Social media marketing has become so exorbitant and time-consuming to manage without the proper tool like WefBee to share articles at an appropriate time and gather enough social likes, shares, and engagement.

However, WefBee social posts likes, shares, and engagement management tool can play a vital role in managing so many social accounts at the same time for companies and individuals.

Tools like AutoLiker, DJLiker, Hublaagram, and other tools help to manage and build an unlimited number of followers on social networks like Instagram, Twiter, unfollow multiple people on Twitter and unfriend people on Facebook.

The identity of WefBee Instagram followers is used super mechanics to build unlimited followers and unfollow tons on Instagram within a short period of time.

What is WefBee?

According to WefBee about page, we gathered that WefBee is a website which provides you free social media auto tools to make your life easy. Wefbee is founded by the founder of WefBee(genius huh?).

With this tool, you will be able to manage multiple social media account at the same time such as generating likes to Facebook posts, sharing Facebook post to thousands of groups within a limited time, and do a lot more with the tool.

While we ain’t considering WefBee review in details it worth noting that we’ll consider how to use WefBee.

WefBee Features

The major features of this social media management tool include:

  • Facebook Autoliker
  • An auto reaction such as adding emoji to Facebook posts, status, photos, videos, etc.
  • Auto follower mainly for Instagram
  • Auto friend request responder so you don’t have to request to all your friend request manually. The app handles the job for you.
  • Auto group post. Although Facebook has banned this approach, but, this tool promises this and this tends to make the tool go viral.
  • Extremely fast in completing all task
  • Safe and secure. You don’t have to bother whether your account is safe or secure as the tool won’t spam your Facebook account to make FB suspicious of the activity that you are using a 3rd party tool to manage your account.
  • Free for life. This tool is completely free for all nation. Irrespective of where you are, you will have access to this tool and totally free.

How to Use WefBee

First, you need to log in with your Facebook account under the account menu and click on login with FB.

You can also go to and click on the login method to generate an access token to unlock the site and link your FB account.

However, to log into WefBee we’ll consider the two approaches which are via FB with the FB ID fetch extension for browser, and use access token.

Install FB ID

First, you have to download and install the FB ID fetcher to be able to grant Wef Bee access to your Facebook account.

  1. Go to the Chrome store and search for ID Fetcher
  2. Tap on Add to Chrome
  3. Log into your Facebook account
  4. Go to any of your published Facebook pages
  5. Press Ctrl + 5 or Press Ctrl + Shift + R to reload the page
  6. Now, click on the extension icon on your browser’s navigation
  7. The page ID will be generated.WefBee
  8. Now, go back to interface and click on login with FB
  9. Log in using Facebook information by filling the new formFill the Facebook login form
  10. Click on generate access tokenWefBee
  11. Copy the access token and paste it on the column provided below it
  12. Click on loginWef Bee

You will be log into your Wef Bee account and you can start managing your Facebook page directly from the admin dashboard. You can schedule post, auto like posts, AutoShare without interaction, and explore all the social media tool.

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